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5 pm Nov 27, 2012

Two years of Kiran Kumar Reddy in office

Kiran Kumar Reddy completes 2 years in office as Andhra Pradesh CM. Are stability and transparency his biggest achievements or the largest casualties?
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  • is that kiran kumar chair is safe for 2014?? Asked by: chary
  • Preeti Singh The chair is.. not sure abt KKR!!
  • while ysr reddy capable of handling all the programs simultaneously , why is kiran unable to handle them . what is the main reason i dont understand please elaborate dont mention T issue and ysrc party issues ? please come up with administration? Asked by: vijay
  • Preeti Singh Thanks for ur qn Vijay, Have already answered this one.
  • What happened in the recent liquor scam where all the politicians got a clean chit from ACB clearly tells the heights of corruption and misuse of power. That clearly shows there is no transparency of what is happening inside the govt. Bhupati rao was strictly doing the investigation of liqour scam was transfered and Prasada rao who is personal aide of Botsa Srinivasa rao was appointed as ACB chief. What stand can Kiran Kumar Reddy take on this? Asked by: Kranthi
  • Preeti Singh We, at CNN-IBN, have been reporting on the liquor scam Kranthi & unfortunately the big political names have been brushed under the carpet. The ACB DG transfer has raised qns on govt's attitude when investigations come knocking on their doors. The state High court has given 4 weeks time to the state govt to act on the ACB report, but the concern is, is the report already too weak?
  • If the elections held tomorrow, which party will come into power and who will be the second largest party Asked by: PVR
  • Preeti Singh Tha party that brokers the best deals wins! Everybody else is second!
  • Preeti Singh That's another addition to the Conspiarcy theories.
  • What can you tell about the power crisis in AP. which Kiran Kumar Reddy is unable to resolve? Because of which, there is no industrial growth in AP and people are facing a power cut ranging from 6 hours to 12 hours. Asked by: Sai Kranthi
  • Preeti Singh You are right Sai, in saying that industries & the farming sector are facing major power hurdles..AP still faces an average of 50 mn units deficit each day! Thermal plants have coal shortage, hydel plants are drought hit & gas plants are "reliance" hit! Most projects, says govt will only help us by 2013 end.. till then.. we continue to hope for the light at the end of the dark tunnel!
  • Although,it is difficult to make an opinion about him sitting in delhi you can name a comparable cm. Can you describe him in one word? Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Preeti Singh Politician!
  • I dont understand why kiran reddy does not take seriously programs introduced by ysr reddy ? mainly like arogyasri , maintainance of engineering colleges introduced by him , fees reambursement etc? Asked by: vijay
  • Preeti Singh Vijay, these schemes are already being implemented. I think the bigger problem lies in schemes that havent taken off completely, like Jalayagnam where already more than 50,000 crores have been spent but less than a quarter of the 86 projects are anywhere near completion!
  • Let us forget about threat from ysrc and tdp as govt is in kiran reddys hand at this moment. what is the main difference b/w his ruling and ysr reddy legacy . please make us understand through atleast three main differences? Asked by: vijay
  • Preeti Singh Ysr was a mass leader, KKR is a govt appointed CM. YSR held the party together with an iron hand, KKR decisions are hindered more often than not by internal dissent. YSR also enjoyed the blind faith of Cong high command & the farmer on-ground, KKR needs to struggle to establish that same faith each day, making his decisions more political than that of a state leader. there are several other differences.. which is why KKR, I guess, can "celebrate" completing 2 years in office!
  • Which party will merge with Congress? YSR or TRS? Asked by: deccan290
  • Preeti Singh TRS if Telangana is given, YSR if CM's post is given!:) Both will deny merger at this point of time. Seriously speaking, the merger maths will be more clear a little closer to elections.. for now all parties have swords drawn against the Congress.. it's their fighting platform.
  • I have a basic doubt Preethi...Does this CM work out of HYD or DEL? Who has the remote control? Rahul or Botcha or Sonia or Ghulam Azad? Asked by: Mani
  • Preeti Singh I'd suggest flipping a few channels might lead us to the truth.
  • No Development, high Corruption than YSR, More Harassment by govt officials, No Vision, His current policy is just eat more and more money for next elections... Your opinion please... Asked by: Fustruatted Citizen!
