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3 pm Sep 12, 2013

Target MBA - 2013: Methods to Building Concepts

With just about 40 days to go for CAT which marks the start of the MBA entrance test season, your Prep needs to necessarily cater to two objectives: Building concepts and Optimising test performance. Get all your questions answered here.
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  • What experience does one need generally to get to top Foreign B-Schools. Is working at a consultancy gives u any benefit? GMAT scores and work exp and essays wat matters most?? Asked by: Nikhil Prasad
  • Deepak Bunde Foreign B schools look into three buckets. 1. Academic Abilities: Good academic record, publications, research, under grad universities, GPA 2. Experience: Since the incoming group is extremely diverse, it is difficult to point out any one typical experience. That said, a lot of people working at consultancies apply. Your experience should tie in with the reason you want to do a business masters 3. Extra curricular achievements: The admissions committee also looks at the kind of person you are. Volunteering, pursuing a hobby or passion and taking it to professional levels are all looked at positively.
  • Sir, I have a 6 years of work experience in various agencies which support Marketing communication functions. I have done MBA from lesser known B-school in Delhi, now would you suggest to go for an executive MBA program from top B-schools and what would be the best choice for course to polish my existing Marketing communication skill set? Asked by: Parikh
  • Deepak Bunde You could try applying to the top foreign B schools through GMAT. An Exec MBA from one of the top B schools in the country could be the second best option. You are not required to apply for a particular course in that case, exec MBA is a plain vanilla program in almost all of the top Indian B schools.
  • Is SIIB or FLAME School of Business better. Your Thoughts? Asked by: Hoshiar
  • Deepak Bunde T.I.M.E. rates SIIB in the BBB category, we do not rank FLAME in the top 150 B-schools. You could go through our B School Categorization 2013 here - www.time4education.com/List_of_B-Schools.asp
  • Based on your experience, could you please shed some light on the normalization procedure adopted in CAT. How is the difference in difficulty level (on different days) accounted for? Asked by: Srijit
  • Deepak Bunde As you would know, the IIM and Prometric authorities do not disclose the exact method they apply to normalize scores across different CAT slots. However, from our experience over the past years, we can say with confidence that it is a fair and thorough exercise. As a student, it would be best to keep things simple, not worry about the perceived level of difficulty of your test and only focus on maximizing your score in each of the two sections. That will keep you in the best position in any given case - be it an easy test or difficult!
  • At present I do not trust Indian B schools in terms of return. Your views, please. Asked by: Abhinav
  • Deepak Bunde We cannot make a blanket judgement on the entire range of Indian B-schools. There are those which offer placement opportunities above 15 lakhs, when they charge just about 50,000 in all (FMS). There are the other lot as well, which charge extremely high fee and may not be able to place all their students in a decent pay packet range. But then, at the end of the day, it also depends on the candidate, and whether he manages to impress his interviewers at the end of the day. Can't lay the blame square on B-schools always!
  • What are the things to be considered for pursuing MBA from Indian B schools? Asked by: Abhinav
  • Deepak Bunde You should be looking at the following, in the sequence mentioned: 1. Quality of placements, salary ranges. 2. Cut-off percentiles. 3. Quality of students/alumni/faculty 4. Brand Image 5. Location
  • What is the best amount of time that one needs for efficient preparation of the exam? Asked by: Fouad Farooq
  • Deepak Bunde It cannot be quantified on a standard basis, as it would vary from person to person and also on his/her current preparation levels in each area.
  • If you had to, which B-schools would you rate as the top 5 schools of India? Asked by: siddhi
  • Deepak Bunde Not in any particular sequence - IIM A, B, C, L and XLRI.

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