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2.30 pm, Nov 2 Nov 02, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan on his 47th birthday

As Shah Rukh Khan celebrates his 47th birthday, we look back at his remarkable Bollywood career. Chat with film critic Mayank Shekhar on Shah Rukh Khan's 20 years in Bollywood.
25 questions answered
  • SRK has been the biggest brand in India for last 20 years, people came and went but he was there at top consistently, isn't he?? Asked by: Nonish
  • Mayank Shekhar As a brand that entered into a family-run film business called Bollywood from middle class India, literally took over the post-90s Indian market, endorsing everything that free economy stood for, surely there is no parallel. A lot of younger actors have attempted the same since, but hardly with the same success.
  • What brand of cigarettes does SRK smoke? Asked by: Dhawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Classic Regular for the longest, not sure now, wouldn't be surprised if it's 555, though Marlboro Lights or Classic Milds may be a better guess :)
  • Karan Arjun was one of the most entertaining movies every made. Do you think SRK and Salman will ever work together? Asked by: Dhawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Surely if there's a crazy price, who would say no, don't read too much into fights and rivalries, ultimately showbusiness, like any other, is a business. Though yes, Salman is a temperamental sort of character, so you never know.
  • When is SRK planning his son's launch into bollywood? Asked by: Dhawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Don't know about the son, the daughter is a really bright kid, she'd won a city wide scholarship with a newspaper I used to work for; seems to have raised his kids well. He came quietly as a parent to watch his kid pick up her prize at the function.
  • congrats Shah Rukh on bday, but plz stop being so arrogant & short of grace,you always buzy in self praising.. Asked by: jippy
  • Mayank Shekhar Narcissim or self-love is part of stardom of any kind I guess, no one minds if you're successful, they try to run you down over the same things, if you're not.
  • How do you see JTHJ v/s SOS clash at the BO this diwali whom do you see winning Asked by: Mitesh Desai
  • Mayank Shekhar It's not hard to tell which will take a better opening, the Yash Chopra film of course (only talking about the Friday). But both films targetting different audiences, given one's a hardcore romance, and the other is a full-on male actioner
  • Recently AJAY DEVGAN has released a legal notice against YRF regarding booking of screens. Was that in anyway justified? Asked by: Debkrishna Ghosh
  • Mayank Shekhar All big corporations attempt monopolistic practices to get ahead, Yashraj is not an exception.
  • The best SRK role apart from KHKN?? Asked by: Kani
  • Mayank Shekhar Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa, Swades, Chak De India
  • SRK almost seems superhuman sometimes given his huge energy levels. Do you attribute his energy levels to his genes or to any other factor? Asked by: Dhawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Ambition and love for the job trumps all genes. Clearly he's blessed with both.
  • Who are SRK's best friends in the industry? Asked by: Dhawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Work friends are ones you work with, so it's not to hard to tell who those are, starting from Karan Johar of course, Farhan Akhtar, Farah Khan back again etc.
  • Very few outsiders have been able to make it big in the industry. In SRK's case, what percentage would be attribute to talent and what to luck? What are the other factors responsible for his mega success? Asked by: Dhawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Relentless energy levels and mad ambition, guess, they can take you really far. Talent is subjective, it depends on who's judging that
  • SRK from a television actor... to the BIGGEST superstar of the decade.... dont you think.. he is a self made man....??? his hard work... and passion has made him what he is... he certainly deserves the respect... your views please Asked by: pawan
  • Mayank Shekhar Super-stars get more than the respect they need or deserve, so I don't think he's fallen short on that front; like several other super-stars too. This is a star-crazy nation, and Bollywood is a star-driven industry.
  • have you ever interviewed SRK??? if so.... have you enjoyed interviewing him???? i saw in some award fuction... he was pulling your leg... felt good you know.... Asked by: saurabh
  • Mayank Shekhar Yes, have interviewed SRK, he's a journalist's delight: fully focusses on the interviews, gives the best quotes or sound bytes, rarely disappoints with humour, very interesting character to study.
