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12 noon, Nov 27 Nov 27, 2012

US action on Hafiz Saeed & Headley: What can be done?

Talk to the CNN-IBN Senior Editor to find out about the US action on Hafiz Saeed & Headley
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  • Has any formal charge been made in the court against david Headley. Our sleuths did have a talk with him in USA ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Yes the trial naming headley will begin in Mumbai. Hopefully Indian investigators will get more access to him now. That's all we have time for folks...grateful for all your questions. Lets chat again soon!
  • Even if Headley gets extradited our judicial system and the power of Us citizenship with him ,may not be of much use in convicting and punishing him again at INDIA. Any different view ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Youre right- more important to find out what headley knows about other terror plots and the masterminds of 26/11
  • What's your take on India under UPA vis-a-vis India under NDA with regard to this case? Would that have been different? Asked by: Mukunthan L
  • Suhasini Haidar Judging by the past...I would say, no
  • Do we have the courage for an US style attack to kill Hafiz Saeed ? Asked by: Bright George
  • Suhasini Haidar I don't think we have the will...not sure we should too.
  • Pakistan is delaying to act on 26/11 terrorists in their court. Is teh anti-india sentiment or fear of taliban the cause of slow actions there ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Probably, both. But in the last month, there have been some signs of movement in the Pakistani trial of the 26/11 accused: 1. The Pakistan govt has petitioned for day-by-day trial in the matter. 2.Officials testified for the first time that the 26/11 attack training took place outside Karachi. 3.Pakistan has now notified the terms of reference for the judicial commission to visit Mumbai again and $. Interior minister Rehman Mallik spoke about relooking at Indias request for voice samples - if these match with those of the 26/11 handlers phone samples, this would help their trial too
  • Why cannot India eliminate Hafiz Saeed and his ilk by some covert action? Haven't we become a laughing stock already? Asked by: Maria, Hyderabad
  • Suhasini Haidar That's one way of doing it...but not the best option-- best if he is brought to justice. There's a famous study on how covert assassinations dont in fact solve the problem of terrorism, its the rule of law that does.
  • What's your take on the recent anti-Shia bomb blasts in PAK? Where is this country headed in 5 years from now? Asked by: Tanvi
  • Suhasini Haidar Much concern over those attacks as well as growing attacks on Shias, Kadyanis, Hindus, Christians and other minorities. The one silver lining is the near-completion of the first democratically elected government there.
  • Why the Congress le3d UPA Government is not probing about the people who cooperated and have given hospitality to David Headley alias Dawood Jilani? Is it because they are Secularists as far as India is Congress is concerned? Asked by: Karavadi Raghava Rao
  • Suhasini Haidar No, I think it just missed the opportunity to do so just after the attacks...maybe Headley will reveal something?
  • David Headley is ok in US. What India can ask from David in India which cannot be asked in US. Asked by: Prince
  • Suhasini Haidar That's a fair point.
  • US & Cable news channels like PBS & Channel four have done excellent reconstructions of 26/11. When can we expect *Indian* news channels to reconstruct events for us, especially the 'behind-the-scenes' ones i.e. decisions made by the Govt. during that time etc? Asked by: Anshuman
  • Suhasini Haidar Good idea...really.
  • Assuming that Osama Bin Laden was arrested in India, and been given a Plea Bargain, would US have kept quiet then? Asked by: Mukunthan L
  • Suhasini Haidar You have a point....but then again, standards in these cases are quite unequal.
  • Around 4000 deaths, 558,125 injuries including 38,478 temporary partial and approximately 3,900 severely and permanently disabling injuries. All this happened and US still not ready for Headley's extradition to India. Why? Asked by: Abhinandan
  • Suhasini Haidar It's own laws for starters. Secondly the US Justice dept that entered into a plea bargain with headley. Finally, it is still unclear just what Headley's relationship was with the intelligence agencies there- he was on a watchlist, had been an informer for the Drug enforcement Agency, frequent traveller-- even flying via Pakistan into India, and yet the US didnt alert India. Secondly, despite having information on him, it wasnt passed on to Indian officials even after 26/11- as former Home Secy GK Pillai pointed out in 2010
