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5.30 pm Nov 02, 2012

On important news developments of the week

Rajdeep Sardesai gives you the right perspective on what all made news throughout this week.
35 questions answered
  • As per your poll result Gujarat will choose Modi once again. Can BJP not declare him President of party? and start work towards building new BJP? and alliance? Asked by: Atir
  • Rajdeep Sardesai The problem for the BJP is that Narendra Modi is a polarising figure, not just for the opposition, but for his own party too. There is a section in the party which fears the rise of Modi. And his personalised style of politics doesnt sit easily with his peers. So while he could well be a potential PM candidate, making him the BJP president wont be easy.
  • I think Media always goes overboard in Pinning Down Modi.The way Sunanda Pushkar was higlishted, no hard question regarding her dubious swaet equity Deailing and Business Dealing. Asked by: Aleem Sheikh
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Sunanda Pushkar should be answering questions on IPL Kochi. But the immediate provocation was the comments of Mr Modi which in my view were uncalled for. Naturally, she became a 'victim' as a woman and a wife and the issue of sweat equity got diluted.
  • Why are news channel so bad at their own investigations ? We don't see any investigative stories on corporates the real root of corruption in India. Why is it so ? Asked by: Arjun
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Not true. Many of the stories put out by India against corruption were first exposed in print and tv media, be it Reliance, Gadkari, Khursheed, even Vadra. Many we failed in doing strong follow ups, but lets not say that mainstream media does no investigative journalism because that is far from the truth.
  • Why you are not raising Mukesh Ambani KGBasin issue on your channel? Asked by: Kapil
  • Rajdeep Sardesai We have raised the issue of KG Basin on the channel before Mr Kejriwal did. we had a copy of the CAG report and did a story on the same. Even now, we have done several discussions on Mukesh Ambani and the KG basin imbroglio.
  • Shouldn't media act as watchdog in a democracy, and criticize govt lest the govt gets complacent? Why you and your channel act as spokesperson of UPA? You "welcomed inclusion of Tharoor"! Interesting! Asked by: Rajeev Ranja
  • Rajdeep Sardesai We did not 'welcome' the inclusion of Tharoor. But yes, we certainly did suggest in one of our discussions on the cabinet reshuffle that in a govt bereft of talent, Tharoor with his wide diplomatic and administrative experience, might make a good minister. That surely doesnt make us a spokesperson of the UPA.
  • Has the Robert Vadra story already been forgotten? No one seems to talk about it anymore Asked by: Ankit
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Not at all. Only last Friday, we did an expose on Vadra's Rajasthan land deals. And we are pursuing more leads. Just because there isnt a story every day on Vadra, doesnt mean it has been forgotten. To Kejriwal's credit, he has forced the news media to look closely at Vadra and his businesses.
  • Can Virbhadra Singh make a comeback as CM in himachal? Asked by: avishek
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Himachal has a history of rejecting incumbent govts every five years. History would suggest this is Virbhadra's chance. But my sense is that the BJP has an edge because of the LPG factor and the Congress's election mgt being not as good as the BJP.
  • What is it with RSS that is so negative to you? Why is that people lost the interest on Vadra Land Grab case so soon? Apart from that, I think your channel conducts some fair and impartial debates.. Keep up the good work Asked by: Karthik
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Thanks. Have nothing against the RSS. raising questions on the RSS's role in Gadkari's appointment as BJP president or asking why the sangh seeks to play an extra-constitutional role in the BJP's politics is not being negative, but simply raising questions.
  • Is it not sheer arrogance on part of Cong that they are not answering or responding to allegations levelled by Subramiam Swamy with documentary evidence? Don't we as electorate deserve at least so much from the leading ruling party of India? Asked by: Vivek Dalmia
  • Rajdeep Sardesai I think Subramanium Swamy has made some strong allegations that deserve a point by point response from the Congress not a dismissive threat of defamation.
  • Most corruption cases (CWG, 2G, Coalgate etc.) raised in India have not witnesses the final judgments from the court. Hence, the latesst set of disclosures/ allegations from AK may also not see any outcomes. What do you think is the forward in India? Asked by: gsr
  • Rajdeep Sardesai A stronger, more robust legal system that fast tracks major cases of national importance.
  • why is not Swamy press conference telecasted live when IACs is given too much publicity even from follow up to the conference. is it game of TRPs as IAC is hot in public. Asked by: anand
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Dr Swamy's press conference was telecast live on CNN IBN. However, the fact is that Dr Swamy has been making so many allegations against the Gandhi family over 20 years, that a certain element of scepticism exists. Plus as part of the NDA, he is seen to have a political agenda. By contrast, Kejriwal has astutely positioned himself as the 'aam admi' outsider who is targeting both the Cong and BJP.
