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4 pm Dec 10, 2012

Effect of the ban on Indian Amateur Boxing Federation on the sports

The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) has provisionally suspended the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF). Where does that put our boxers?
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  • What will be the impact of the ban on Indian Amateur Boxing Federation on the sports? Asked by: Sunil
  • Gaurav Kalra this is a wake up call...indian sports administrators have now been rebuked on an international stage...this is deeply embarrassing for them and indian sport...the clean up is inevitable now, because it is an international situation
  • Two questoins Gaurav a) Can the Indian Boxers particiapate in International events like CWG, Asian games, etc b)Are there more associations that would be banned Asked by: Narayan
  • Gaurav Kalra we are hearing that the athletics federation will be the next...they too have been found to violated the sports code...and no, they can not compete at international events under the indian flag...they can participate, but as independent boxers, not representing india..
  • What should the government do? Asked by: Tiger
  • Gaurav Kalra the government is now in the centre of it all...they will need to convince these associations to accept that the problem is massive...and that some of them will have to understand the implications...
  • What does this suspension mean for Indian sports? Asked by: Raghu
  • Gaurav Kalra to be equated in the same league as iraq, kuwait, afghanistan etc is a huge embarrassment..and in the same year as india's best ever olympic games...but there is an opportunity here as well, since it will put enormous pressure on those who have run indian sports federations as fiefdoms
  • How are the athletes going to get out of this rut? Asked by: anand
  • Gaurav Kalra in the short term they will not be able to compete under the indian flag at international events...but in the long run it may lead to a clean up and more a professional set up taking over...which will only be good for the sport in the long run
  • Where does this suspension put our boxers? Asked by: Sneha
  • Gaurav Kalra they can not compete at international events under the indian flag..government funding to the federations stops...which will affect foreign exposure trips, training camps etc..
  • Who is responsible for this fiasco? Asked by: Prabhu
  • Gaurav Kalra clearly the biggest blame lies with the administrators..who have known this situation was developing for a couple of years...yet they did very little
  • Are things going from bad to worse for the country's sports? Asked by: Smita
  • Gaurav Kalra this is an opportunity as well for indian sport...it allows for reflection on the systems that are in place at the moment
  • can sports ministry ask AIBA to reconsider the ban? Asked by: Vishal
  • Gaurav Kalra officially they can not...the international body will not deal with the government...but am sure they can through the back channel..