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2 pm Jul 08, 2013

On her book 'Nine: Curse of the Kalingan'

261 BC: After his bloody battle with Kalinga, the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, overcome with remorse, swore never to wage another war. And to make sure no one else did. His Navratnas - the Nine - zealously guarded their powers and knowledge, handing them down through millennia and generations to ensure lasting peace. Except that it was not to be! From the corpses of the Kalingan warriors rose an angry spirit bent upon avenging the Kalinga empire, destroying the Nine and using their hidden knowledge to rule the world and change its destiny. Present time. The bloodthirsty warrior has possessed the body of a young man, making him hunt down and kill the Nine one by one. It is now up to the chosen Trinity - nurse Tara, DJ Akash and forensic expert Zubin - to stop him. This first book in a trilogy of fantasy thrillers churns up an astonishing tale from the depths of ancient times!
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  • Would this book appeal to non-Indian readers as well? Asked by: Peter
  • Shobha Nihalani Yes certainly! Non-Indian readers are unlikely to have heard of the legend of the Nine, and I believe it would fascinate anyone of any origin. I've also created characters from many different backgrounds, for example, Chinese and Dutch characters and ethnic Indians who have grown up outside India - hopefully non-Indian readers will relate.
  • How did you manage to take a historical legend and make it exciting to modern day readers? P.S. I really enjoyed your previous book! Asked by: Sushil
  • Shobha Nihalani Thank you very much Sushil! I took my fascination with the legend of the Nine Unknown Men and combined it with conspiracy and the paranormal. To make it appeal to modern day readers, I added action, adventure and thrills in global locations.
  • what kind of book you enjoy reading the most.Fictional or non-fictional. Asked by: Ankur
  • Shobha Nihalani Fictional - mostly thrillers. Currently, I'm reading Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories.
  • What were Ashoka's Navratnas? Asked by: HS
  • Shobha Nihalani Ashoka's Navratnas were scholars of his court and members of the original Nine. As part of his program towards peace, the King entrusted the Nine with the responsibility of protecting powerful knowledge to ensure it did not fall into evil hands. For generations, the Navratnas' identities have remained secret.
  • Hi Shobha, Love the way you write. All your books bring out hidden skeletons, from anceint history. Does it give you adverse reactions to your book? what is the reaction of PPl in India Asked by: Shama Mohnani
  • Shobha Nihalani Thank you very much Shama. I'm grateful that the reactions have been mostly positive and constructive.
  • is it based on facts or its pure fiction? Asked by: kirti
  • Shobha Nihalani Inspired by facts, but definitely it is fiction.
  • I want to be a writer. Pls share some writing tricks. Asked by: HS
  • Shobha Nihalani Writing is a combination of creativity and discipline. You can't have one without the other. For example, I've struggled with writers block. To discipline myself to write, I used this trick: Write three sentences about the weather, a character and location, for example, rainy weather, train station, and an impatient passenger. That almost always sparks an idea.
  • Who/what inspired you to write this book? Asked by: Gunjan
  • Shobha Nihalani I personally enjoyed reading about the possible existence of the Nine and their unique knowledge of special powers. The mystery and intrigue surrounding the story inspired me to write about it.
  • Why the title 'Nine'? Asked by: Anu
  • Shobha Nihalani I've named the book after the legend of The Nine Unknown Men, which is also the inspiration for the story. In the 3rd century BCE, this secret society was founded by King Ashoka. It is often cited as one of the oldest secret societies in the world, and is believed to still exist today, with the Nine holding tremendous powers and knowledge, which were handed down through the ages.
  • hi shoba, have you followed the others where you mix facts with fiction..how much wouldthe book hold you to it Asked by: a
  • Shobha Nihalani Hi! Like other historical-based novels, NINE is a mix of fact and fiction. The plot is imaginary, while its foundation is based in some historical fact.
  • what are Mr. Ashoka that time of kingdom of Mayryan? Asked by: Mahendra K Verma
  • Shobha Nihalani King Ashoka’s reign was from 274 BC to 232 BC.

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