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Ruchira Singh
Friday , October 14, 2011 at 19 : 04

Me and my BlackBerry: A lovers' tiff


The recent BlackBerry outage introduced me to someone inside me I have always I feared: the paranoid BlackBerry owner who checks her phone every five seconds. Someone who hates going to the SMS folder only because BBM is the dominant navigation feature.

I realised then that I read all the office mails I get. It annoyed me when I couldn't see any new mail after my six-hour sleep. I check Twitter even before I pick up the morning newspaper, and I can't even tell you how annoying it was to have the same tweets on my timeline for more than 48 hours. Yes, I'm addicted to my BlackBerry and I'm the one who annoys everybody in social gatherings by smiling to myself! I usually find a joke funnier when I read it on my phone... and I have no clue why! (Yes, I need help.) In fact I have a strong feeling I check my phone in my sleep as well.

So, all this while when the BlackBerry services crippled, it seemed like a part of my life was missing. As though a very dear friend of mine was not talking to me. I may sound very dramatic but the emotion was exactly that.

All those BlackBerry bashers made sure my sadness was further turned into a tragedy. No, I don't mean those fruit-ty gizmos! It's the 'Android' owners. They laughed, made BAD jokes and kept giving me that 'you-are-such-a-loser' look. Sadly, I have too many of these people around me. Their tweets were boiling my blood, because every time I had a smart reply I had to run to the closest PC around. Yes, my BlackBerry was absent and was at fault here.

One dear friend actually said, "BlackBerry is so last decade." I mean who are these people? And even if it is 'so-last-decade', then be it. I am dependent on it and more importantly, there isn't anything that I dislike about my beloved machine.

Anyway, I had faith it would get better soon and happier times will be back. My BlackBerry services are back and the world is a happier place. Thankfully, this separation was just a lovers' tiff. Otherwise, it would have been the worst break-up millions of us would have ever had.


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