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2.30 pm Jul 02, 2013

Is Spanish domination of world football over?

After a dream run that started from Euro 2008 and lasted till Euro 2012, is the Spanish armada falling apart? Does it have the next batch of players to pick up the mantle of Xavi, Iniesta and company? Discuss this and also Brazil's comeback at a time when their FIFA ranking had fallen to a historic low of 22.
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  • Is it not foolish to judge dominance of a team sport based on the result of one game? Asked by: Satish Kumar
  • Novy Kapadia The final was an indicator of Spain's weaknesses, fragile defence, poor strikers and slowing down midfielders. They need changes in their team.
  • sir, i would feel that 12th june is very far.brazil won due to absence of football powers like germany,argentina and so on.What do you think? Asked by: Apratim Ghoshal
  • Novy Kapadia Yes anything can happen and things can change in 2014. Germany. holland and Argentina will be big rivals to Spain and Brazil next year. The winner will come from one of these five countries.
  • i feel that Scolari has more tactical knowledge than its earlier coaches like Parriera,Dunga,etc.Scolari has also experience of lifting the cup. Asked by: Apratim Ghoshal
  • Novy Kapadia Yes certainly Scolari is a pragmatic coach. He knows Brazil lacks the Zico type of creative players so he has opted for athletic players who are well organised. Also having won the world cup in 2002 gives him an aura. he is a good motivator and tactician.
  • sir, its just one off day.. you cannot write of world champions by just one defeat... Asked by: sanjay
  • Novy Kapadia You cannot write off world champion by one defeat but it is the manner of their defeat. They did not score a goal in the semi finals also. They need to revamp their team, better strikers, quicker defenders otherwise they will struggle
  • The possibility of spain facing a team which indulges in a more physical form of football than tactical is high in 2014 world cup , does it mean that spain are not the major contenders for the 2014 world cup ? Asked by: Dileep
  • Novy Kapadia Spain are major contenders and will be for some years but they need fresh blood, some new more effective strikers and a tough defence. They are over dependent on their midfield.
  • How do you see Brazil's chances for the next year's WC? Also, even though its early days, who would be strongest contenders next year? Asked by: Anand P.K
  • Novy Kapadia They will be very good as hosts and being used to weather and crowd support plus they are well organised and athletic team, tough to beat. Brazil, Germany, Holland, Spain and Argentina are favorites for the world cup according to me.
  • Which country of the two has a bigger pool of potential young talent to come in place of the ageing heros? Asked by: Joel
  • Novy Kapadia At present it seems Brazil but Spain is not trying new players. Amongst all countries i think Germany has the best new and exciting talent.
  • I don't agree with the topic...as world, euro, and now U 21 champions, we are only seeing the beginning of the dominance of tic-tica.. Asked by: SKA
  • Novy Kapadia Spain has dominated for long but needs new players to play in this styl as many of their stars are jaded and ageing
  • Fred and Neymar reminds us of Romario & Bebeto your views Asked by: Anbu
  • Novy Kapadia Fred and Neymar are different from Romario and Bebeto. Fred is tall, lanky a target man, whereas Bebto wa short, crafty with sudden acceleration and sharp turns. Romario played as a striker and hovered near the box. Neymar plays on the left and runs more. Romario was the better goal getter but Neymar is a better player.
  • Fred and Neymar reminds us of Romario & Bebeto your views Asked by: Anbu
  • Novy Kapadia Not really did you see Romario and Bebeto. I was in USA for the 1994 world cup and Romario was skilful like Neymar but hovered near the box and scored goals, Neymar works much more and plays on the left. Fred is totally diff from bebeto who was a roving crafty striker noted for his passes and close control. Bebeto was short and quick. fred is tall,a targetman and goal poacher. But both combinations are affective
  • Do u think Brazil has what it takes to win it in 2014 ? Asked by: Harsha
  • Novy Kapadia Yes they can win the world cup in 2014 as they have a young, athletic, well organised team. Also they are used to the heat and humidity at this time of the year. Defence is good and with neymar maturing it will help them
  • Is Spanish domination of world football over? Asked by: fatima
  • Novy Kapadia It is slipping fast. They have struggled in their World Cup qualifying group and their aura of invincibility is fading because they are no longer able to control midfield and do not have the forwards to score quick goals on the breakaway. At this rate they will not win the 2014 World Cup. they have to bring new players to their team.
  • Does it have the next batch of players to pick up the mantle of Xavi, Iniesta and company? Asked by: Deepak
  • Novy Kapadia Yes Spain has won the European U-21 years title with a dominant performance. They have the players, del Bosque must make changes. For instance he should have played Javi martinez much more as the second def. midfielder, dropped Arbeloa and picked Chelsea's Azpillicueta instead.
  • Could Brazil have won Spain in a neutral venue? Isnt it premature to write off Spain? Asked by: Birabrata
  • Novy Kapadia It may have been difficult to beat Spain at a neutral venue. they are probably still the best in the world but they are now struggling against teams which play fast football and that should be a worry for them. Also the 2014 world cup is in Brazil, so will an ageing Spanish team, be able to cope with the heat and hostile crowds. Not by their current performances. We cannot write off pain yet but del Bosque has to make changes bring in Isco, Michu, Thiago Alcantre, otherwise this team cannot defend their world cup title.
  • One defeat cant erase the achievement of years or can it? Asked by: Ganesh
  • Novy Kapadia No certainly Spain is the bets team of this generation. It is not the defeat but the manner of defeat. They were outclassed by Brazil. In both the semis and final they could not score a goal. Since David Villa's leg injury this is a major source of concern, so ther eare indicators that spain is slipping. They must introduce new players.
  • Just a bad day and a bad game for them! it doesn't suggest that they have lost every thing. i still rate them as number 1 and germany is number 2. Asked by: Padmanand Jha
  • Novy Kapadia Yes Spain is still No 1 in the world but the signs are ominous. The defence is getting weak and they lack a striker and Xavi is getting slower. Unless they bring newer players they will not remain No. 1 for long.