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4 pm, Nov 29 Nov 29, 2012

Success of Tamil film 'Thuppakki'

Chat with senior film journalist Sreedhar Pillai on success of Tamil film 'Thuppakki'.
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  • do u think thuppakki will have any impact on bollywood? Asked by: sankareswaran_1986
  • Sreedhar Pillai If the Hindi version works there will b more south Indian remakes.
  • As you are a senior film journalist, a generic question. How do you differentiate malayalam and tamil cinema concept Asked by: Aravind
  • Sreedhar Pillai Both r different in their own ways.
  • Hello Sir, what do you think about vijay rearranging his bones in climax scene.. mass scene ? Asked by: Jagadish
  • Sreedhar Pillai It is meant 4 mass audiences.
  • will thuppakki success make VJ & ARM's salaray demand? Asked by: Peter
  • Sreedhar Pillai yes ofcouse
  • Hi Sir The only person who has a tremendous opening is Superstar Rajini & he is the only person who has fans in A,B,C Centres, Bangalore,Kerala,Andhra,North India & overseas(US/UAE/UK/Singapore/Malay/Srilanka/Aus/South Africa..), do you think Vijay has penetrated into all centres? Has the film touched 100 crore mark? Asked by: Shyam
  • Sreedhar Pillai Rajinikanth is a phenomenon, no actor in Tamil cinema has his kind of reach.
  • What would be your opinion if this movie is taken in Malayalam? will that be hit? Or is it a Vijay magic? Asked by: Aravind
  • Sreedhar Pillai I don't think it can b made in Malayalam
  • How much will u rate for 'thuppaki" out of 5? Asked by: Aravind
  • Sreedhar Pillai I have already rated it 4/5 on Twitter.
  • Will thuppaki's success result in the actors salary getting increased and if so wheather its a right thing to do considering the situation tamil film industry is in? Asked by: Karthik
  • Sreedhar Pillai Yes salaries will go up , it is not good 4 the industry.
  • I think vijay's neat presence in screen was the sucess of thuppaki..did u agree? Asked by: dexilsam
  • Sreedhar Pillai Vijay and team work of those who worked behind the film.
  • can u tell me the success formula of the movie other than audience? Asked by: upamanyu
  • Sreedhar Pillai screenplay and good story line are the main reason i think of now
  • Though I like Vijay's dance and all. In my opinion nobody is there as alternative to Padayappa. He is simply great. I admire him. Last week I saw the interview of Vijay's mother in the Vijay TV. I was thrilled when I heard her saying that she feels GOD has blessed whenever Rajiniji sits beside Vijay shoulder to shoulder. I was really thrilled. What is your opinion ? Asked by: G. Ramadas
  • Sreedhar Pillai I agree with U
  • why dont we have film makers announcing the date of release of a film a month in advance like bollywood . Are we facing a lack of planning . thuppakki was postponed from 9th to 13th at the last minute Asked by: Deepak
  • Sreedhar Pillai The planning and execution in Kollywood is bad. Release date is most important.
  • Is this movie will have much profit to distributors too? Asked by: Sam

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