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1 pm Nov 22, 2012

Was the arrest of the two girls over a Facebook post about Bal Thackeray justified?

Was the arrest of the two girls over a Facebook post about Bal Thackeray justified? Was the Shiv Sainiks' who smashed the girl's uncle's hospital justified in doing what they did? Here the main Sena spokesperson interacts with you.
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  • Do you really think that its wrong to think and express that city shouldn't be shut down on deaths of politicians Asked by: WONDERWAVE
  • Rahul Narvekar I believe that when a great leader passes away & people decide to shut their respective establishment in respect of the departed leader, its the prerogative of the people & I see nothing wrong with that. In so far as the closure held on Sunday 18th November 2012 is concerned, it was a voluntary closure & Shiv sena had not appeal for the same.
  • Will you on behalf of your party categorically condemn the action of your party workers in the vandalism of the clinic in Palghar ? Asked by: abhinav
  • Rahul Narvekar I have already stated that the party has no role to play in the said act & my views with regards to violence have already been expressed above.
  • Why does the SHiv Sena think it operates outside the bounds of Indian law and more importantly the Indian Constitution? Asked by: Dhananjay
  • Rahul Narvekar Shiv sena has never thought or believed itself to be above law of the land & more so the constitution of India. Being a political party, voicing & expressing the views of huge number of Indians, we are duty bound to abide by the constitution & we hold the constitution in atmost regard.
  • Hence forth please ignore such comments especially from college students. as this age of secularism once they cross their age of 26 they truly understand what is practical life in politics Asked by: Ameya Pawar
  • Rahul Narvekar There is no need to ignore any individual opinion as each one may have his or her point of view but while expressing the same all of us should also be thoughtful about the emotions & sentiments of our fellow citizens.
  • Don't you feel the least Sena can do is apologize to the girls and set an example to the younger generation of this country? It was afterall a very valid opinion that the girl expressed on social platform !!! Asked by: Murali
  • Rahul Narvekar Like I have said it earlier, the party has no role to play in this episode. The action of arrest was by the Thane police & the judicial remand was in accordance with legal provisions & wisdom of the concerned court.
  • Even if one justifies the arrest of the two girls, how is the attack on their uncle's hospital justified? Asked by: Clueless
  • Rahul Narvekar Like I said earlier, no form of violence can be justified. We also have to consider the background & circumstances that probably led to the situation.
  • Today the political class cannot take criticism well. Is this due to the class being well entrenched in power? Asked by: EMathew
  • Rahul Narvekar I don't really think so. I firmly believe that political parties & more specifically my party is a responsible political organization & you will appreciate that a political party may not always have a complete control over the actions of its sympathizers at large.
  • Condolences over the Passing away of Shri Balasaheb. Dont you think in a democracy people have a right to air their concerns in a peaceful way. Should their mouth be shut by resorting to violence and indulging in the poltics of intimidation Asked by: Rajeev
  • Rahul Narvekar In a democracy certainly there is no place for violence & it cannot be justified. However, having said that we also need to realise that democracy also demands being sensitive towards the feelings of our fellow citizens. The fundamental right to freedom of speech & expression is not an absolute right, it is subject to reasonable restriction & to my mind a statement that is made in a circumstance which would likely to provoke the sentiments & emotions of our fellow citizens should have been avoided.

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