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Sriram Balasubramanian
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 17 : 36

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi: A time to think


At a time when India is home to the largest number of young people in the world, it is time we ponder on what the issues concerning today's India are. With so much chaos around us, politically and economically, it is a moment of bewilderment for India's youth on the road forward. On Ganesh Chaturthi, the day of worship of the master of all beginnings, it's time to ponder on what ails young India and what could be done to enhance its potential.

Channelising Energy:

Energy is in abundance among the young population. People are ready to embark on journeys that have never been travelled before. The desire and urge is buzzing in the young minds of the nation. The question is what do we do it. Most youngsters, despite their abundant energy, fail to channelise it into a path that delivers success. Even after channelising, there has to be a dogged pursuit of the path chosen in order to be on the path of success. Instead of wasting energy frivolously on unproductive activities, it is time to learn to streamline one's thinking into areas that one is interested in. This desire to channelise energy into an area comes from understanding what one actually seeks

Carving an identity:

One of the rudimentary things to understand is the need to carve out an identity. Contemporary lifestyle revolves around a lifestyle that is being fed upon us. As such, our emphasis has been restricted to aping a certain form of identity which has been thrust upon us either by the west or other countries. Young India per say is, to put it bluntly, clueless at times about what is "Indian" in them. While it is imperative for individuals to adopt positive aspects of various identities, it is equally important for us to seek an identity for ourselves. This needs to go beyond the cliché's of cricket and bollywood and seek a unique identity for ourselves that stands out in a globalised world. Carving out such an identity would make it easier for us to understand what we are actually good at and help to nurture that attribute to keep moving forward.

Understanding history:

In the process of carving out an identity, we need to understand our history and heritage. India, a nation with its unique inter-religious coexistence, is sadly more read by the rest of the world than Indians themselves. Historical understanding of issues concerning policies, politics, sport, art and others would provide a vast database of information and, more importantly, would create a sense of pride among Indians. This would liberate the Indian youth even more and create a sense of confidence in addressing the challenges that confront an aspirational middle class. Unfortunately, our educational priorities are science-centric and not focussed on the arts. This, at a basic level, makes the youngsters less well-rounded and provides them a lesser holistic understanding of issues and life as a whole.

Ability to take risks:

Like what Steve Jobs once famously said "the dots can only be connected backwards," risk taking is an art that needs to be nurtured. It is pivotal for anyone to be successful, irrespective of whether it is calculated or not. However, risk taking is made much easier if one is more confident about their ability. This unflinching confidence comes from an acute understanding of their heritage which helps to create a sense of identity within one individual. In a globalised world with such intense competition, this sense of identity would keep us in good stead helping to deal with challenges that are people-centric in nature. For example, most of today's entrepreneurial ventures revolve around people and one needs to stand out amidst the crowded lot to convince others of the idea that one is going to sell across. As such, risks could be taken only when there is a confidence in people.

In retrospect, it is a very interesting phase for young India. At a stage where we are buzzing with so much energy, we need to know how to channelize it and carve a niche for ourselves in global society. This niche is something that would help us to succeed on the global stage.

On this Ganesh Chaturthi, master of all beginnings, let's hope that we ponder and embrace our identity to shine in a competitive and dynamic world!

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