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1.30 pm Nov 29, 2012

Will Ajit Pawar get a clean chit in the irrigation scam probe?

Will Ajit Pawar get a clean chit in the irrigation scam probe? Talk to Nikhil Wagle, Editor of IBN Lokmat to find out.
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  • What’s senior pawar’s role in handling white paper disclosure or scam ?? will he be watching quite from out?? Asked by: Vijay Nimhan
  • Nikhil Wagle he is the king maker!
  • In Maharashtra other than Media opposite party very difficult to convince this scam or Mr.Ajit pawar can convince or silent this issue for now ? Asked by: Hari
  • Nikhil Wagle media has covered this extensively.some opp mlas are also doing great job.
  • Do you know of a PIL that has already ben filed in this case? Asked by: duab
  • great fan of urs sir.. ur thoughts & analysis r comletely politicall neutral..keep up Asked by: praveen
  • Nikhil Wagle thanks a lot.
  • Is sharad Pawar Manage the etire politics of Maharashtra and In Center also.. Asked by: Parag Kingaonkar
  • Nikhil Wagle he is a clever n cunning politician who plays major role in maharashtra politics.
  • Do you believe when Arvind Kejriwal says of Nexus between all political parties, contractors, officers.. Or do u still feel some of them are genuine and working for development? Asked by: duab
  • Nikhil Wagle all are not corrupt.
  • Why government is following unusual way of putting up so called white paper? why not probe by an investigation agency or retired judge? Asked by: duab
  • Nikhil Wagle this is not an unusual way. if done properly white paper can help.but independent probe is needed. govt will have to do it after court orders.
  • Mr.Ajit pawar have more influence than Mr.Sharad Pawar in party and their MLAs Asked by: Hari
  • Nikhil Wagle nowadays yes.
  • Is there any doubt powerful people in power are ever implicated either by internal investigation or by our esteem independent judicary? Asked by: vinny
  • Nikhil Wagle very rarely.
  • Sir, Where u see Shiv Sena & MNS post 2015? Which party will lead ahead of either? Asked by: Nana
  • Nikhil Wagle sorry,this is not todays subjet.
  • If Govt order any high level investigation on this scam, it may affect FDI vote in central? Asked by: Hari
  • Nikhil Wagle i dont think so.
  • If Ajit Pawar gets clean chit then what will happen to Mr. Pandhare who has put paper which shows loss of Rs. 15,000 Crore. If not Ajit Pawar then who is to be blamed? Asked by: ameyadipti
  • Nikhil Wagle this scam is going on from 1995.all the govts, ministers of dept n some officers are responssible for this.this is a nexus with contractors.ajit pawar will lead this lot. but the loss can only be fixed after a proper independent probe.
  • do you think that there should be independant body for white paper? Asked by: amit modak
  • Nikhil Wagle yes, i agree.
  • don' t you think that this is the weakest democracy in the world ?u people ,some policeman struggle for truth in every case ,and because of weakest system politicians/corporates get clean chits in every scam every corruption ,and even if they accused in primary stage then they certainly come out of it in next few stages , ......how many days people in country will endure such things? Asked by: avinash bidnur
  • Nikhil Wagle ours is not the weakest democracy, we are not yet mature.but we should not lose hope.we all must work for better tomorrow.
  • Why the investigation is not being done by CBI or A commission of sitting Supreme court judge. Asked by: Padam
  • Nikhil Wagle you must ask this question to maharashtra cm.ncp will never allow this.
  • Because of numbers congress may unwillingly try to cover the scam, Govt can change their stand if Opposition & Media give pressure to this scam? Asked by: Hari
  • Nikhil Wagle its possible.but political situation not good for this. cong is playing in the hands of ncp.
  • Is the diff between Anna and Kejri real or he has been kept back in case arvind"s present high risk strategy backfires? Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Nikhil Wagle i think their differences are genuine.
  • People always blame our great Politicans for everything. Do you believe that the Aaam Aadmi can ever execute projects like Lavasa, Express highways or the irrigation project? If we ignore the financial mismangement the end result is the development of the country. Asked by: Sanjay
  • Nikhil Wagle how can we ignore financial mismanagement? we need development without corruption. honest politicians n officers together can do it.
  • Will the Maharashtra governemnt bring out White paper on irrigation situation in the state? Asked by: Suyog
  • Nikhil Wagle today they will do it.
  • arvind rally on 2dec. will that affect irrigation scam investigation ..some sort of pressure on govt Asked by: praveen
  • Nikhil Wagle no pressure of arvind's rally. it requires pressure from various sections for govt to act.situation not good.
  • It is well decided that Ajit Pawar will get clean chit...question is who will be held responsible to save Ajit Pawar? Asked by: Rikin
  • Nikhil Wagle no one! probably some officers.
  • How is Anna"s relations with different political parties? A person in public life,however apolitical,should have some preferences. Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Nikhil Wagle anna is close to many politicians.but it has not affected his decisions till now.
  • Sir, The Corrupt politicians can do anything because they have numbers to destabilize the govt, here numbers playing more than the former life, growth and development Asked by: Hari
  • If Ajit Pawar is getting clean chit then why all this fuzz of white paper? Asked by: Rikin
  • Nikhil Wagle oppossition says,its a political drama.
  • wiil he be capped deputy cm ever after clean chit ??, why he is ineffective without Deputy CM as we haven't seen him doing work after step down from post. Asked by: Vijay Nimhan
  • Nikhil Wagle ajit pawar can't survive without power for too long. from yesterday ncp is demanding his comeback. they are so sure about the outcome of the white paper!
  • Ajit Pawar resigned for the fare investigation of Water Irrigation scam and his involvement in it.. I want to ask that when did Ajit Pawar's investigation done..??nobody konws it.. Asked by: Parag Kingaonkar
  • Nikhil Wagle there was no investigation! oppossition says this paper is a white wash!
  • What is the credibility of this white paper? Asked by: Vishy
  • Nikhil Wagle let us wait n watch. if it will not focus on scam it wont have any credibility!