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4pm Sep 12, 2013

BJP's internal fight over Narendra Modi's candidature for PM

The top leadership of the BJP is divided over declaring the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. A faction led by party patriarch L K Advani is opposed to the idea of going to polls with a single face. The polarising figure Modi has polarised his own party in his march for the post of Prime Minister.
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  • With the current rift growing aggressively within BJP, don't you think the people of this country (particularly BJP supporters) and party cadres at the root level are highly confused and left with a dilemma? Asked by: Raghu Vannekala
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri A BJP supporter would strongly believe that there there is a gulf between leadership and cadres
  • Dont you think that Mr Advani's opposition to Mr Modi's cadidature is mere hypocrisy? After all Mr Advani was once seen as a Hindutva Mascot himself. And he had 2 opportunities to be PM but people rejected him. Also when NDA formed the goct at centre, he had to bring forward Mr Vajpayee, so in a sense even he was not acceptable as a PM then. So what is he making noise about now? Asked by: Oliver
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Oliver in my reply to the earlier question I did mention that there is little clash of ideology... it is more a personality clash and an ego clash
  • Sandeep Sir, the fight between LKA and NaMo is a fight between two generations, two ways of thinking and a clash of ego's. You agree? Asked by: Ananya R
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Two generations gap possibly, ego clash very much so, two ways of thinking may be not
  • I thibnk BJP has agin made a self goal and it may be no wonder irrespective of the scams and misgovernace of UPA2 ..congress would again come in power if BJP doesnt get its act together Asked by: kisalay
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Kisalay a relevant point. The counter point is that to get its act together BJP needs to have a rallying point which can not only bring together the party but also the allies and potential allies
  • Why is media going nuts over disagreement within BJP on their Prime Ministerial candidate. Does this not reflect strengthening of democracy where there is agreement/disagreement within a party. Is it not better than having a person decide and others having no right to question? Asked by: Vishal Aggarwal
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri It is NEWS for the media and thus this CHAT too! a BJP supporter would definitely project this leadership tussle as a virtue
  • LKA has followers and it is not that LKA is leading rivals to NaMO. Is LKA hoping to be at 7 RCR ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Could very well be. Sundar
  • Faction lead by LKA- read it as Sushma, MMJoshi et al as followers. Has Sushma pitched for such a position ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Why not Sundar.... she is currently leader of the opposition. She was also backed by a key ally the Shiva Sena
  • Where is the problem if a strong capable candidate is projected as a prospective PM even though the PM is elected by the winning Party MPS ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Sundar ,the belief that Modi is a strong, capable candidate is a view of his supporters. The `strong` point is what gives others within the party the `political` jitters
  • Dear sir, Will announcement of Modi as PM despite Advani's opposition dent BJP's images or not. If yes than how much and if no than how not ? Asked by: Satya
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri If LKA were to continue to express open dissent and Modi were to be anointed PM candidate, it will take away a lot of the advantage that the BJP would have been hoping for by making such an announcement.
  • Perhaps there are two objections to Modis candidature. One the Brahmin lobby is not able to accept him. Two Advani has not yet given up on personal ambition. Your comments. Asked by: Rakesh Katyal
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Rakesh, there can be a load of truth in both your arguments. Also consider the fact that the BJP central leadership has never allowed state level leaders to grow beyond a point - remember Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharati, BSY
  • Can the BJP now go to the hustling without a name ? Will that not give a chance to UPA citing lack of leadership and a confused party and tout RAHUL as a RELIABLE successor to MMS ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri The BJP aims at clearly stealing a march by projecting a Prime Ministerial candidate. In their eagerness to do so, they have stumbled on internal contradictions
  • Has LKA missed out to be a mentor with GRACE and accept that Change at all places, is a regular happening ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Sundar, a lot of people would believe so. However, others too would say if the mentor is ignored and decisions are taken without consulting him, he has reason to be furious!!!
  • As media informs it is the RSS which is calling shot. How far is it politically right to get DICTATED by RSS,when it supposedly has no political ambitions ?/ Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri It is an Open secret that there is a close linkage between the RSS and the BJP however much it may be denied by both the sides
