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Ranabir Majumdar
Thursday , May 12, 2011 at 17 : 12

A film on what makes a great team


There have been many individual sportspersons who have ruled the collective imagination of the masses, but no other team apart from the West Indies cricket team of the 1970s has been admired, loved and spoken of for generations despite being a ruthless, winning machine.

It's not that they were a mean unit to begin with and as a new film - Fire in Babylon, scheduled to hit the screens on May 20, documents it was the physical and verbal hounding the team received during the tour of Australia in 1975-76 that led them to forge such a strong unit.

The movie, which premiered at the London Film Festival this month, has received rave reviews and cricket writers who had the good fortune of witnessing the preview have written how the movie is more than just a highlight package of the team's 29-Test series winning streak that goes on to 1995, starting with the team of Clive Lloyd.

Interviews with the likes of Richards, Michael Holding, Colin Croft, Greenidge and other greats of West Indian cricket are interspersed with vintage footage. And it is said to bring to the fore the politics that went hand in hand with the trajectory of West Indies cricket.

This is one film no cricket fan should miss!


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