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4.30 pm Sep 19, 2013

Has Akhilesh Yadav lost the plot in UP?

UP's youngest Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is facing a huge crisis. He is being targeted for not doing enough to prevent and contain communal violence in Western UP. The people who voted for him expecting a change are disillusioned. Join a live web chat at 4-30 PM.
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  • Do you think the Muslim vote bank politics played by Akhilesh resulted in a majority community backlash and does this foretell of a similar outcome in Bengal if Mamata continues with similar Muslim appeasement policies (including granting of dole to imams and overlooking of rape if committed by Muslims)? Asked by: Dev
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Problem is that muslims in western UP aren't really thrilled with akhilesh yadav right now. so its incorrect to assume that SP is benefitting. In a lok sabha election, the muslim vote could well consolidate around the congress.
  • Why still no storong action has been taken by SP government and they aer only blaming other parties.Is this a right signal of humanity. Asked by: Varun Dwivedi
  • Bhupendra Chaubey SP is playing politics as much as other parties like bjp, congress, bsp. Sad part is every party in UP is only looking at these riots as an attempt to further its own position.
  • Why have the police in UP acted slowly.The allegation is that pressure from top. How does the party in power gain by going slow on action ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Bhupendra Chaubey My experience is that no communal riot can take place without some amount of state patronage. Same I think is the case in UP. Yes, the police should simply not have allowed the holding of mahapanchayat if situation was already so heated. Party in power, in this case SP gains as it gets an opportunity to position itself as a party which looks after minorities, so what if that belief has to be pushed over dead bodies of individuals
  • if i am a muslim voter in up and do not want modi to win then forwhom should i vote?bsp is corrupt and i voted them out 18 months ago.sp is causing riots that hurt me although i voted them in 18 months back.cong is a national party but will anybody else vote for them?even ministerial seats like kanpur will probably be lost.for whom will i vote and will not this slip help the bjp?(i am not a muslim in up by the way) Asked by: anand
  • Bhupendra Chaubey You should vote as a citizen, and not as a. Person of a particular community. That's what politicians want and that's what u must not do. For if u vote on basis of religion, u will fall in the trap that's been laid out for u
  • There has been communal rights since the time SP govt has come. So i feel it is their plot ? Ur thoughts Asked by: Kashyap
  • Bhupendra Chaubey There's no doubting the fact kashyap that SP has deliberately overlooked the communal frenzy which has been brewing in UP over the last one year. We saw how so many districts across the state saw curfews for such a long time
  • which parties will gain or lose after the riot? Asked by: suri
  • Bhupendra Chaubey The BJP stands to gain the most if Jats in western UP switch to BJP , Congress can gain if resentment against SP grows more on minds of Muslims.
  • I think actually he actually won.,by creating fear psychosis in minds of muslims.,if they vote for him.,bjp would come to power Asked by: Kaushik
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Yes Kaushik, that's the sad bitter reality. Sp gains by encashing on fear psychosis of muslims and bjp gains by convincing the. Majority community
  • which parties will gain or lose after the riot? Asked by: suri
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I think actually he actually won.,by creating fear psychosis in minds of muslims.,if they vote for him.,bjp would come to power
  • In general, CM has been struggling to maintain law and order in UP. Do you think that BJP stands to gain in UP? Asked by: rsg
  • Bhupendra Chaubey A: at the moment, what's becoming clear is that both sp and bjp are trying to consolidate their positions vis a vis their domestic constituencies. SP trying to consolidate minorities by convincing them them that its the only party which can look after them, the bjp trying to reach out to the manority community accusing SP of appeasing minorities

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