  • what is your take on Abhishek Manu Singhvi coming back as Congress Spokesperson? couple of days ago, you tweeted to bring him back Asked by: Bhanu Pratap
  • Rajdeep Sardesai I am not surprised with Dr Singhvi coming back. he is a very intelligent spokesperson and the Congress is desperately short of articulate spokespersons. I guess his indiscretion will be seen as a personal issue, one which he and his wife need to sort out. It will no doubt affect his moral standing, but when has that ever made a difference in our politics?
  • What is the difference between the corruption cases of Virbhadra and Yedyurappa? Why has Congress not jettisoned Virbhadra whereas BJP has jettisoned Yeddy? Asked by: Varsha, Birmingham
  • Rajdeep Sardesai I dont think the BJP has jettisoned Yeddy. From what I gather, they are desperate to retain him. The Congress needs Virbhadra in election time in HP. Ditto the BJP. Electability triumphs over morality I guess.
  • How far IAC is going to impact Indian politics? Asked by: Arvind
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Interesting question. the IAC at the moment is a wildcard. In the short run, they have been able to capitalise on public anger against corruption. But an OB van cannot be a permanent ally. They will need to build an organisation and offer a distinctive agenda for the future that goes beyond hatred of the neta and the 'system'.
  • Hello Sir, what should be the Congress plan for 2014 elections since congress has lost the credibility? who is going to save UPA govt? and Why is UPA silent on Kejriwal Allegations? Asked by: Srikar
  • Rajdeep Sardesai The UPA is on a steady downslope and frankly I dont see how it can turn the tide. The UPA needs strong, focussed leadership and I dont see anyone who can provide it at the moment.
  • rajdeep, with congress and bjp now evenly placed, what du you forsee the future for indian polity. Asked by: eshwar s
  • Rajdeep Sardesai I see a return to khichdi politics where several regional players will emerge as potential kingmakers.
  • Arvind Kejriwal strategy to target high profile people is good for grabbing eyeballs, but will it work when it comes to the hustle bustle of indian politics?? Asked by: amit
  • Rajdeep Sardesai That is Kejriwal's challenge. Will eyeballs translate into votes? Will be tough. But he has provided a moral compass to Indian politics, forced us to discuss issues which were being swept under the carpet. His constant negativism is at times troubling, but you cant deny his role as a wildcard in the otherwise cosy world of Indian politics.
  • Narendra Modi is heading for a 3rd consecutive massive win. Why still media, especially English media doesnt speak a single good thing about him? How important is for channels to become political parties' (Congress) puppet? Asked by: Ketan
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Maybe you should have watched our pre-poll survey show on Gujarat. We have raised various dimensions of the likely Gujarat verdict and explored the Modi persona in different shades. Lets end this fiction that the media is anti-Modi or that he is a 'victim' of the english language media.
  • Approx 450 people have been convicted for 84 riots,(source hindustan times 20th of june 2012) times than guj riots. The comparison might sound heartless but just because some cong leaders manipulated/influenced criminal procedure, is it fair to say no justice has been done in delhi riots while guj rioters have been punished. Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Rajdeep Sardesai a number of the key ringleaders in the 84 riots have got away, some of them even went onto occupy high positions in govt. naturally, till they are brought to justice, the impression will remain that the Cong govt went out of its way to protect the guilty.
  • Modi has deservedly been receieving the flak forbringing the Indian politics down normally at the gutter to the severs-so much so that even the rats would ask for relocation! But was it not sickening to watch Digvijay's performance! Is Congress (I) clean! I recall Mani Aiyar describing widowed Sheila Dixit as a 'ganster's moll'in the SUNDAY magazine 10 years ago. Dixit was instructed by 10 Janpath not to make a fuss because of his proximity! Asked by: Professor Ashok Jahnavi Prasad
  • Rajdeep Sardesai So, who is suggesting that what Digvijay says is morally 'superior' in any way to Modi when it comes to some of his public remarks? But Modi is a prime ministerial aspirant, should someone with such high ambitions be referring to someone's wife as a 50 crore girlfriend? Let me add that Digvijay has also been taken to the cleaners on many of his patently absurd remarks in the past. As for Mani, well, isnt that why he isnt taken seriously any more in national politics?
  • As per recent news, the Jagdish Sharma who distrupted Arvind Kejriwal's press conference is close to Gandhi-Vadra famili, do you think this is a cheap move by a respected political family? Asked by: Ashish Hemke
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Jagdish Sharma, by all accounts, is a Cong worker. That he chose to disrupt the India against Corruption press conference only reflects the fact that the Congress has lost its nerve.
