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3 pm, Dec 06 Dec 06, 2012

Was the demolition of the Babri Masjid a mistake in hindsight?

Exactly twenty years back, on December 6, 1992, the Babri Masjid was demolished by a frenzied crowd of Hindu right wing forces. In the communal clashes that followed, thousands were killed across the country. Talk to Sheshadri Chari to find out if the BJP thinks of it as a mistake in hindsight.
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  • Reason BJP will loose in 2014 is that u have no leader and no discipline.. u have the govt messing up on so many fronts and u dont capitalize on any.. All u say is that we have lot of people who can become PM.. Atleast one of them should stand up and take charge... claiming we have 7-8 PM people wont help anyone.. whats the point of having so many bright leaders who cant either lead or follow.. Asked by: Kumar
  • Sheshadri Chari We are discussing the 6th December 92 issue. May be we will discuss the question you have raised at some later stage. It is no doubt an important one.
  • Does BJP regret taking active part in polarizing the two communities? Asked by: Muntazir Ahmed
  • Sheshadri Chari The BJP did not polarize any community. The opposition to the temple and the "skewed secular" approach of some parties resulted in the political divide.
  • Do you feel this incident as turning point in the BJP's fortunes ? Asked by: Zak
  • Sheshadri Chari Though the BJP did not mean to use the temple issue as a political plank, it did create a politically favorable situation for the BJP
  • The demolition was a planned move,some say. Your party is not of that view. then how and why did it happen when the movement was organised by BJP and majority of people there were from the party ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sheshadri Chari The BJP did not start this issue. Advani ji once mentioned that it was the political support to the "Babri Masjid" that necessitated political support to the temple issue.
  • Twent years on has the bJP done anything to heal the wounds caused and tried to assuage the affected and take forward the issue for a solution once for all ?/ Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sheshadri Chari The BJP did not create the problem. It was the Congress which put the issue on hold, fanned trouble, created division and assited the "Babri" action committee.
  • You have not addressed the issue as to who is affected when there is communal turmoil is it the politicians or the poor? How does having a Mandir or Masjid important to a poor man (majority of us Indians fall in this category) is more intereseted as to how he would get his next meal? Asked by: Arun
  • Sheshadri Chari Need for a religious place and worship is beyond hunger and unemployment. Is it that only the rich and the well fed go to the temples.
  • Violence is extremism in religion and by whomsoever and whenever it happens. BJP as a party has not much of a wrong record on this score. why is it hauled up when a communal incident happens ?/ Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sheshadri Chari Earlier the Jan Sangh was called "trader's party" now the BJP is called a communal party. But all the parties have done business with the BJP including the Left. The terms like communal gain currency during elections and is soon forgotten.
  • why is that the BHARATIYA JANATHA PARTY not increasing it's base amongst minorities and really prove it's secular credentials. was there no attempts or it has failed to mobilise persons from minority into it's fold. Few numbers at lower or leaders level does not really make one feel the secular aspect of it. Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sheshadri Chari It is wrong to see the people as minority and majority. The BJP sees all Indian as equal. What is important is to provide more opportunities.
  • The 6th December incident allienated BJP from almost all political parties .has this been aworry for the party at any time ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Sheshadri Chari I don't think so. Yes some parties did go away but some others came to us and joined the NDA.
  • Do you think the demolition was really a mistake? Asked by: Raghuram Chadalaavda
  • Sheshadri Chari No I don't think so. The dilapidated structure had to go, but probably not this way.
  • Dear Sheshadri Sir, BJP's voters are middle class people & this is the fact. What we need is good governance like for example Gujarat, MP, Chattisgarh, etc., Don't you think BJP should not worry about these things happened in the past & constantly worry in improving the good governance ?. In a way i feel, BJP is biting its back by raising this issue which is in courts. What is your view on this ?. Asked by: aditya.yanamand
  • Sheshadri Chari The BJP has moved ahead of this issue. For the past decade all the elections we have fought were on the basis of development.
  • Why cant we forget the demolition and move ahead as we cannot roll back. To make ammends we need to create a hospitaal, University or the likes which would benifit the poorest of the poor. I am sure the god almighty would be pleased with us and bless us? Asked by: Arun
  • Sheshadri Chari Hospitals and schools are needed no doubt, but so is a temple in Ayodhya. They are not alternatives or substitutes.
  • Mr.Chari you say that you are not anti minority and you also say that you don't have any schemes of development for any specific community.If minorities have to vote for you do you have any schemes in general for their upliftment? Asked by: Nasir
  • Sheshadri Chari We are not anti minority but that does not mean the party does not have plans for their development. But then why classify people on the basis of their religion at all?
  • Mr Chari, dont you feel that all the religious strictures teach us to be humans and look after each other? The self proclaimed saviours of religions do not understand this as they are more interested in vote bank politics. can you narate any incident wherein these saviours have been adversely affected? It is only the poor daily workers who get killed and their children go without food post the incident as they cannot earn their daily bread? dont you feel we need to move ahead and change our attitute? Asked by: Arun
  • Sheshadri Chari Yes, using religious sentiments to garner votes is wrong, as wrong as using poverty for winning elections as the Congress and the Left is doing.
  • Sir your opinion on Shaurya Diwas. Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Sheshadri Chari It is an excellent idea to bring about social cohesion and harmony. I have worked in the tribal areas and know the importance of such events.
  • Sir, one thing I have never been able to understand, how can a huge civil structure be brought down without proper equipment and planning by a large crowd, however passionate? Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Sheshadri Chari It happened, so it has to be believed.
  • Sir, when the common man has forgotten the unfortunate incident that happened 20 years back, why political parties including yours are trying to whip up the emotions of both the communities? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Sheshadri Chari There are necessary steps being taken. But yes we have some problems, no doubt. But the party will overcome these issues also.
  • Why BJP has ignored Ram Temple issue.Are you making fool of Hindu Community? Asked by: Arjun Singh
  • Sheshadri Chari No we have not given up the issue. As it is it is not a political issue for the BJP. We only highlighted it.
  • Certain things in history happens and these cannot be changed. Should not eminent people like you focus more towards relevant issues such as education / employment and fighting the cancer of India "CORRUPTION". Goes without saying that perception about Nitin is also not respectable. Your views please on denouncing Dec 6 and focusing on Gadkari kind of things Asked by: Kumar Ajay
  • Sheshadri Chari Yes all that you say is important. But Ram Mandir is also as important an issue.