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5 pm Dec 10, 2012

What should be the Congress strategy in Gujarat?

Narendra Modi is widely expected to lead BJP to another emphatic victory in Gujarat. Can the Congress conjure any plan to spoil Modi's party? Talk to CNN-IBN's senior editor TM Veeraraghav to get a clearer picture.
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  • Modi may have done well in Gujarat. But dont you think Modi projection as PM would spell doom for BJP which is already battered with successive Loksabha defeats? Dont you think More softliners like Sushma Swaraj will be a safer bet? Asked by: sabari
  • Veeraraghav TM I don't think theres any modi softliner in BJP senior leadership. Projecting Modi could mean bye bye to serveral potential pre poll allies.. but projecting him has a deeper problem ... because Modi's projected ... he'll finish the party's own senior leadership ...
  • First of all they will come with good leader that oppose Modi. And I doubt they will get more than 50 seat? In Gujarat Modi's magic is there. What is your opinion? Asked by: Atir
  • Veeraraghav TM I think the congress has been in a terrible state and will remain to be ... the only question is will GPP bring down BJP's share of votes ... and if they do then in terms of seats it may be a loss for Modi ...
  • Congress should focus on the anti incumbency factors in Gujarat if there are any. But the bigger question is does congress has any moral authority left in it to question somebody else? Is it not? Especially with UPA at the center of so many scams.. Asked by: Karthik
  • Veeraraghav TM Congress should first learn that state leadership should work to please the people of the state not the party bosses. Unfortunately thein a ny state has never done somethjing to win it's alwasy won because the opponent has collapsed ... they have staying power though !!!!
  • I do not think anyone will even think of Modi being defeated in Gujarat, this election. Not a chance. But the question is, Is he finding it more difficult or easier this election? How much of anti incumbency will be there against him? will he come back with 2/3 majority Asked by: Narayan
  • Veeraraghav TM True ... it's difficult to imagine ... But if he doesn't get more than 110 he'll be painted as a loser ... and if he get's below 100 the BJP it'self will try to dethrown him ... he's made too many enemies
  • Hi I think Media is hyping about the devolopment Agenda in gujarath. I think historically Gujarath is a deoloped state and business community of gutath have contributed immensely to the devolopment. However part from the business class other sectors have not improved Congrss should capitalise on this Asked by: T R Aravind
  • Veeraraghav TM very very true ... Gujarat has always been a progressive state ..Modi did bring energy into the leadership ... but net net ...he's gained more from the projection than the state
  • Congress is making huge expenses on Advertisement, on national tv channels for state election. Sonia, PM & whole party is campaigning. No strategy left except surrender. Asked by: Roshan
  • Veeraraghav TM Well, Congress has this time played it better than in the past ... they cautiously avoided a personality clash between modi and sonia or rahul ... but the PM's statement on divisive politics will only help modi fuirther
  • Do u think ...Congress have just taken a wrong Step by not projecting its CM candidate against Mighty MOdi....do they have any Leader as Tall as MODI Asked by: shivang
  • Veeraraghav TM To beat a personality you need a personality ... unfortunately congress never projects one ... I think if they had projected Shankar Singh after the 2004 general elections victory ...Modi could have been rattled
  • With Modi sure to move out to the centre for a bigger role after this election don't you think there will be a vacuum in Gujarat of a good alternative leader?..and don't you think this is clear in the strategy of the Congree..lose this one but gear up for the next to win because of Modi not being there in 2017...that is why there is so much of energy seen in the campaign of the Congress this time around.. Asked by: JK
  • Veeraraghav TM hey ... modi at the centre is something that can even be thought only after the results in Gujarat
  • I know media is always oppose Modi but don't worry we peopel already decided and also only one thing learn from Modi in his mainefrasto.. very fantastic thing Middle class? what do u suggest? Any state leader thinks like this? Asked by: Atir
  • Veeraraghav TM There's no other leader who has captured the middle class or i would even say every class in the urban area like modi in Gujarat ... but that's as much about modi as it is about socio political realities of Gujarat
  • What should be the Congress strategy in Gujarat? Asked by: R Patel
