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3 pm Jan 23, 2013

CBSE Board mathematics examination

As part of the IBNLive-Topper chat series, Smita Kalra, mathematics teacher, will interact with students who will appear for the 2013 CBSE Board examinations which start from March 1. Parents and teachers can also benefit from her tips.
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  • what is blueprint and value based questions Asked by: ansh
  • Smita Kalra According to the cbse blue print/ guidelines, value based questions will be for 5 marks in a question paper of 100 marks and 3-4 marks in a question paper of 70-90 marks. Sample papers with value based questions will be available on the site www.topperlearning.com shortly.
  • chapter 3-dimensional geometry is too difficult can youhelp mw with this i am get confused with the difrent types of planes Asked by: zain
  • Smita Kalra To get your basics right, you can watch the videos on the site www.topperlearning.com
  • ma'am can you give a website which can give us some sample value based questions?? Asked by: Amisha
  • Smita Kalra By this month's end, you can check out the sample papers for class X on the site www.topperlearning.com Those papers will include the value based questions as per cbse guidelines. For class XII, you can check out the sample papers in the mid of next month. Also, I would strongly Recommend Topper Preboards to you all. Register yourself for FREE on http://www.topperlearning.com/preboard
  • can u give us some value based question? Asked by: Samson
  • Smita Kalra Please specify your class.
  • I am finding difficulty in circles how can I overcome this problem Asked by: Anirudh
  • Smita Kalra To get your concepts right, you can watch watch the videos for this chapter on the site www.topperlearning.com Thereafter you can practice the questions available on our site.
  • the difference between outside and inside surface of cylindrical metallic pipe 14 cm long is 44 square cm .if pipe is made of 99 cubic cm of metal, find the outer and inner radii of the pipe use pi as 44/7 Asked by: ansh
  • Smita Kalra Curved surface area of the outer cylinder – Curved surface area of the inner cylinder = 44 cm2 2 * pi * (R - r) * 14 = 44 R - r = 1/2 ... (1) Volume of the metal in the pipe = 99 cm3 pi * (R^2 - r^2) * 14 = 99 From this you will get R + r = 9/2 ... (2) Adding (1) and (2), R = 5/2 Using any of these equations, you will get r = 2 Thus, the inner and outer radius of the pipe are 2 cm and 5/ 2 cm respectively.
  • what do yuo mean by value based question? cud u give an example Asked by: Amisha
  • Smita Kalra Value based questions are based on real life examples and the values which it reflects will be asked.
  • Mam,Can u give us the blue print of maths of class 10th cbse ? Asked by: Samson
  • Smita Kalra For class x, from this year cbse is not following any blue print. However, still you can refer to the last year's blue print which is available on cbse website. Also, from this year onwards the cbse board examinations will include value based questions too.
  • a pendulum swings in such a way that it performs one complete revolution in 1.5 second.it describes an angle of 60 degrees per second. find the length of the path of the bob of the pendulum and the area swept by the pendulum if the length of the pendulum is 42 cm. Asked by: ansh
  • Smita Kalra Please let us know which type of pendulum are you talking about. Is is conical pendulum?
  • is one week is enough to practice maths Asked by: ansh
  • Smita Kalra This depends on individual. The preparation should begin from the very first day. If you understand the concepts well and practice enough questions then you can keep one week for revising the concepts. You can also get idea about your preparation from the scores in your preboard examination.
  • which section in paper have to do 1st,then 2nd then 3rd & in last Asked by: gagan
  • Smita Kalra This depends on individual student. You can start by doing those questions first in which you are confident about the answer. Also, it is always preferred to do one section at once, so that the evaluator also do not face any problem.
  • mam, i don't have any pre- board examination.I am very tensed because our first exam is maths. I score between 80-85 percentage.. please help me out mam... Asked by: poornima.s.iyer
  • Smita Kalra Keep all unimportant issues and tensions at bay. Think positively. Plan your schedule properly and give importance to the chapters which are important. Analyze the areas in which you are weak. Practice your ncert textbook thoroughly and then you can practice from other reference books and sample papers.
  • i have to practice from guess ,sample or model paper Asked by: ansh
  • Smita Kalra This depends on your preparation. You can practice from any of these. You can also practice the sample papers which are given on our site www.topperlearning.com
  • Any integer divided by zero? Asked by: Nitesh
  • Smita Kalra Any integer divided by 0 is not defined.
  • Practing past papers will ensure how much percentage? Asked by: Madhu
  • Smita Kalra It is a very good way to first understand the concepts properly, practice ncert questions and then practice the past year papers (keeping in mind the pattern of current examinations). You can score really well if you study this way.
  • I havent scored well in pre-board how do I improve? Asked by: Sushmitha
  • Smita Kalra The best way to score more is to first get your concepts right and then practice ncert thoroughly. Thereafter, you can practice from other reference books also.
  • Which chapters to concentrate based on importance Asked by: raj
  • Smita Kalra You can look at the blueprint of the cbse examination. Based on the marks, you will get to know which chapters are more important and from which chapters, questions of more number of marks are asked.
  • mam hw can i score abov 90% for ma mathz exam .. ? pre boards i gt 80... bt i want to improv it ..i am a bio-mathz student Asked by: merin
  • Smita Kalra You got 80% in preboards, so I will suggest you to analyse your preboard answer sheet yourself and try to identify your weaker areas. If you are lacking in the understanding of any concept, then first get your concepts write. Practice all the questions from ncert textbook thoroughly and then start practicing from good reference books.
  • Madam My son is facing the problem of lack of time to attend the questions; he says he looses his time in solving the big questions Asked by: bala
  • Smita Kalra To finish the maths paper on time, one should have an ability of writing very fast. This can be successfully achieved by practicing more and more questions and keeping all your concepts on your tips.
  • arithematic progression how to secure good marks Asked by: ritu
  • Smita Kalra In the topic of Arithmetic progressions, there are few very simple formulas, like nth term of an AP, sum of n terms of an AP. Learn those thoroughly. All the problems involve the use of these fomulas. When you see a question, read and analyse the question carefully and then apply the appropriate formula.

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