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Sushant Mehta
Monday , March 12, 2012 at 13 : 00

Crime master Gogo - uncut


'Aaya hoon kuch to leke jaunga', maybe this quote from Andaz Apna Apna's 'Crime Master Gogo' was at the back of my head while I finally decided to clean up my 'rolled tapes' rack.

I had about 300 tapes issued in my name, if not returned/reissued by the end of the month the channel deducts the cost of the tapes from our salaries. I've already lost half my salary about four times over the past two years i.e. when I missed the deadline. This is not a grievance blog, it's always difficult to part with interviews/footage - you can always twist them around and use them on a lean day.

Anyway, while I was scanning all the footage and hoping ill find something I can use later I came across one, which was marked 'Shakti Kapoor', I had completely forgotten about this interview.

The film was Govinda's 'Naughty at 40' I was promised a half hour interview with Govinda at 6pm. It was 9 and I was told Govinda would take at least an hour to reach the venue , tired of waiting I enquired about the cast of the film and they told me Shakti Kapoor was 'in day house'.

Here is the transcript of the interview where Kapoor speaks about Andaz Apna Apna, why SRK won almost every best actor trophy in the 90's and Aamir Khan being mesmerized by Govinda. By the way, Govinda arrived at 11:30 pm made me wait for another hour and declined my request for an interview. He did meet me though and I told him that it was this lack of professionalism that had tainted his legacy , he smiled took my business card and assured me that he would give me a call and reschedule the interview , that needless to say - never happened.

Sushant Mehta: I want to ask you about one of my favourite Shakti Kapoor performances. We have all imitated you in school. 'Crime Master Gogo' - Andaz Apna Apna, which was a cult film.

Shakti Kapoor: This film...what I love about today's time is people have come up with my cartoons of Crime master, which is going all over the net. This film happened so many years back. Today this film... after a long gap in between nobody was talking about this film. All of a sudden now, people are talking about Andaz Apna Apna and performances of Aamir, Salman, Raveena, Karishma, Paresh Rawal and me. I was playing Crime master Gogo. It was not a very lengthy role. This role was conceived by Mr. Santoshi and turned out to be funny role. Imagine Shakti Kapoor, such a villain a 'bad man' playing a comedian, 'Mogambo ka bhateeja', with the cape and the silly hairstyle. I'm walking and Aamir says Gogo ji aapki Dhoti...

Sushant Mehta: 'Gogo ji aapka Ghaghra' it was...

Shakti Kapoor: Yes! Gogo ki aapka ghagra...ha ha...I just SMSed Santoshi ki whenever you do a film I would love to do this again. Nobody can forget Satte Per Satta. It's a cult film. Andaz Apna Apna is a cult film. I even include one of my films, Bhap Numbri Bheta 10 Numbri, you will see with time people will recognize the film and all will appreciate it. It takes time.

In Rocky which I did with Sanjay Dutt, 'aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum' beech mein yeh gaana kisi ne chalaya nahi.All of a sudden, TV started playing this song in many ads, news channels started playing. It became a bigger hit than it was during the release of Rocky. Sanju says yeh gaana hamara dono ka hai. Finally, it was recorded on Nitin and Bipasha. I'm so happy that many songs of mine, music of the 80s, 90s, is being remixed and picturised and re-sung by people and it's happening in today's movies.

Sushant Mehta: What's your favourite scene in the film?

Shakti Kapoor: My favourite scene in the film was when I come in a jungle, and take the scooter from Robert and Bhalla, saying 'aaya hoon kuch to leke jaunga'. No wait! It was actually the 'hul' fight between Salman and me in the climax, which has the whole fight where he is at a distance from me. And he gives me a 'hul' and I fall down here. He is there, I give him a 'hul' and he falls down. The fight timings were so great that it took the entire climax of the film only because of good timing. Andaz Apna Apna... I enjoyed all the scenes I did, I enjoyed the music, the Salman scene where his stomach gets upset and the sound effect in his stomach was amazing. I feel it was one of Santoshi's best films.