  • acoording to you... what is srk better at performing... romance or action or comedy...??? Asked by: saurabh
  • Mayank Shekhar He is a romantic star as all his female fans will testify.
  • any expectations from JTHJ... now after the demise of yash chopra??? Asked by: saurabh
  • Mayank Shekhar Hope it's the perfect swan song, not that Yash Chopra isn't already in our nation's history books, but a great last film would be another fine memory to treasure.
  • dont you think.... SRK should be a part of a really scary Horror movie...????? specially... made in hollywood... bollywood horror sucks :-/ Asked by: saurabh
  • Mayank Shekhar Horror movies don't need stars. The camera and effects are the super-stars on those films, don't think any producer would like to waste money on SRK for a horror flick, unless SRK produces it himself.
  • you review the movies.... rate yourself as a critic... :-P ... i give you 1 out of 5.... best being rajeev masand... (he is definately 5 on 5 ;-)) Asked by: shantanu
  • Mayank Shekhar That's a fair rating.
  • from mohabbatein till don 2.... ALL of SRK's movie have been international hits... Dont you think... SRK is the biggest contender... of all the actors ... in spreading the indian entertaining cinema... onto a global level???? you gotta admit... the kind of fan following he has overseas... is unprecedented... and unmatched by any other actor...??? Asked by: shantanu
  • Mayank Shekhar Yes, he is the biggest NRI super-star, and once looking at his local women fans in Berlin, I was quite stunned by his popularity too.
  • we all can agree... that swades was the movie... that made SRK the actor more prominient.. than SRK the star...?? how would you analyse... his work... before swades... and after swades... Asked by: lotz
  • Mayank Shekhar The commercial success of Swades could've taken SRK into a more realistic space, perhaps even better films, but that didn't happen. He has a certain image that is hard to shake off. Maybe now that Hindi films are changing by the week and he's also not that young, he could play stronger characters than himself everytime.
  • dont you think.... SRK is the best at handling the media... than any of his contemporaries??? Asked by: lotz
  • Mayank Shekhar Absolutely. He is the King of Media, which I guess is a good thing if you're a star, the press is as interested in him as he is in taking time off and giving some of the best and most interesting interviews I've read.
  • rate SRK's performance in ascending order (best being the first) .. in all the yash raj films... 1. Darr 2. DDLJ 3. Dil Toh Pagal Hain 4. Mohabbatein 5. Veer Zaara 6. Chak De India 7. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 8. JTHJ (if you have seen it ;-)) Asked by: lotz
  • Mayank Shekhar I haven't seen the last one yet. But right on top from this list, by a good distance, would have to be Chak De India, clearly his best work.
  • Judging by the theatrical trailers of JTHJ and SOS... and given the fact that they are releasing on the same day.... as a normal audience and NOT as a critic... which movie would you like to watch first of the two??? Asked by: lotz
  • Mayank Shekhar Yash Chopra's last film, for sure.
  • according to you... how intimidating is his personality???? also... dont you think... SRK takes criticism in a very positive way... and his performance since Chak De.. has reflected those changes...?? Asked by: lotz
  • Mayank Shekhar Nobody takes criticism in a positive way. No one. SRK is no exception, but one shouldn't expect anything else either. But he's an extremely chatty and charming person to be around with, and that makes him a natural star in his field.
  • what is the reason srk walk out of Munabhai and 3 idiot? Asked by: Devang H. Makwana
  • Mayank Shekhar That's a very good question. Imagine if SRK had done Munnabhai, would have wonders for his career, not that he isn't doing well otherwise either. Still.
  • But no productions will want themselves to see "NOT IN PROFIT" As in that case YRF declared about this movie last year in june. And confirmed screens prior to the release of ETT. Whereas SOS confirmed booking screens on october. So what is the fault of YRF to what they have done? Asked by: Debkrishna Ghosh
  • Mayank Shekhar No fault of anyone, until the courts feel so. But arm-twisting by big corporations in every industry is a common phenomenon.

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