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Sriram Balasubramanian
Monday , August 15, 2011 at 09 : 07

5 Simple things one could do for Independence Day


Independence Day for our great nation is an opportunity and a moment to cherish. It is a moment to embrace the diversity and uniqueness of the nation which charms a billion people. More often than not, especially in the recent past, the day has become more of a routine public holiday for the common man. Here are some simple ways by which we can productively spend our Independence Day:

1) Inclusiveness:

In the rapid and hectic world of the new age Indian, the world outside the laptop and the television is barely existent. The work environment is such that most of us are stuck with our screens and barely interact with people around us in our own community. Take your neighbour for example. Knock on the door of your neighbour and wish him a very Happy Independence Day. Irrespective of his religion, be it a Hindu or Jain or Christian or a Muslim, try to embrace the neighbour and try to understand his daily functioning of his life. While you might see him/her every day, barely would a conversation go beyond the routine courtesy talks. Look beyond it and spare some time for it. This would aid us in an inclusive attitude towards our social strata and would drive home the point of a diverse and unique India.

2) Nurturing Nature:

Very few countries in the world are as exotic and naturally flourishing as India is. While we would like to talk about our beauty with pride, we barely implement to save it from the filth that we exude outside. Take a walk outside your house, pick up all the litter around you, and ensure that dirt lingering around the house is disposed of properly. Start the preservation of nature right now and it all starts with you. The Environmental consciousness needs to be imbibed within our social spectrum to ensure that we as a society preserve the beautiful landscape that our country has endowed upon us.

3) Divine National Spirit:

The national sprit that India has imbibed in it is tremendous. Adding more to this is the soul stirring divine music of Rabindranath Tagore that has been found off late. This "extended" version of the national anthem is an extension of Tagore's genius and it is an extension of making you feel proud to be an Indian. Listen to this extended composition of Tagore, listen to the patriotic sings and more importantly try to understand the lyrical content of these songs to understand what the nation meant to those geniuses. It meant more than a country; it meant a way of living and celebrating the spirit of our nation

4) Indian Soldier Remembrance:

The Indian Soldier is the epitome of Indian nationalism. As I write this, 10,000 are in Siachen, thousands more in J & K and thousands more in the internal parts of the country. Don't just a spare a thought for the Indian Soldier; take a resolution (s). One resolution could be to keep the soldier in your mind all through the year. Another resolution could be to understand what the "One Rank One Pension" scheme is and what it means to the soldier. One more resolution could be to understand that the soldier is sacrificing his/her life to safeguard our existence. The soldier after all should be "omnipresent" and not "forgotten" after a single day of praise on August 15th.

5) Aid the needy:

Take this day as an opportunity to actually help the needy, to help the underprivileged, to help the people who actually need it. We spend 364 days for ourselves, instead if we can spend 1 day for our fellow Indians, it would do a whole load of justice for the nations Independence. There are millions who are in need but the start has to come from us. Aiding the needy is a perfect way for you to consume your day.

The point of the entire set of suggestions is not to make oneself restricted to a certain set of suggestions. The point is not to show that we are generous souls. The point is not even to show that the starting letters of all the five points put together brings you "INDIA".

The point is to reinforce that nation building is a "process" through the year and not just a single day social extravaganza. As long as we understand that by beginning with something productive today and continue it for a sustained period, it would do justice to our Independence.

Wish You A Very Happy Independence Day!!


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