Sushant Mehta: How did that scene come about?

Shakti Kapoor: This was...fight master showed it to. He knew that Shakti Kapoor dances too. His favourite scene was the Dhumak Dhumak. He said "Iska ek punch bana de" Salman was very good. Salman and me were very good friends. So, we had this rapport. So finally, it's the director who says yes or no.

Sushant Mehta: How was Amir?

Shakti Kapoor: Amir was very cool. He was amazing. In that, we were not discussing. Now I believe hehas to be 100% sure what's happening. Now I found he is an amazing person. Hats-off to Amir. I wish Amir could launch my son because he is a very good director and producer.

Sushant Mehta: What's your favourite actor from the 90s?

Shakti Kapoor: I have no answers. Meri dushmani ho jayegi. All of them.

Sushant Mehta: Best actor by performance?

Shakti Kapoor: Best actor by performance, Amitabh Bachchan.

Sushant Mehta: Govinda... I think he has been the best actor in the 90s. but he has never won any awards.

Shakti Kapoor: He has catered a lot to different benches. Today to win these awards, media has to help you a lot. Today media has a huge hand in creating many actors. Today media can also make a super hit film flop. People watch newspapers ki isko kitne stars diya hai, etc, People just want to go and watch the film, which has four stars. By the time they want to go back, when they hear this film is very good, they want to 1 1/2 star film, the film is no more running in theatres. So media has created lot of actors who are non-actors. People who are getting awards every year, same hero is getting award every year. Why? Because he was the media person, he was catering to the media. Govinda has always been a simpleton, coming from a simple family. He doesn't know how to sell himself in media. He has been a very simple boy. Slowly media started understanding that there's no actor like Govinda. I think it became a little too late. That's the reason he couldn't and according to me, all his films he had performed. There was no other actor. I was shooting for a film in Hyderabad. On my set, I saw Amir Khan coming. He said I want to see 2-3 shots of Govinda. He said he is one of the finest actors. This guy can do anything and everything without restraining himself and with ease. The ease that Govinda brings, I want to bring. I was so proud of Govinda. Maier was there for 3 hours watching Govinda doing a song with me. So people know that this guy is one of the best actors and people get scared of good actors. They go for stars, huger stars than Govinda scared to do a film with him. Because any film you watch of Govinda, with any hero, when you come out of the theatre you only remember Govinda. He overshadows.

Sushant Mehta: I also want to know about Raja Babu. This whole team of...

Shakti Kapoor: I think you didn't plan anything. It happens. It used to happen when they were together. Imagine Shakti Kapoor playing a villain, a rapist, a murderer, a killer in so many films. All of a sudden, he is playing Raja Babu, a small time servant in Govinda's house. Only one costume in the entire film, wearing a chaddi, one baniyan and one pair of chappals. That was his total costume in the film. And one chaatha for Govinda. If you plan to make a hit film, you won't be successful Because you are panning it. You are not working hard. To make a hit film every actor has to enjoy, every scriptwriter has to enjoy giving a good script, musician has to enjoy giving a good script, and director has to enjoy giving a good direction in the film. Therefore, when all these things combine, I've not consciously tried or working hard. But majority of the times, the good player gives good score. The same things happened with Raja Babu. We all enjoyed outdoor, we were doing six scenes a day, and we were improvising. Govinda helped me a lot, that 'Samjhta Nahi hai yaar' that line Govinda gave me ...even 'Nandu sabka Bandu' that was his idea. Raja Babu was a film because of everyone's ream work. And I got my first Filmfare award for this performance in the film thanks to Govinda, David Dhawan. I enjoyed the film. People were shocked. Is this the Shakti Kapoor we see? The terror. Here he is making laugh. His voice is gone. He is playing a different voice. Very unlike Shakti Kapoor but because I enjoyed playing that role, it was a very successful film.


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