  • In democracy expression of dissent is no wrong.What is the reason media makes such dissents as a news of Tussle within the party and sell it HOT ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri For the media, this is NEWS. A direct confrontation between senior leaders in a party is clearly HEADLINE NEWS
  • Modi- a deeply polarising figure has polarised his own party. Wat future can the country expect from his "leadership"? Asked by: Shenoy
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Shenoy, this is a fear expressed by many, if he cannot unite his party how can he bring together the nation
  • What can be Mr. Advani's next course of in case his opinion supersede on Modi as PM. Can there be a vertical split in BJP or the dissents are not much of relevance in BJP cadres as compared to NAMO. Asked by: Satya
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Satya, if LKA were to take the dissent to its logical conclusion, it would depend on how will the key leaders in the party align. At the Executive level it is not about cadres but about leaders.
  • Do you think Narendra Modi's elevation can end up dividing the BJP as a party? Asked by: Anik Datta
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Anik, only a die hard supporter of the BJP and Modi would believe that. It will only be end of one more phase of the shadow boxing
  • Arun Jaitely has commented as quasi PREZ election when the prospective PM is indicated.Your take on this ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Many would believe that Lok Sabha elections are now the election of the PM. In 1999, NDA projected Vajpayee as their symbol and this helped them go beyond the majority mark. In 2009 too many would believe that Manmohan Singh was pitted against LK Advani. Please recall when the Congress released its manifesto in the 2009 elections, Sonia Gandhi held up the cover page of the manifesto and covered her photo, allowing only Manmohan SIngh photo to be seen and told media here is our Prime Ministerial candidate
  • While media has been openly and loudly conveying ADVANi's reservation on NaMo as PM, he himself has not spoken on record on this subject. Does such act of a senior leader, who can speak with clarity on the subject, give credibility to his thoughts ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Sundar, LKA has sent loud and clear signals in the past by not participating in the Goa meet. In politics, leaders choose their style and approach to conveying their views and dissent and this is true of all parties. One needs to read between the lines
  • Sudeendhra Kulksrni's comments on Polarising leader polarising the party is a Gift to the opposition. Any intention to hit a self goal is suicidal.Is Kulkarni joining Congress ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri As I said in a response earlier, Sundar before dealing with the Congress, the BJP challenge is to get its house in order
  • Dear Sir, I believe Advani has failed to understand the mood of the nation. I never voted for BJP in last 3 elections, but this time will vote if its NaMo as PM candidate. Whats your take on people like me and LKA not ready to understand that. Asked by: Adarsh
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Supporters of BJP would argue that Modi has ground level support but limited `leadership` support. The dilemma you raise is voiced by many BJP supporters
  • Dont you feel that Advani camp's fear of losing minority vote is rubbish, because everyone knows that Modi will be BJP's PM if not today then tomorrow. So, the muslims who wanted to vote for BJP will vote and the people who dont want to vote for BJP will never vote. Whats ur take??? Asked by: Adarsh
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Adarsh, the projection of Modi as the leader will surely lead to a strong polarization and his supporters would argue - So be it! Events in recent times provide enough proof of the likely polarization that may happen if Modi were to be the PM face of the BJP
  • Is it possible in any other Party in India than BJP that an ordinary worker rising to the level of PM? What is wrong if there are internal differences? Asked by: Raghava RaoKaravadi
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Raghava, this is a perspective. This has happened in many parties both at the nation and the state level. Look at the Communist parties, look at the Janata Party, look at regional parties like Samajwadi, RJD, TRS, TMC all of them have leaders who rose from the grassroots
  • OK LKA does not prefer NaMo.Whom does he have in mind .Has he spoken UP. Is 2002 the reason for LKA dissent or something beyond that ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri LKA reluctance to anoint and endorse Modi may be linked to multiple factors Sundar. Let me try and list out a few : a) LKA's own leadership ambitions; b) Trying to protect the future of his followers many of whom see themselves as potential PM candidates if and when BJP comes to power; c) The entire process (Goa eta.al.) having been taken forward without his blessings; d) The fear of his being fully sidelined if Modi leads....
  • Assuming all the hype about NaMo is true(both his governance and polarising abilities) is true, what options does BJP really have to overcome Congress. Shouldn't good governance be their only USP? Asked by: Dinesh
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri This is not about overcoming the opposition outside the party.... this is about dealing with the internal convulsions in the party... this is clearly a leadership tussle within the party Dinesh.

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