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5 pm Mar 14, 2012

Real heroes: Meet India's youngest school principal

An extraordinary story of 18-year-old Babar Ali who since 2002, every evening between 4 pm and 7 pm, takes on the role of a principal. Perhaps India's youngest (16 years old in 2009) principal of a school - the Anand Siksha Niketan in Gangapur village. Join him in a webchat on how he managed funds and how at the age of 11 he ran a school, at 5 pm on Wednesday. You can watch his story here.
This chat is over. Thanks for joining.
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  • babar how u manage it Asked by: aslam
  • Babar Ali everything is easy when god is with you.......be positive in life and you will get the solution to your problems.
  • Hi , I would like to have a contact with Mr. Babar Ali.. Would plz help me out... Thanks Asked by: SENTHIL KUMAR
  • Babar Ali you can write to me on babaralimurshidabad@gmail.com
  • good luck hope u wl b great soon Asked by: vikash singh
  • Babar Ali thanku so much!!!!
  • How can i donate to you? Asked by: devesh
  • Babar Ali any kind of help is welcome!!
  • Babar - This is truly extraordinary. Normally people do what you are doing when they are done with their responsibility and career, What has struck you at this young age ? Asked by: shailesh
  • Babar Ali i m doing as much as i can...i am following the teachings of Swami Vivekananda....
  • MasahAllah Ali Bhai. You make us proud. Whats your educational background? Asked by: Umar
  • Babar Ali i m studying in BA (english Hons) second year.....and plans to do masters in future.
  • You have truly done an excellent work , Is being a principal at this age really hard ? Asked by: Bhatia
  • Babar Ali no nothing is hard when you are determined about your goals.
  • are you studying now? is the school owned by yourself? whats your qualification for being a principal? Asked by: afsal rahman
  • Babar Ali yeas i m studying now.the school is owned by me only.i have a managing committee that helps me in carrying out operations.
  • How do you raise funds for your school? Asked by: Sang
  • Babar Ali i ask people for the help and i get it.....
  • Hats Off to ur efforts nd acomplishments.u r a real hero wrking on ground zero.I salute u for extraordinary endevour. Asked by: Parth
  • Babar Ali thanku so much for d wishes!!!
  • Ananda Siksha Niketan provides free education , what is the likelihood of opening up of more such school across WB Asked by: Bhatia
  • Babar Ali i have plans to build such schools across the country.
  • how do u encourage the creativity of the students? Asked by: harika
  • Babar Ali i provide them with the moral education with the bookish knowledge as well.music,sports and other subjects also help to boost their confidence.
  • What do you think abt your career?.. Asked by: Nisha
  • Babar Ali first i want to complete my graduation and then will opt for masters.
  • How do you manage to get funds? Where do you get funds from? What kind of questions do they ask when you ask them for funds?How do you maintain rapport with your staff ? Asked by: rc45
  • Babar Ali i have managing committee that manages and edits all the banking operations.....CNN-IBN helped us alot financially.we maintain very good relations with our staff.
  • hello babar, just want to congratulate you in your good job.How can the people contribute towards your cause.is there some minimum quantum allowed.Wish u all good luck in ur future endeavours. Asked by: sandeep
  • Babar Ali thanku so much for your wishes.i need some good people to guide me in future.financial help is always welcome as it can be a bigger help.
  • Any suggestions for the people of your age ? Asked by: Towfeeque
  • Babar Ali i m also a student.people should keep the materialistic things aside to become a real man in future.because society needs improvement and being the citizens its our duty.
  • Ali , The strength of 600 Kids at the this age how challenging is it Asked by: Bhatia
  • Babar Ali this is very challenging.bt with their cooperation....its becoming successful.
  • i would like to know your insipiration? Asked by: rkg96
  • Babar Ali my parents is my big inspiration.
  • Did age ever become an obstacle for your work? Asked by: Richa
  • Babar Ali sometimes it becomes....bt i never bother!
  • What is the hardest thing about doing this job? Asked by: harika
  • Babar Ali swami vivekananda is my ideal.....i obey his message.with strong determination i found nothing is difficult.
  • good job Asked by: vishesh
  • Babar Ali when i was 9 years old i started this school.i am trying my best to keep up the good work.
  • If your school a private school then how you are managing all. Asked by: sabah
  • Babar Ali if anybody can have will power and passion.everyone helps me in this work.i am not alone.my family also supports me.right now i am pursuing my BA Honours.apart from my personal stuff i dedicate my services to this school.
  • How do I get in touch with you. I would like to discuss the possibility of formation of such schools across the country Asked by: bhanupriya
  • Babar Ali you can get in touch with me through my e-mail id-babaralimurshidabad@gmail.com.it was my dream to do this.......i have done this with my own will.....anyone can do this as i have done....improve parallel education and become a real man.
  • Good work .knowledge is one thing which when shared is not lost. Kindly continue to share that the knowledgable multiply at your place. Are you getting techers appointed by government at your school.? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Babar Ali not exactly....i cannot hire any government teachers.....i appoint teachers on the basis of discipline,qualities,mentality....etc:-

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