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2.45 pm, Dec 05 Dec 05, 2012

IOC suspends Indian Olympic Association: what does it mean for Indian sports?

IOC suspends Indian Olympic Association: what does it mean for Indian sports?
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  • What steps should the govt take now? Asked by: Tiger
  • Jagbir Singh Solve the problem immediately !
  • Is Raja Randhir Singh to be blamed for suspension as suggested by Abhay Chataula? Asked by: RK
  • Jagbir Singh I am not sure if we should be getting into this blame game ,rather come together as a family and respect each others.
  • Sportspersons ahve become actors in the show and the Officials are ruining the future of Indian sports. ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Jagbir Singh Nothing new ! Until & unless we promise ourselves to improve things will not change and we will always remain to be a laughing stock in the world of sports in terms of administration.Ministry of Sports /IOA/Federations should all sit across the table not only to sort out this problem but to plan road ahead.
  • Mud slinging,Blame Game,tu Tu main main, between GOI,IOA,and IOC will ultimately boil down to the fact a global sports body does not accept a state's soverignity ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Jagbir Singh Sometimes even i wonder why does it happen only in our nation that we feel so proud to discuss and create pity situations and then expect others to help us solve problems, remember God helps those who help themselves. We are allowing others to interfere by creating such an atmosphere of misunderstandings.
  • Is the suspension justified? Who is to be blamed? Asked by: Tiger
  • Jagbir Singh We left them with no choice ! Time to blame is over and action is required at the earliest. I am afraid we we leave it hanging for a while it will have great effects later !
  • IOC suspends Indian Olympic Association: what does it mean for Indian sports? Asked by: anand
  • Jagbir Singh It is a set back at the world level where Indian athletes are now doing so well and trying to make a strong presence ,such unfortunate incidents bring the entire sports community at shame and embarrassment. i mean are e so divided that we cant sort out our problems with in the family...
  • Government pumps money,selects officials for foriegn trips, The team goes on the Indian flag banner. Why the Government should not bringing in good systems for improvement in sports on the whole by getting office bearers elected who will have qualities to develop the sports & games./? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Jagbir Singh The existing system in India demands for influential people in every field to sort out issues be it government , corporate,sponsors etc. Every one knows by know its the political class always we all look for ward to. so be it ! but we can hire professional CEO's or heads running it on full time basis to improve the sports and understand the problems sports persons are facing on regular basis at every level. Its not about pumping money but running the show efficiently with proper checks in place.
  • Suspension being revoked chances exist ?? Why should a NATION bow down before a sports body , be it a global one ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Jagbir Singh Global bodies are formed to bring in discipline and understandings at the world level to run sports in a healthy way not to rush to IOC with every problems which could be sorted out mutually with in the country.
  • IOC actions are a bit hasty and India has been dealt with contempt due to CWG fiasco ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Jagbir Singh Unfortunately the CWG which could have fetched our nation appreciation world wide has brought embarrassment mostly because of our internal fight or ego .
  • Who,according to you,in IOA is reponsible for the fiasco? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Jagbir Singh No individuals except the poor system of sports in our country ,our approach towards the players . Its high time we change our attitude in running sports by bringing in professionals .
  • Sir, don't you think its a big shame for the office bearers of IOA to have been suspended by IOC? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Jagbir Singh It is a shame for the entire nation.It reflects on our poor coordination among the Ministry and Sports governing bodies.
  • How are the athletes going to get out of this rut? Asked by: MS
  • Jagbir Singh Over a period of time I am sure things will settle down. Athletes only need to stay focussed

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