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Tulika Agnihotri Ojha
Monday , October 04, 2010 at 19 : 46

Opening gala a 'bolti band' moment for CWG cynics


Sunday, October 3, was a big day for India. It was a day of national pride for all of us. For me, well, it was a day of goose bumps! Though I think I'm one of the more patriotic Indians I know of in these times, I'm sure the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010 made all our hearts swell with pride - including of those who made Games' bashing the mission of their lives.

The grand spectacle was a befitting reply to all those cynics and pessimists, who were till some days ago ranting and raving about what a disaster it is going to be.

There is no denying the money wasted, the fallen footbridge and fake ceiling, the chaos caused by the CWG lanes, the snakes, the simians and pesky politicians (yes, I'd like to put the last three in the same category!).

But consider the scale of the event. Agreed we took a huge risk, but at least we had the guts to do so. And the results are for all to see. The high-voltage opening gala apart, look how Delhi is dazzling these days!

And Delhi is not the only thing that's changed in the countdown to the Games. I have noticed a marked difference in Games-related status messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Till four days ago, everyone and anyone I know was an authority unto himself/herself on how badly the Commonwealth Games were being handled. It was like a fad - it was 'in' to be a critic of the mega sports event, to say something clever about how the government had messed up.

But bam! In no time these changed to self-congratulatory status updates such as, "We rock", "We did it, India shining", "We are the best, Go Games Go!" etc. And that goes for us mediawallahs too!

But why ARE we like this? Are we a nation full of cynics and pessimists? Or are we forgiving and believe that all's well that ends well? Or just plain simple hypocrites who go in whichever direction the tide is turning?

Dr Sanjay Chugh, a Delhi-based psychiatrist, says Indians have a loser's mindset and are reluctant to give credit. He also backs my theory that the younger generation, that makes the majority of the population, just doesn't care.

We always raise a hue and cry when normalcy in our lives is disrupted for the sake of development - when flyovers are built, when roads are closed for Metro construction and Connaught Place renovation. But all is well when we get to reap the benefits.

Although I believe when it comes to the Games, criticism should not have come at the cost of crushing the spirit and morale of the nation at a time when it needed our backing the most. But what to do we are like this only ji !


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