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1.30 pm May 31, 2013

Has N Srinivasan's position as the BCCI chief become untenable?

Can N Srinivasan continue to neglect the voices ringing out of various corners of the BCCI which are calling for his resignation as the chief of Indian cricket?
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  • Do you think pressure will overtake N srinivasan and he will have to quit..or will he continue to be chirf of BCCI Asked by: ROhit
  • Kishore Bhimani I feel he will have to quit in a day or two. There is too much pressure.
  • What is in the post of BCCI that is not allowing Srini to resgin..is this post give personnel benifits to whomsoever heads it.. Asked by: Rakka
  • Kishore Bhimani It is power,money and prestige--all of them.
  • Is this post gives monetary benifits that everyone wants to be BCCI cheif..and srinivasn is not willing to leave it. Asked by: Manoj
  • Kishore Bhimani Everyone connectred with the IPL gets monetary benefits. So things are difficult.
  • Cant he be pulled down from his position Asked by: Simi
  • Kishore Bhimani Only by a three quarters vote.
  • What if srinivasan resigns from his BCCI chief post while some other industrialist or politician will be replace him who have vested interst in it? Is it not possible to have a cricket control board filled with only cricketers? Asked by: Vinod K R
  • Kishore Bhimani Well there are cricketers who are also dishonest--Azharuddin, Cronje, Saleem Malik, so what's the diffference?
  • Lgalizing betting will resolve this problem of spot fixing? Asked by: hama
  • Kishore Bhimani Legalizing betting is the only answer. It will remove criminal money
  • IS Srinivasn in office during the investigation and him out of office will bring differnet results in the result of the investigation.. Asked by: Chipra
  • Kishore Bhimani No; from chair or otherwise, he can influence the investigation.
  • Should not Srnivasns team CSK should be scrapped as it has voilated the rules and as per BCCI constituion any team does that it will be scraped..will Srini succeed in saving his team against all odds. Asked by: Manjoy
  • Kishore Bhimani The team will never be banned---only if the IPL is would up. this will never happen. In any case, dhoni has done no wrong.
  • How much of personnel involvement does srinivasn might have in this goofup..or only his son in low is involved and he is clean Asked by: Jagdev
  • Kishore Bhimani No he does not appear to be personally involved. But it is bad enough that the family in involved in his franchise.
  • The silence of the Indian cricketing legends on this issue is bothering everyone..is it that they have been bought by BCCI..only few players are spaking what is correct..rest of them are being deplomatic Asked by: Ganesh
  • Kishore Bhimani Not onlyt buying players. There is also the threat of being barred from jobs in the future
  • Cant government interfere in this mess Asked by: Jiva
  • Kishore Bhimani Wll; they have done. the PM spoke up today.
  • Banning IPL is this soluiton to this problem whihc has occured and haunted the Indian criket from IPL Asked by: Manas
  • Kishore Bhimani Banning IPL is ideal; but who will bell the cat? there are too many beneficiaries--players, franchisees, board officials and support staff et al
  • What is making Srinivasn to resign as of now..he can again come back in office after investigation. Asked by: Ramkhilawan
  • Kishore Bhimani That is what has been suggested; but he is scared of vacating his chair even temproarily.
  • Now when the BCCI is at its weakest in terms of bargaining, shouldn't this be a perfect oppotunity to bring it under RTI? Asked by: Ujjwal Ingolikar
  • Kishore Bhimani They are trying hard; but there will be tremendous resistance.
  • WHy only the BCCI president,why not the entire board be reconstituted. I suggest the ex-cricketers, must protest saying that they will stop their allegiance to BCCI, in case the issues with cricket are not resolved in a time bound manner? Why is earning more and more money important for the ex-crop of cricketers Asked by: Narayan
  • Kishore Bhimani greed is part of human nature. Former players don't want to fall foul of the Board. Nothing in India happens in a time-bound manner
  • Should the buck stop at Mr Srinivasan only? What about the IPL chairman Mr Rajeev Shukla and the Governing council of the IPL. Why are these people not getting any flak for the misdeeds in the IPL? Asked by: Ujjwal Ingolikar
  • Kishore Bhimani They are getting flak but they deserve much more.
  • Cant politicans stay away from the sports management.. Asked by: Dillu
  • Kishore Bhimani No; simply becasue there is too much power and too much money there.
  • why srinivasan alone, and why not the entire BCCI. What were they doing when all these wrongdoings were being committed. How can Rajiv Shukla remain a minister, when in one of the organisation which he chairs is murky. Asked by: SE
  • Kishore Bhimani It is wishful thinking. They will never relinquish power. If one man amidst so much guild does not do so, why should others? Ministers have been rebuked by Manmohan Singh

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