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5.30 pm, Nov 06 Nov 06, 2012

US presidential elections: last-minute analysis

In another two hours, millions of Americans will queue up at the polling booths to elect the next President of the United States. Professor Sumit Ganguly brings to you his last-minute expert assessment.
7 questions answered
  • Do you think Romney has edge over Obama or it is a media positioning. What are the chances for Obama comfortable or neck to neck. Asked by: Ravi
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly No, I do not believe that Romney has an edge over Obama. I checked the aggretae poll results last night and I believe taht this will be a close race but Obama still has an edge.
  • sir What are the factors that have reduced Obama's popularity from 2008. Is it only Economy & Unemployment or are there other factors? WOuld the republicans have done better(still not known :)) If they had a better man than Romney Asked by: Narayan
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly Obama might have been ahead at the polls were it not for his poor performance in Denver in the first debate. Furthermore, the Republicans have enjoyed the the vast resources of the moneyed financial establishment.
  • How much has the Storm Sandy affected the poll results? I read in major newspaper that it has given boost to Obama. Is it true? Asked by: Jeril Nadar
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly There are claims that the effects of the Hurricane has given Obama a boost. However, in the absence of clear polling data to that end it is difficult to confirm or reject such assertions.
  • Sir,from India's point of benifit,who should win ? Are we not disappointed by Obama ? Asked by: NITIN
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly If you are disappointed with Obama just wait for Romney to win! He will have serious differences with India on Iran, on the Israeli-Palestinian issue and on the pace of economic reforms. Obama was late in recognizing the significance of India. However, I do believe that he has been a boon for India.
  • Whom do you think as president will be better for India and Indians and why? Asked by: Micheal
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly There is little question in my mind that Obama is a far, far better bet for India. The country is likely to have important differences with Romney on matters of global trade, Indo-Iranian relations and on the pace of India's own reforms.
  • why the president election debate is more concerned with the fate of pakistan and india relations? Asked by: vijay
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly Actually it has paid scant heed to the Indo-Pakistani relationship. Other issues, closer to home, such as the state of the economy, various socials questions and the like have dominated the debate.
  • The indicators are towards a closely contested elections. Do you think Obama will still get a chance to prove himself and effect a turnaround? His tenure so far has been turbulent - but he has put forward his best. Will this shift the electorals in his favor or will the Americans seek a change? Asked by: Srikanth
  • Prof. Sumit Ganguly It is very hard to tell. Much depends, quite frankly, on voter turnout in key states. This morning, the major, reliable newspapers are reporting that Obama still enjoys a slight edge. His critical error, in my judgment, was to let Romney decimate him in the first debate in Denver.

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