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Sreedhar Pillai
Monday , April 14, 2014 at 16 : 12

India's you too Brutus moment


"Et tu, Brute? - Then fall, Caesar!

Proclaiming this is what Julius Caesar said on receiving the mortal stab from his most trusted friend Brutus, William Shakespeare has immortalised these words as synonymous to worst form of human treachery.

As a Karma Yogi and a Sikh who declared "if we have to go down, let us go down fighting" during the bleakest days of his government, this certainly can't be the thought going through the mind of India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh who is facing insinuations on his authority and functioning these days.

Nevertheless the back stabbing he and his reputation are being dealt by India's bureaucrats, who were once privileged to be his trusted assistants, high light the inherent treachery of the Indian character.

If Jesus were to be born Indian, thirty pieces of silver would have been too much; there would have been no dearth of Judas for doing the job for just one.

You can't change a trait of a nation which goes back to the Indian epics and puranas exemplified in Ramayana and the horrendous Indian political assassinations of the twentieth century.

It is enough to ponder on the recent attack and venting of wrath of a talented and innocent cricketer, which has happened time and again in the past when some Indian team returns home without a trophy, to understand how shallow and vengeful Indian minds really are.

What his critics and everyone else conveniently forget is the fact that Mr. Singh never volunteered for the job, the position was indeed fostered up on him by a virulent opposition who refused to accept a decent lady who fought the election and won a mandate to govern India, simply because she was born Italian.

If the BJP and NDA would have let Sonia Gandhi would become the prime minister, there wouldn't be any need to blame poor Mr. Singh! No one is shouting "dog in the manger" at the critics.

Instead more and more bureaucrats come out professing inside knowledge when they don't even have a clue of how the mind of an Oxford educated economist works round the clock and incessantly for the good of the nation.

Given that the biggest bane of India is its incompetent, indecisive, risk averse mediocre bureaucrats who are products of third rate education, it is understandable how the lure of even mediocre financial gain can lure them to such opportunism.

Julius Caesar was a dictator and if he were alive today, chances are Brutus or someone else would have taken his life and not many people would have felt bad about it.

But Dr. Manmohan Singh is not Julius Caesar. In fact, he is someone who many Indians are going to mourn about and feel miserable how ignorant and stupid they were to throw mud at and crucify without realising the good he has done to uplift a billion people out of poverty.

Perhaps that will not happen soon enough for him to be around to see. Perhaps one day, many generations later, when an average Indian can grasp, GDP, Fiscal deficit and Global economy, what Dr Singh and his team has tried to and achieved in almost impossible situation to give his generation that ability.

Till then, for next and many elections after that, character assassination, mudslinging, and crucifixion will dominate the Indian politics.

The interpretation of Shakespeare's complete phrase is said to mean "You too, my son, will have a taste of power," of which Caesar only needed to invoke the opening words to foreshadow the violent end of Brutus himself.

For now, though Dr Singh may not agree with that interpretation of Caesar's last words, it certainly smacks of a terrible future India beholds.


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