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Sushant Mehta
Monday , December 13, 2010 at 15 : 47

Colin Firth & the Tragedy of Awards


Hi! I'm posting an 'off camera' conversation with actor Colin Firth about award ceremonies, his favourite actors, and of course Bollywood. This was after my 'formal' interview with Firth at the Dubai Film Festival yesterday.

SM: They never give it to the 'best' performers of the year; it's always someone who screams and shouts and yells. Or an intense character; disabled is a favourite too. So you are on this year.

(Firth plays King George the VIth who struggles with a speech impediment in the movie 'The King's Speech' and is being hailed as a frontrunner for the Best Actor trophy at the Oscars this year)

CF: Yes I know what you mean, I mean comedy for instance, and they completely ignore comedy.

SM: I think comedies are the most difficult ones to pull off.

CF: Oh yes, yes they are.

SM: As good as Jeff (Bridges) was last year, I thought you delivered the best performance; you were my favourite last year.

(Jeff Bridges won the Best Actor Oscar for 'Crazy Heart'; Firth was nominated for 'A Single Man')

CF: That's very kind of you, thank you. I believe 'A Single Man' is the best performance I've given; it's really my personal favourite.

SM: I would much rather give Jeff an Oscar for 'The Big Lebowski', now that's a hell of a performance.

CF: Oh yes, most definitely. I would give him an Oscar for 'The Big Lebowski'. In fact I would give him about five academy awards for five of his other films that were never recognized. He's fantastic.

SM: You, I believe, are one of the most underrated actors. I mean all the performances you gave earlier were right up there as well, subtle but classy. Bridget Jones for example. Fantastic performance but not given its due. I believe you've really peaked now in the last two years, courtesy 'A Single Man' and now the 'Kings Speech'.

CF: (Smiling) Thank you. Have you seen Get Low? Robert Duvall has given the absolute best performance ever I've seen by anyone, anytime.

SM: No I haven't. Robert Duvall again is a highly underrated actor because he never got the right roles, and the ones he got which he performed very well were always considered good, but not great.

CF: Oh absolutely. I mean Robert Duvall is my favorite actor. He was brilliant and I know what you mean when you say he hasn't been appreciated as much. That's a tragedy. Who is your favourite actor?

SM: Robert De Niro.

CF didn't say anything. His look said he absolutely disagreed.

SM: His performance in that film where he plays a comedian...

CF: ...The King of Comedy?

SM: Yes! That is one of the best performances of all time, definitely his best. Again didn't get an award, just like Stanley Kubrick or even Kingsley's, er, that performance...

CF: Sexy Beast? Oh Ben. He's a genius, and what a performance, terrifying!

SM: So any plans for a Bollywood song and dance movie?

CF: You haven't seen me dance. Oh god. And you know the ability of every Indian actor in dance. I mean my god, they can really, really dance.

(He seemed to be in complete awe of our actors. I am guessing he pictured Hrithik Roshan dancing!)

SM: Yes, they're good.

CF: Five generations from my father's family were in India, so I have a strong connection with India. They worked in Kodaikanal and I've also worked with Aishwarya.

SM: Well, take care. I know you will get it this year. I lost a lot of money as I betted on you last year.

CF: 'You did not! You know what I did. I bet a lot of money on Jeff Bridges so if I lost I was happy and if I won I was happy - a win win for me!

SM: You'll surely win this year. I know you've got the hype. In any case, kings and queens are in!

(Hellen Mirren won the Best Actress Oscar for 'The Queen' and Forest Whitaker won Best Actor for playing Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland three Oscar functions ago)

SM: So this year it is you.

CF: Yeah well, let's see.

He went away.

I hear Sean Penn is coming today. Gotta run. Bye.


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