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6 pm Nov 26, 2012

Launch of Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party

Does Arvind Kejriwal's newly-launched Aam Aadmi Party have any future in India?
19 questions answered
  • No high command, no president and people with good profiles in its national executives. Sir the party has shown many signs of a democratic party and party of good people.And it has also got admiration of many intellectuals along with Anna and bedi. Sir, how far it is from being an ideal party Asked by: Vikas Rawat
  • Ashutosh There is nothing called party . but yes it has made a good beginning and lets see how it rolls out in future
  • can a party change the corruption in the country.it has to come from the pepole and its the ppl who have change themsleves from the root.how will this party bring change when the system is corrupt. Asked by: saravanan
  • Ashutosh Corruption is rampant and maximum it is because of election and its relationship to political parties. If parties decide to change and become corruption free , half of the problem is sorted out. and of course people also have to change , they also have to take a vow not to vote corrupts.
  • Arvind has truely got an agenda which most sensible people want. but do yopu think that we are ready for this and get out of the clutches of the corrupt system? May be it may take time.The earlier the better. Asked by: Arun
  • Ashutosh What Arvind is aspiring is an ideal situation but ideally all the political parties should be doing this . but big question is can he sustain it ? if he succeeds in setting an agenda for the rest of the parties . then it will change the course of Indian Polity. but its very long battle and not an easy one too.
  • A party or group can take certain positions such as exposing corruption / poor governance etc. For these Arvind and his team should be applauded for their courage of conviction. The team has yet to show the intellectual capacity to convince the nation it it's ability to govern. Your views please... Asked by: Ajay Kumar
  • Ashutosh Yes you have raised a very pertinent question. He caught the attention of the people as he was pursuing a single point agenda and up to certain extent he succeeded . But to carve a niche as a political party he has to roll out entire program of governance and has to convince people of India that it is doable.
  • First of all your thoughts on name of the party (not very innovative). The other thing is why so much focus on Delhi/NCR. What about other regions of this country ? Asked by: Abhijeet Mishra
  • Ashutosh I have no problem with the name. They have been talking about AAM ADAMI for long and to establish a relationship they got out AAM ADMI cap . So in way its continuation. secondly for a new party its very difficult to have an all India Base and structure. Its very very difficult and onerous job. So as they gather a muscle power of people and other resources , they will go to other parts of the country. And by then it will also help them in assessing the pros and cons of real politics.
  • A lot of promises given by aam aadmi party,but history has witnessed many such revolutions that actually got failed in long term governance,what one can expect from AAP? is it not like a political leader promises before the elections and fails later..? how this party can actually take up the confidence of people where people are still divided like vote banks...? Asked by: prashant,nitjsr
  • Ashutosh I think you are not being fair with AAP. Give them a chance and then you form an opinion. Everybody was like this , that does not mean they will also be the same.
  • will his party will become a delhi based another regional party, if so what is the future of the party main moto Asked by: Subodh Deshpande
  • Ashutosh I dont think so . They have an all India aspirations and hope they dont end as a regional party .
  • first of all best luck to the party supported and promoted by media, sincerely. Apart from their agenda/goals what are the challenges the party may face Asked by: Subodh Deshpande
  • Ashutosh Their biggest challenge is to make people realise that they are serious player in politics. second challenge would be to have their organisation in every corner of the country. Thirdly to find honest workers and office bearers for the party. 4thly he has to change the mind set of the people that politics is not about arithmetic of caste and religion.
  • have you enrolled yourself in our party? Asked by: aam aadmi
  • Ashutosh No .
  • Do you feel Arvind will be able to have money and muscle power for fighting and winning elections as till now his main focus is on press conferences and exposures and he is not willing to support movement by fast like Anna Asked by: Manush
  • Ashutosh Minimum money is needed but if he goes only for money to fight elections then he has no future. I am sure he is not thinking that. He is trying ti fight money based elections and if he succeeds in that India will change ?
  • Why is Arvind forming a party when his motto was only to eradicate corruption and not to represent people and to form various policies like education, foreign and to run economy which is lot more complex and he will have to come out with clear manifesto so is not there deviation of objectives Asked by: Hitesh
  • Ashutosh He says root cause for the corruption is politics and politics will not change just by doing agitations . So to change politics he has to enter into politics.
  • will anna hazare team get people's support without kejriwal? Asked by: aam aadmi
  • Ashutosh It has to be seen. BECAUSE Anna and Arvind were made for each other.
  • I try to understand the journey of Team Arvind into phases: Phase 1 – Hulla Bol and expose people and gain the confidence of the nation and rightly so. The team demonstrated the courage of conviction. Phase 2- Which is more important that Team Arvind demonstrates thought leadership in building the nation. The Team needs to spell their vision beyond “Aam Aadmi” and Referendum. Your views in the Team’s ability to envisage and lead and direct the aspirations of the people of the nation. Ashutosh, through you may I take this opportunity to reach to Team Arvind for the above Asked by: Kumar Ajay
  • Ashutosh As per my information they will roll out their broader vision document soon and then real picture will emerge for their strategy to change India.
  • now onwards, party's every movement, every statement will be considered as political then what will happen to the non-political agenda such as making india corruption free, cause the party has been formed using the present frames of references Asked by: Subodh Deshpande
  • Ashutosh Making India Corruption is cannot be a non political agenda. This is very much political because politics is the fundamental reason for the corruption in the country and this will only change if politics of India changes. Can he do it that is the big question ?
  • By splitting with Anna do you feel that Arvind has shown that he is overambitious and is not a good team man Asked by: Rij
  • Ashutosh Difference of opinion does not mean clash of ambitions all the time. ANNA IS STILL THEIR FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE. Anna has said he does not agree with him getting into politics . i am sure both will meet again in future as their goal is the same DIFFERENCE IS ONLY IN PROCESS.
  • Dear Ashutosh, Arvind Kejriwal has started on a different note from others w.r.t his party and its launch. But does he have anything to offer. The name Aam Aadmi is no different from say a Praja Rajyam? He is saying he does not want power? How is he proposing to change the system without being in power? He does not seem sure of what he wants to do Asked by: Narayanan
  • Ashutosh Exercising power and feeling powerful are two different things. Problem is when one get intoxicated with power. Politicians have become too arrogant due to power at their disposal . This has to change. Politicians are given power to serve people but they started serving themselves . But this does not mean that very one is like that . There are good politicians who have power at their disposal but they are not arrogant and believe in using thier power to change lives of the people. Arvind says he believe in giving power to people through Swaraj,lets see if it really happens ?
  • What chances does the party have in the Delhi Assembly elections? Will the people actually vote for AAP? Asked by: Arun Sudarsan
  • Ashutosh It all depends how they contact people and connect with people . As being sympathetic to his cause and voting for him are two different things. All sympthesiers will vote for him is no guarantee.
  • What are the positives for this party? Asked by: Sandeep Rao
  • Ashutosh Anti corruption mood in the country .
  • Hello Mr Ashutosh, do you think kejriwal is the right man to have power (as he is one of the favorites with a good fan following from the youth of the country for the upcoming elections) since he has his own ways of dealing with the issues whether democratic or not Asked by: Nitesh Srivastava
  • Ashutosh Never judge a man by his name , judge him by his deeds .