  • Veeraraghav TM A. They should endure they have a strong face as a leader B. They should ensure the candidates spend the money and work at thge grass roots C. They should get their surashtra, central gujarat leadership to work as a team. D. They should avoid focussing on Soni, Rahul and PM and instead use their local clout. They seem to have avoided smartly responding to modi's barbs ... that may actually pay off in the end
  • what do u think about the work that MR modi has done from last 10 years.. he is actually working 16 hours a day ... Asked by: shivang
  • Veeraraghav TM Modi has brought in energy, he's brought in a dynamic image to a CM's office ... but at the end he's gained much more because of the marketting than the state has ... He is focuused on self projection ... but at the end remember all your good work becomes clouded if it eventually becomes about you and not the people
  • Dont you think it is utter hypocracy on Media part that only if Modi wins more than 117 Seats ..He will be termed as winner..He is facing election 3rd time.It looks like Media finds reason to Run Down Mr Modi. Asked by: Sachin
  • Veeraraghav TM But it's modi's own creation ... he has spread the feeling that below 120 is a defeat for him ... don't blame the media
  • Can the Congress conjure any plan to spoil Modi's party? Asked by: Sasi
  • Veeraraghav TM Congress can't in gujarat ...but GPP can be a spoiler and that may bring the numbers down for modi
  • Who in your opinion could be a credible Cong candidate who can take on Modi in Gujarat? Asked by: Shiva
  • Veeraraghav TM after 2004 elections I thought Shankar Singh Vaghela ... he got the BJP down in the general elections and proved that he can match it ... but now he's too old and there seems to be no one in sight anywhere in the congress ... not just in gujarat
  • Congress accuses Modi of causing Rs 1 lakh crore loss to Gujarat exchequer. Will it anyway impact Modi's chances? Asked by: Urmi
  • Veeraraghav TM Nope it will not. especially if the congress speaks's about corruption it will not ... they should speak of agrarian and tribal issues
  • Is Modi the best bet to lead the BJP in 2014? Asked by: Sachin
  • Veeraraghav TM I am not sure he can be a leader who can carry different sets of people along ... his power is over a homogenous gujarthi urban class
  • Can the BJP not afford to have Modi at the centre for 2014?..Or is he just the poster boy for BJP..does he not have any ambitions?...whatever he might say that he is going to be only in Gujarat and serving the people Asked by: JK
  • Veeraraghav TM Yes, modi seems to have a huge persona amongst the urban classes ...but unlike in Gujarat urban classes aren't key in a parliamentary election ...so unless they want to return to core hindutva modi is not a great choice to lead the party
  • What makes Modi click in Gujarat despite all the communal allegations? Asked by: Naina
  • Veeraraghav TM it's the communal allegations that makes him tick ... modi is the undisp[uted face of Gujarathi hindu political identity ... and it's a very strong thing in Gujarat he's seen as the man "who taught muslims a lesson" and that's his core appeal ... the rest is icing on the cake
  • In a direct UPA versus Modi battle who do you think will triumph? Asked by: Nivedita
  • Veeraraghav TM In Gujarat Modi ... accross India ... the UPA
  • How true is the development story of Gujarat? Asked by: Isha
  • Veeraraghav TM True and false ... all is not hunky dory ...but you cannot deny that the man has got work done ... just that he's boasted about it a bit too much
  • Do u think delimitation in SEAT favours BJP as most of the URBAN seat have increased...is it delibrately done bY BJP Asked by: shivang
  • Veeraraghav TM yes ..73 urban seats is a lot ..of these 60 clear urban seats and that's a Modi fortress ...109 rural seats ..of these only close to 50 are deep rural areas ..like tribal areas in south and central and some parts of saurashtra, katchh and banaskantha ... this is where moditva's biggest test is
  • Why state is not responsible for law & order particular in case of Gujarat since a)58 Kar sevak not protected in 2002 b)3000+ were not protected c) after 10 years likely 1250+ will get impresionment in year or two ? Modi is telling prove I was involved? is it correct in democracy? Asked by: DEEPAK DESAI
  • Veeraraghav TM Unfortunately ... constitutional mandate runs paralell to the electoral mandate in our democracy ... you can't link the two ..And Modi's government failed during the riots is true ... question is whether it failed purposely or just failed
  • thalaiva...vanakkam... how are u? I have a question...how is it that u are able to cover Guj elections with so much ease as TN elections? Do u know Gujarathi? Asked by: senthil
  • Veeraraghav TM No I stayed for three years and got married there to a UPite !!!!
  • why is the congress so upset with MOdis charishma& achievements? & what rahul gandhi has done so far for the country? Asked by: sreenivas
  • Veeraraghav TM haha ... congress is upset with everybody ...But i don't think it matters to Modi !!

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