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Tanya Ghosh
Saturday , May 19, 2012 at 12 : 46

How we choose what we do in college


'So what do you want to be when you grow up?'

I remember how I used to absolutely dread this question since it used to seem like everyone at least had some idea about what they wanted to pursue while I was completely out in the sea.

As a child the answer would invariably be something typical like a doctor or a teacher or an engineer. But now, with the multitude of choices available it has become that much harder to choose a career when most options are completely unknown while others seem absurd.

The inspiration behind a particular career option can be as varied as from friends and family, personal interests or experiences to exposure. While a friend of mine Shravani, decided to become a vet as she has loved animals since childhood, Akash realised his ambition to be a doctor only after he did a case study on cancer. Others like Anushree decide their line of study based on personal evaluation of their strengths.

While some people have 'always known' what they wanted to do later in life like my friend Aditi who was always sure about being a journalist, some (like me) decide after a lot of self-reflection and analysis as to what they could ultimately do every day and still feel a sense of gratification while making sure their chosen path is realistic.

I myself believe that one should choose their subjects based on what suits their own temperament, something which they have not only an interest but also an aptitude for and at the same time suits their financial needs. If one is good at something they more or less tend to excel in it since they have a vested interest in developing their talent. But at the same time one could be the jack of all trades but master of none.

However at the same time, not everyone has the space to develop their own interests at their own pace. Parental pressures...

everyone faces them but very few have the courage to defy their parents and follow their own dreams. Yes, sometimes the parent's options are better suited for their child but not necessarily every time. Shubham, another friend of mine went into engineering because that's what he's been hearing about since childhood, but then he's always been a whiz with numbers. Then again we saw how hard it was for Madhavan in '3 Idiots' to tell his father about how he wanted to be a wildlife photographer and not an engineer. In the movie- 'Step Up', one of the lead protagonists, Nora fights hard with her mother to follow her passion-dance instead of taking up literature like her mother wanted.

There's another group of people who are unaware of their own potential and can't optimise their talents because of the same. Then there are those who face lack of exposure and are unaware of the various fields that have come up in the recent times.

A friend of mine - Sanyukta told me about how although she had always been interested in drawing and cartoons, the world of multimedia opened up to her only after she researched it online. An obscure field until recently, she faced several challenges getting to where she is now.

So, basically we choose what to do in college based on how we evaluate ourselves. But essentially one should be aware of the limitations of a particular career and really understand what they are getting into. There are some physical limitations like having a certain height and weight to be part of the army or having 6 by 6 vision to be a pilot that most people are oblivious to. But I think the best way to actually choose your subjects in college and even your career for that matter is by keeping the last line of '3 Idiots' in mind-

'Kaabil bano kaabil...kamyabi to jhak marke peeche ayegi.'


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