  • Media has done a great job highlighting and following up on all recent revelations in the past month, but is also guilty of going soft on the spokespersons - not a single anchor has raised a simple logical question that how entire Congress gives a clean chit to Vadra without a probe? Wonder why? Asked by: Sahil
  • Rajdeep Sardesai It has been raised several times. No English channel has done as many sustained follow ups and discussions on Vadra and the UPA's clean chit to him as CNN IBN. Please go through the archives in the last month.
  • Hello sir, the way u presented the pre-poll surveys of Guj and HP was superb and excellent... Keep it up...Congrats.. Asked by: Rajesh Desai, Oakland
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Hey, thanks for kind words. Its nice to receive praise once in a while. Yes, we may make mistakes, but we try our best and I can assure you we have no agenda but reaching the truth.
  • How far it is proper to promote Salman Khurshid as External Affairs Minister when he is facing charges of misutlisation of funds in NGOs by IAC? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Rajdeep Sardesai I was a bit surprised with Mr Khurshid's elevation. I have no doubt he will make a very fine external affairs minister, but when you are charged with documented evidence of alleged fraud, step one should be to clear your name.
  • why have you not debated Swamys allegations on your channel whereas you pick IACs very fast and debate with a panel? Asked by: santosh
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Swamy was on CNN IBN last night on India at 9. Tonight, we are debating his allegations in the context of the Congress's and the Gandhi family's silence. You want Swamy to be shown 24 x 7?
  • I closely follow India at 9 and your engaging debates.If I clearly remember you mentioned that you are neither a admirer nor a critc of Mr Modi. I am sure that Editor in Chief of IBN18 hold some opinion on him? Your Comments (Or view) Asked by: Pratik
  • Rajdeep Sardesai As an anchor, I am fiercely neutral about Modi. I have never hesitated to criticise him on certain issues, but nor have I refrained from highlighting his achievements. Unfortunately, Modi remains a polarising figure so you are either supposed to be a propagandist for him or an activist against him. I am a humble journalist and observer.
  • Don't you think the actual issue of corruption got side tracked by media concentrating on Shashi Tharoor's wife during Shri.Modi's political rally ?. Asked by: aditya.yanamand
  • Rajdeep Sardesai For the last time, when you make a remark that is seen to be disparaging and discourteous of a woman, then in today's day and age, you should be prepared to take the flak. Sriprakash Jaiswal got flak when he made sexist remarks, so has Modi.
  • Head of govt has been accused of serious fraud, and this website of yours has wiped the story off! Why so? Asked by: Rajeev Ranja
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Swamy's story if thats the one you are referring to is very much on ibnlive.com
  • why is the national media far away from the issues of South India? Is the amount of money swindled by Late YSR and his son any less? Asked by: Bhanu Pratap
  • Rajdeep Sardesai good question. Yes, south India tends to lose out at times in so called 'national' news. Trying to correct the failing.
  • Shouldn't Congress and UPA take a moral stand and dissolve the parliament? There are so many corruption cases. Similarly, Shouldn't the BJP in K'taka dissolve? Asked by: Raj
  • Rajdeep Sardesai dissolution of parliament is not a moral choice, but a legal and constitutional one. This government may have lost its moral majority, it sure retains its legal one.
  • what isthe future of BJP after yedurappa in karnatka ? Asked by: rupak
  • Rajdeep Sardesai The BJP will struggle in Karnataka in Yeddy leaves the party. I see a realignment if that happens with a potential alliance of new forces after the next elections in the state.
  • Didnt see media anymore going to common man on streets and taking opinions on any issue recently. Why is this disconnect ? Asked by: Ravish Kumar
  • Rajdeep Sardesai I dont think you can paint the entire media in one brush. There is a strong effort in all the IBN channels to connect with our viewers at all times.
  • Hi Rajdeep, I follow your discussions every day. You ask the members of your panel who have made the allegations (e.g. IAC, Swamy etc.) whether they will pursue their allegations for a logical conclusion. CNN-IBN has done the same for Robert vadra in case of Rajasthan. Will you pursue it until you obtain a logical conclusion :) Asked by: sandosh
  • Rajdeep Sardesai The media can only do so much. We can focus on the issue, the legal action must be taken by the agencies empowered to do the system. I cant force the IT dept to inquire into Vadra, can I? But I will keep raising the question.
  • as it is getting clear day by day that mr. gadkari is not getting an extension.who can be his possible successor in BJP? Asked by: rupak
  • Rajdeep Sardesai One thing the BJP is not short of is leaders to succeed Gadkari. Sometimes, I wonder whether the BJP's problem is that it has too many potential chiefs!
  • In the season of allegations, whom should i vote for? The course of law and court is reliable but unfortunately time consuming. Asked by: Suyog
  • Rajdeep Sardesai Vote according to your conscience. and always follow your conscience.

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