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4.30 pm Jan 11, 2013

Looking back at Rahul Dravid's legacy on his 40th birthday

The Wall completes 40 years today, on January 11, 2013. Sanjeeb Mukherjea looks back at his legacy and analyses if the void he left behind stands any immediate chance of being filled.
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  • When you take 360 degree view of Rahul's achievements /contribution to the Indian Cricket I personally feel that It is Rahul the all-time great of India in cricket. No one else - even Sachin - can be compared with his name.What is your take on this question? Asked by: Madhu K. Nair,
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi Madhu, that's a doosra you have bowled :) To be honest, I do not believe in comparisons, so I wouldn't be able to agree or disagree with your choice. However, I must say that someday, Indian cricket will recognise in entirety, Dravid's immense contribution, that is way beyond sheer numbers and statistics.
  • Commentators, columnists and fans alike wax lyrical about the The Wall being quite a gentleman on the field. How far is it true? From your experience as a journalist who's probably met him and interviewed him as well, would you say the same about him off the field? Asked by: Pooja
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi, Am not a commentator or a columnist, so won't be able to delve into why they write and what they write. But can assure you, Rahul Sharad Dravid is worthy of every word ever said or written to talk about his super qualities. As far as my limited interactions with him, well, I have never seen as gentlemanly a cricketer as Rahul. This isn't the place for me to wax lyrical, but all i can say is cricket needs such stand-out personalities like him.
  • After Dravid's departure, what is the real real reason of India losing test maqtches-focus, conc., good strategies and coach, not enough grooming or apathy of officials Asked by: gaurav
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Transition has never been kind to even the best of cricketing teams...West Indies lost a clutch of players in Lloyd, Sir Viv, Marshall, Holding, Garner, Roberts to name a few, over a period of time, and never looked the same time. The Aussies lost Hayden, Gilchrist, Langer, McGrath, Warne, to name a few, and they struggled after that . Since 2008, India have seen Sourav, Kumble, Dravid, Laxman...Nearly the entire golden generation of Indian cricket is gone. Sachin has retired from ODIs too. So quite obviously, it does take time to pick up
  • Rahul has been technically the most sound batsman in modern day cricket, credit goes to players of the calibre of RD that the true essence of test cricket still lives. Agree, Sanjeeb ? Asked by: Mansoor
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi Mansoor, Couldn't have put it any better. Test cricket is poorer by the day with the likes of Rahul walking away into retirement, and lives on in the hope, that we get to see more like him. Technique, temperament were consistent qualities, but it's his approach to the game that will be his lasting legacy. And thanks so much for sending such a nice thought.
  • Rather than a full time batting coach, don't you think the most suitable for him to give the lessons of cricket to the youngsters Asked by: Prashanth
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea absolutely. i agree prashanth
  • hi i consider dravid as the greatest batsman ever even greater than sachin. Asked by: rohith
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi Rohith, I can tell you there are many who feel the same. However, it is unfair to compare two batting greats like this ... you have made your choice :)
  • At 40 how is Rahul occupied in helping the present Day team ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Let him enjoy his retirement ... He's doing commentary occasionally, writes some really good stuff, and will be playing in the IPL this season that looks to be his last year in active cricket
  • Sachin,Saurav,Rahul,VVS LAXMAN -- amongst them who had a technically sound and stylish batmanship ?/ Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi Sundar, Tough one for an ordinary mortal like me :) But if you insist, I guess Rahul was the best technically, even edging ahead of Sachin sometimes, while for pure style - it has to be VVS
  • rahul's suggestion for splitting MSD's Captaincy from ODI has been dismissed by MSd.Was this suggestion worth considering ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Sundar, Rahul's suggestion was surely worth considering. IN fact, as he said, to prolong Dhoni's effectiveness as a player, it is necessary the burden of captaining in all formats be eased. And as far as MSD's response, I am not sure whether he actually rubbished Rahul's suggestion. Please remember, in any case, however powerful a captain may be, it SHOULD BE the selectors who should have the final calll on his tenure - not the player himself
  • Apologies for asking a different question. A couple of years back Australia was losing similarly at home. They thought they had the best captain and a good team. But they couldn't change their fortunes and it took a thorough changes there to see Australia winning again. Same is the case with India but officials are not learning. Your views! Asked by: gaurav
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi gaurav, good question indeed. There is need for some serious introspection for the Indian cricket authorities ... and somewhat it feels, our cricketing culture, in recent times, talks about problems, more than finding solutions. There is certainly need to review the practices and methods of cricket governance soon
  • i think rahul dravid has to become coach of india Asked by: anand kumar
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Anand, there are many in line ... let's see
  • Its right time for apponting dravid as batting coach in test for india in upcoming oz test series..it's possible ya ?? Asked by: Jim moses
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi Jim, surely its possible to do so, but I wonder if the cricket board is thinking on those lines. With such a highly-paid support staff there, wonder how it will all add up :)
  • Shouldn't Dravid be appointed as the batting coach of indian cricket team as there are hell lot of technical problem while batting. He is one of those only individual who's shots were as perfect like someone can write in a cricket book on "HOW TO BAT". Asked by: G.
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Great idea, he has been one of the finest technically to wield a bat. But more than the technical problems that Indian batsmen now face, its the attitude towards oneself and the game that matters. Hope someday Rahul will sit with future generation cricketers and talk to them about the essence of being a cricketer
  • At present seeing india's test form ?Does dravid thinks of coming out of retirement Asked by: naveen shettigar
  • Sanjeeb Mukherjea Hi Naveen, Nice thought isn't, of seeing him back in the middle. But no, I don't think he will even consider the idea - the man has earned his honours, and now his time away from the game must be respected

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