  • Simple and straight question. What do you feel is the probability (in percentage) that Headley will be extradited to India? Asked by: Ajai
  • Suhasini Haidar Since you asked it straight...1%. That 1% would involve India exerting considerably more influence than it has now, and for the US to agree to violate a plea bargain as well as its extradition treaty. Unless, of course, Headley can be tried for some aspect of the conspiracy that hasnt yet been revealed...
  • Your take on the assassination attempt on Pakistan's top journalist Hamid Mir please... Asked by: Meera Ramaswamy
  • Suhasini Haidar Scary...it is certainly frightening to see how vulnerable journalists in Pakistan are, even someone as influential as Mr.Mir
  • What will India achieve by extradition of Headley when everyone knows about the conspiracy they hatched and moreover 26/11 is now an old issue so at some point country has to look ahead Asked by: Manush
  • Suhasini Haidar You have a point there. Whats most important is preventing future attacks. India still hasnt fully enquired just how Headley was able to visit India so many times, despite being on the US watchlist, even visiting once after the mumbai attacks (february 2009)
  • If Headley is brought to INDIA he may implicate those who were Indians and who assisted him in his assignment?? Even if Indians were ignorant of his motives they may be in serious troubles. This may also make chances of extradition a little difficult ??? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Well, hopefully Headley would give such information during an interrogation in the US as well-- the issue is one of access to him, and our agencies belief that they need more unfettered access to interrogate him
  • Why so much of focus on individuals like Headley and Saeed when terrorism is a wider issue and policies by Govt agencies and security forces need to be such that terrorism is dismantled completely rather exaggerating issues on individuals Asked by: Hitesh
  • Suhasini Haidar Well I think the focus is necessary...anything that keeps the pressure on these terror groups- and also to gather intelligence on possible future terror attacks
  • Is India's diplomacy strong enough to persuade such an extradition? We are unable to make Pak act on 26/11 Asked by: Rakesh
  • Suhasini Haidar No, it is unlikely that an extradition could result. Whats important is gaining cooperation, not just from the US, but also from other countries, as we did from Saudi Arabia-- in the successful extradition of Abu Jundal.
  • Is not it sound like joke when we ask ourself "USA will extradie Mr Headley to INDIA"? Asked by: VINNY
  • Suhasini Haidar Yes youre quite right-- in any case, there is the concept of "double jeopardy" - so Headley cannot be tried twice for the same crime. The bigger picture is really the US's role in providing access to Headley so Indian officials can see if there were other plots Headley may have knowledge of. Lets remember, even the 26/11 plot had begun many years in advance
  • Headley had gone for plea bargaining - a legal provision available in USA ??? In case so chances of extradition are not likely to be there /?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Yes, not just is the plea bargain a hurdle, also there is the extradition treaty itself (section 6), that says clearly "Extradition shall not be granted when the person sought has been convicted or acquitted in the Requested State for the offense for which extradition is requested." So India would have to prosecute Headley for something he has not yet been convicted for in the US
  • David Headley had given inputs to the ISI for their planning and executing the 26/11 incident. more important are the Pakistani handlers and planners who need to be extradited. is there any efforts on this ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Well, clearly, not so far. India is helpless in this regard, and it is something Pakistan will have to do.So far, they havent.
  • Suhashini do you expect that the American citizen will be allowed to be extradited after he has been subjected to legal proceedings there and convicted ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Suhasini Haidar Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us...I will be chatting today about what can be done in both the cases of David Headley and hafiz Saeed- if you get a chance please do se our interview of US Undersecy of state Wendy Sherman http://ibnlive.in.com/news/david-headleys-extradition-under-consideration-us-under-secretary/307483-3.html. To your question, Sundar, no- I dont really expect Headley can be extradited, even so it is significant that the US official did not rule it out, saying simply that the file is being looked at in the US

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