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2.30 pm Jun 19, 2013

Will the Cabinet reshuffle be able to invigorate the Union government?

Will the Cabinet reshuffle be able to infuse some enthusiasm into the Union government? Or have these been effected only keeping the upcoming Assembly polls in mind?
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  • Prof., how much influence would social media have in the upcoming state elections / lok sabha elections and which party holds a edge in this?.. Asked by: JK
  • Pushpesh Pant I hope a lot! Thats the only means left with the people to communicate unhindered with each other.
  • The average age of new inductees will not inspire youth.has rahul become aged ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Pushpesh Pant ृRahul is no spring chicken any more. Its not only youth that is restless today. Age isn't the only qualification for governance. But surely number of years cant substitute for intelligence, efficiency, energy and integrity.
  • With just ten months left for UPA 2 was this snuffle really necessary ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Pushpesh Pant Not at all. There is an old saying in Hindi that seems to provide the only clue to what has happened 'खाली ना बैठ कुछ किया कर, जूतियां उधेड फिर सिया कर!
  • The only action on reshuffle seems to satisfy regional ambitions and aspirations.Your take on this ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Pushpesh Pant No one is satisfied . The problem with appeasement is that it only whets appetite. Once your weakness is exposed the blackmailing Hyenas laugh louder. You can already hear the pack getting closer.
  • Do you think Rahul had a say in these appointments?.. Asked by: JK
  • Pushpesh Pant Now that the reshuffle is drawing flack all over no one will suggest that Rahul even had a whiff of the changes! But why blame the poor chap? He has never shown any interest in governance- he keeps tinkering with Game Changing Moves and has the entire Organisational burden to bear.
  • EMS Nachiappan a Doctorate in Law.Could have been in LAW ministry ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Pushpesh Pant I agree. But than what would Sibbal the Legal Eagle do to warn judiciary to gall in line?
  • the important portfolio of law & IT is on adel.charge. why ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Pushpesh Pant Kapil Sibbal is a man of many parts. He may write worse verse with each passing day but can claim poetic license to juggle multiple portfolios. Distribution of portfolios like appointment of ministers is PMs prerogative. Doc Manmohan , if he could help it, would have delegated trhis to one of his Empowered GOMs
  • Dear Sir, Do you think that this cabinet reshuffle shows that congress is more prefessional in their approach towards elections than BJP and this can also have impact on a better show in 2014 elections? Asked by: Raaj
  • Pushpesh Pant Not professional- shamelessly and unscrupulously focussed on survival to treat us to another innings of fixed matches favouring cronies.
  • Are we writing off the UPA too soon?.. Asked by: JK
  • Pushpesh Pant Not me! I shudder toi think of the future where Doc Manmohan is back chanting his welcoming mantra to persuade Rahul to step in to his shoes. Some Shoes and Some Painful Shoe bites!
  • Prof.,in your assessment how much will the results in the upcoming state elections be in favor of Conress and how many for BJP?..will both alliances be able to retain their hold or do you see a change? Asked by: JK
  • Pushpesh Pant Its too early to predict and your guess is as good as mine. I feel they will do well in Delhi thanks to Shila Dixit and get a drubbing in MP. Mizoram may give them some consolation but Andhra will be a shocker.BJP hasn't any reason to gloat. With Advaniji still around- a loose canon if ever there was one-poor Rajnath Singh has his hands full firefighting at home to devote much needed energy to state elections.
  • Ground Reality v/s Perception?..How much do these matter while casting your vote? Asked by: JK
  • Pushpesh Pant Different strokes for different folks! All of us vote according to our perceived self interest and rationalise that decision on ideological grounds. Ground reality is perceived differently and changes with the pair of glasses you chose to wear -castist or communal or pseudo-secular. See Nitish or take Mamta's changing colours vis a vus Congress. Mayavati/Mulayam/ Abdullla clan and the Dravid parties- is there an exception to this rule?
  • Have Cabinet reshuffle been effected only keeping the upcoming Assembly polls in mind? Asked by: Priya
  • Pushpesh Pant I am not even sure about that. I fail to see any method in this madness. Congress apologists are bending backwards to unveil the pragmatic/real political logic of this exercise just before some state elections but are not convincing. A pack of card can be successfully shuffled only by an accomplished card player. Poor PM is neither a card sharp nor a conjurer. The severe imbalance created in favour of southern states will to mind cost the Congress dear in MP, Delhi and elsewhere in the Hindi Heartland in 2014. Some assembly results may favour it but the War for the LS will be lost.
  • n number of cabinet reshuffled can do nothing. What is required is shuffling the mindset. ur take on this please. Asked by: rig
  • Pushpesh Pant Number do matter. No dead wood like Sish Ram Ola can deliver what is required. The Octogenarian PM is only comfortable with his age group. Average age of his cabinet is beyond 70. Only old is gold! Forget the energy and idealism of youth, competence of middle aged experienced professionals. Be grateful for few if any lucid patches of leaders who defy age and scare us with withered beauty!
  • Dear Sir, Will the Union Government announce the pro-people-budget early 2014 and then go for the polls as the members in the Cabinet inducted are in states where in congress has some LS seats and want to increase more. Asked by: Lakshmikanth
  • Pushpesh Pant I just answered this one. Not a hope.Reshuffle is unabashed exercise in appeasement and vote bank politics.
  • Does Modi has that magical pull to attract voters or is the situation in our coutry so bad that people will forget caste,creed,sub caste and vote for 'saviour' modi? Asked by: Politician
  • Pushpesh Pant I am not worried about Modi's Pull or his Pied Piper like Charm that will lead us to the precipice. I am more worried about the hazard of an utterly uncharismatic, lack lustre PM plodding on pulling all of us to certain disaster. The rupee is plunging, prices spiralling, Maoist on rampage, borders infiltrated nothing register on the Teflon surface- not a frown of worry never a smile of cheer to inspire. His complicity in politics of caste, creed, and coalition dharma has led us into this quagmire. Lets first worry about how to rescue our selves before we worry about the 'Emerging Threat of Fascism".

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