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Radhakrishnan Sreenivasan
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 11 : 08

It is so us!


So far, in my short stint in journalism, I have had the opportunity of working with people from different nationalities very closely. While I enjoyed the grit of the Australians, I have always admired the Brit humor. And every time a very silly goof up happened in the news room, one of my British colleagues used to tell me, "It's so us." I used to laugh then. The reason why I recall this "dialogue" of his is primarily because of what is happening to the Bangalore Royal Challengers and the extent of negative publicity it has gathered.

While it's important to point out what went wrong and the rumblings in the camp if any, it's also important to understand that at the end of the day, it's sport. You are bound to have a season or two like this.

Not many have been extremely critical of the Deccan Chargers who too are not having the greatest of times despite boasting the likes of Adam Gilchrist, Andrew Symonds and the new Indian sensation Rohit Sharma. All that the press has been talking has been the team that Bangalore chose to go with.

While it's perfectly acceptable to report the exact words spoken by the promoter of the team or the former CEO of the side to present his side of the story, I'm not a great fan of the "sources" stories. Once we realise a team is down and out, I think we have this habit of adding fuel to the fire by certain unconfirmed stories that only adds to uncertainty in the minds of the readers or the viewers as the case maybe. We tend to go overboard, driven by TRPs to sensationalise news. And that's not the best thing to happen. Over a point, I think, it begins to trivialise things and that's when you start losing trust in what's being said or printed.

I think every team has had its fair share of issues and I believe that's why Rahul Dravid is right when he says, somehow things haven't clicked for the Royal Challengers. Let's not forget that Jacques Kallis has played an important part in many a wins for the Proteas and so has Mark Boucher. And probably that's the reason why Rahul Dravid and company had gone about choosing the team they did.

After all, after all these years, we need to give Rahul credit and respect him for what he has achieved. And he is a man who relinquished the captaincy armband of Team India. A one-off tournament where the team has not clicked as a unit is no barometer for what the man is. But as Wasim Akram once told me, "In the sub-continent, we have this strange habit of pulling down people." I am beginning to wonder whether it's so us.


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S Radhakrishnan, better known as RK, is a sports freak. After dabbling in the world of Physics at the Madras Christian College, he did his Masters in Business Administration from Mumbai. Working in a corporate world didn’t suit him and he decided to enter the world of journalism. During his stint with ESPN Star Sports, RK covered the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2003, before moving on to join NEO Sports as their prime anchor. He is now the face of NEO Prime and NEO Sports.