  • Preeti Singh Political observers say Kiran reddy is not known to be a personally corrupt politician. But I think the bigger problem is when he attempts to shield his cabinet minsiters from CBI clutches like Dharmana Rao, it's just the kind of thing the opposition is counting on!Transparency needs to be at all levels.
  • will he tackle the issue of telangana and lead congi in the 2014 elections ? Asked by: chandu,Hyd
  • Preeti Singh The qn is When will the Congress tackle the Telangana issue?? The CM says he is confident of leading Congress in 2014! i'd say, he is an optimistic man!
  • entire two years he spent to satisfy the highcommand and no governance in state. power cuts,price rise and crime rate increase. any worthy things to mention? Asked by: chandu
  • Preeti Singh It has been a tough & tumultuous 2 year term. Other than what u have already mentioned Chandu, Challenges include drought, cyclone, & corruption charges against his own cabinet ministers. Meanwhile, the CM claims implementation of welfare schemes as his big achievement.
  • How come congress chose Kiran Reddy as a CM, given that he has no own political base,is seen as domineering by his fellow cabinet members, his oratory skills in Telugu & Hindi are abysmal. Guess he owes his survival only to his skills at backroom political manoeuvring. How do you rate him on a scale of 10. Asked by: Harish rao
  • Preeti Singh Post 2009, the Congress finds it tough to fill YSR's vacancy. They tried Rosaiah for a year but they needed someone who could sustain pol pressures & was less controversial. 2 years on.. the Congress in-fighting continues, casting doubts on Kiran reddy's role as a leader.
  • I am i wrong when i say, Kiran Reddy's greatest achievement is occupying the CM seat for Two years. Asked by: lalith
  • Preeti Singh Given the state's long tryst with political uncertainities... I guess you can call even that an achievement!:)
  • how would you rate kiran kuma tenure as CM? Is there any accomplishment? After YSR's death, we heard from Telengana issue. Asked by: Sumit Aggarwal
  • Preeti Singh I would steer clear of rating the CM now, since that's what we'll all do in our next elections. But Sumit, while you & I struggle to think of any major accomplishments, you might want to know, the state govt has a booklet of its initiatives printed & in-circulation. Rachabanda, govt jobs etc to quote a few from it!
  • Is there any substance in Owaisi's allegation that Kiran redddy got little too close for comfort with right wing Hinduvata elements , given that his Chief whip and a close ally Jagga Reddy is implicated in stoking communal riots in his constituency. Asked by: aditya
  • Preeti Singh My understanding is that the CM already has too many problems on his platter to intentionally add a law & order issue to it. The MIM withdrawal also needs to be seen through a political prism.
  • Preeti Singh I'll try & convey your wishes to the CM's office Eshwar:) On a more serious note, the CM's post in AP has almost been a crown of thorns for anyone post YSR's death.
  • there is lot of infighting within the party and unfortunately within the cabinet. there is lot of people deserting the party. what is role of Kiran Kumar Reddy when it comes to building and keeping his party together as chief minister? are his promises of we are doing fine true? Asked by: deepthi
  • Preeti Singh The chief Minister has been putting up a brave face in front of the media, but unfortunately.. so have his detractors! The CM's denial mode is not helping party affairs. I think he, alongwith the Cong high command, need to put a lid on intra-party fights ..if they want to look at 2014 elections.
  • There was more of a publicity stunt rather than focus on development this can be treated as the largest casualities . The amount spent on the same could have been useful in many ways simple funda missed ?????? Asked by: Vinay
  • Preeti Singh I understand the govt needed an "image makeover"! Publicity is a long term investment Im told:)
  • I think it is a no brainer that Kiran Kumar Reddy is a puppet who is being controlled by the high command. He has done nothing to instill confidence in AP congress. The central government is doing its part in wrecking the trust at the national level. There are no major achievements to boast of by Kiran Kumar Reddy. He has more often than not put his foot in his mouth when ever he opened it. The government is stable because of weak and divided opposition. Next elections would severely undermine AP congress. Asked by: Karthik
  • Preeti Singh Congress is definitely struggling to keep its pack together. Unless it doesnt end internal squabbles soon & actually treats threat from rising parties like YSRC seriously.. your prophecy Karthik might not be far from the truth!

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