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2.50 pm Dec 20, 2012

Gujarat elections: possible ripples in national politics

Now that the Gujarat verdict is out, how is the verdict likely to influence national politics over the next few years? Is there a likelihood of any direct effect on the 2014 elections? Aakar Patel shares his perspective.
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  • Dont you think Modi will be liabilty for BJP rather than assets given his dictatorial attitude and overtly anti minority stance Asked by: Deepak
  • Aakar Patel He will be an asset for those parts of the BJP and its voters who like his style. The fact is that he has sidelined other Gujarati leaders or chased them out of the party, and that he has brushed aside the RSS and within the Cabinet, the other ministers have little power. He will be a liability for those who think that leadership should be more inclusive.
  • Mr.Chidambaram told media that we got victory by restricted BJP to not get more seat, is it right to say ? Asked by: hari
  • Aakar Patel I think this is the sort of rubbish that Congress should stop speaking. Modi has won a massive and sweeping and convincing victory.
  • Why do you think the GPP fared so poorly? Asked by: Smita Shah
  • Aakar Patel Patels are the core votebank of the BJP, and have always been. They have no reason to be particularly upset with the party, and four out of Modi's nine Cabinet ministers were Patels. The GPP did poorly because it was unable to convince the Patels that they had reason to be angry with BJP or with Modi.
  • Do you think the electorate in Gujarat is extremely polarised on communal lines? Asked by: Mathew George
  • Aakar Patel The electorate is polarised. I don't think either the Congress or the BJP have one enough to change this, unfortunately.
  • Do you think the Modi magic, though still effective, has lost a bit of its charm as the CNN-IBN tally shows? Asked by: Bijoy Bose
  • Aakar Patel I don't think so. He is as popular as he was in the last election, both in Gujarat and nationally, with the people who are fond of him and his style.
  • Does this win also create a problem for Modi that even if he wants, he can't move to the national stage. He does not trust anyone and would not leave Gujarat in anyone else's hands? So is this emphatic win also his chains? Asked by: dharamveer
  • Aakar Patel It doesn't create a problem. It gives him many options. He can either: 1) Remain CM and say no to any national role 2) Remain CM and say yes to a national role 3) Remain CM and decide what to do later Which one will be pick? I think No 3
  • Even now, will the BJP leadership try to sideline him or will they endorse him as the 2014 PM candidate? We need a strong leader like Modi. Asked by: Satyanarayan
  • Aakar Patel Many of the grassroots workers of the BJP want him named as the candidate. He has more support from them than any other leader. However, since party decisions are taken by the leadership and not the workers, it is unlikely that the BJP will immediately come out in support of Modi as PM candidate.
  • Is Gujarat a part of Congress's stop loss for national strategy? Asked by: Rishi V.
  • Aakar Patel I'm not sure I understand the question. But I think they have run a very poor campaign. If you mean that they deliberately gave Modi a win, I would disagree.
  • isnt secularism of nitish kumar a oppurtunistic he allied with vajpayee and advanoi post babri why is he talking on modi Asked by: siddarth pai
  • Aakar Patel I cannot speak for him, but from what I understand, he can tolerate the BJP as long as they are not overtly anti-Muslim. The problem with Modi is that he is divisive and Nitish sees that as a threat to his votes.
  • What are possibilities that Both Nitish & Modi have got their own vote bank and will together help NDA to ride power in 2014 with someone other like Swaraj as PM?? Asked by: Ashutosh Anand
  • Aakar Patel Very little chance of that.
  • What are the major credentials, that you can attritube to Modi (with Figures) using which i as a voter, can accept his great leadership. Asked by: Kiran, Bangalore
  • Aakar Patel I'm not sure if I can testify to his great leadership, but I can say the following with a degree of certainty: 1) He's very hardworking. 2) He's punctual (the times that I have met him, he has always been on time). 3) He has conviction about what he does.