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3.30 pm Dec 21, 2012

Rapes in India: Will nationwide outrage translate into real action?

Join former chairperson of National Commission for Women Dr Mohini Giri for a webchat.
14 questions answered
  • Why can't we have the barabaric punishment like arab contries in cases where is guily is proven beyound and doubts jsut like in delhi case?? i nopion this nationwide outrage is not trasnlate into real action unles our government dose anything? what do you think about it? Asked by: Dinesh Yadav
  • Dr Mohini Giri in my opinion death penalty is no answer. it has to be a severe punishment and a non-bailable punishment. while, i suggest fast track courts unless and until there is quick investigation from the forensic lab and create accountability it'll not be a deterrent.
  • If this does not translate into action, what else will. All the women organisations in the country should stage protest in delhi before parliament till action is taken......PRESIDENT OF LARGEST PARTY, SPEAKER, AND PRESIDENT OF INDIA, OPPOSITION LEADER, BRINDA KARAT.....ALL BIG NAMES ON PAPER AND WOMENS RESERVATIONS BILL COULD NOT BE PASSED......IT IS DIFFICULT BUT NOR IMPPOSSIBLE Asked by: S ESHWAR
  • Dr Mohini Giri unfortunately patriarchy has deep roots in the minds of our men till such time that we take action in progressive laws and also inculcate all these in the minds of school going children that means that the future leaders, this rage cannot be translated into action.
  • Why cant woman be given a weapons licence for there protection ? Asked by: Mandar
  • Dr Mohini Giri why should it be the responsibility of the women to carry weapons that means one billion women carrying weapons. why cant one billion men behave themselves?
  • Respected Ma'm... It is always said that "Prevention is better than cure". All these outrages are comfortably putting blame just on the Police as though the police was waiting for such crime to happen. A police man has same sentiments like any other citizen in this country. Even the best Govts in the world cannot appoint one police per person. Right? I feel we should stop a little and list down all that lead to this. Otherwise, any amount of change in law cannot stop another recurrence. We should talk about what the boy should have done to prevent what happened to him and his girl friend? What the girl should have done? What their parents should have done? On the fateful night did the boy or the girl responded rudely to those drunkards in the bus? The girl's parents sold the land for their daughter's study. But what steps did they take for her security? If one cares about their self security should they not take responsibility for themselves instead of just blaming police and the system later? Please comment. Asked by: Kris
  • Dr Mohini Giri we are not blaming police. we are only ashamed and sad that the PCR vans are not patrolling the roads. they are standing in front of street food corners having drugs and food free of charge instead of doing their duty. we are pained that the police even refuses to file an FIR and harasses the victim no end. they need to be trained and at the time of recruitment they should have gender sensitisation classes. as i had said in the beginning they are also the products of this patriarchal society. Even if women take their own security in their own hands, it is not possible to fight the strength of the male sex.
  • Madam, I wish this outrage translates into real action.However, you will agree that in the past many outrages be they against corruption, political interference in sports, dowry deaths, harrasment of women by their in-laws etc. have not produced any desired results. Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Dr Mohini Giri i am afraid i do not agree with you. i have myself 30 years ago raised my voice against dowry deaths and we do find the incidents of dowry deaths reduce. i myself have raised hue and cry on the issue of sati and it has practically stopped. political will with strong laws would make a difference.
  • At the very outset, can I condemn the action and demand strictist possible sentence for the convicted. However, I would like to share my concern on the knee jerk reaction we may get just to fix this case and take an emotional corrective action. Things like allowing women to carry weapons, straight death penalties in every instance, strictly observing time frames (some say 30 days) etc. etc. What are your thoughts and suggestions to fix this problem without risking the balance turn the other way. Asked by: Vipul
  • Dr Mohini Giri why are we going on that women must do that and women must do this? is this a woman's fault that she is raped? why cant we address the boys and girls who have easy access to money, low literacy rates and have been raised to treat women as commodities. they often see their own fathers treat their mothers in this subjugated way. its the low status that a woman holds in society and only by giving her an equal status socially, politically and economically that we will improve the social mindset. I do not agree that every woman should carry a weapon. violence only breeds violence. the answer is values to be taught to the younger generations today and respect far women in social fabric.
  • On one side, we allow item songs [an item song is all about a girl doing vulgar dancing in reduced dress] in cinema which feeds lust in a man. He then goes out of theatre and lands in a bar and drinks a lot. On the other side we say that women can wear dresses anyway they like. And, in a corner of a country where this man comes across such a women a rape attempt is bound to happen. Will these outrages be directed towards such kind of spoiling cinema as well? Will proper dress code be mandated for men and women while in public? Will alcohol be banned? Asked by: Radha
  • Dr Mohini Giri i must have dealt with a 1000 cases of rape in my 75 years. In each case the perpetrator of the crime was drunk. alcohol has ruined thousands of families in thousands of villages.easy access to alcohol specially for teenagers should be banned. as far as item cinemas are concerned ofcourse it is vulgar. but its only a question of demand and supply. why does the public makes them box office hits and what is the censor board doing. all these put together, easy access to alcohol, vulgar portrayal of women, definition of joy and enjoyment screwed up and inequality are definitely the cause of this behavior in the society. Indians have always dressed properly and we dont need to fix up a code. its the mind that has to see correctly.
  • ma'am 80% rapes are never reported another 15% are lost for lack of evidence 4% cases are stuck in our slow legal system so only 1% rapists are actually punished. Making laws is the tip of the iceberg. I feel Women should make the right kind of noises at the right time slightest eve-teasing or harrassment should be reported to the police and action immediate should be taken. what do you think ? Asked by: Dipesh Patangia
  • why would the police hid the face of the accused,let them face some humiliation of what that girl will suffer for the rest of her life.why would you not insist at your level,face of rapists should not be hidden Asked by: @ketan72
  • Dr Mohini Giri his action has been publicised. the action needs to be condemned not his face.
  • Ma'm... I solute your 30 years of service to protect the dignity of women in this country. I am very much hopeful that our country will march in right direction with the help of great personalities like you. Thank you. Asked by: Saranya
  • Dr Mohini Giri no i have failed. my dream was to see 33% reservation in the parliament, gender justice and a quick mass education for all the girl children. i have failed that we have only touched 1 % of the women's population towards empowerment. however, today when a woman smiles with confidence i do feel rewarded.
  • why so havoc only on this rape? this is not 1st rape in india ? what ab justice to other rape victim ? Asked by: rake
  • Dr Mohini Giri a time has come when we say that enough is enough. these incidents have gone beyond our tolerance.
  • Respected Mam, Self defence for girl's in school curriculum should be compulsory what do you think on this Asked by: Sachin
  • Madam, Everyone is asking for tougher laws but will it be enough to stop these heinous crime against women? Asked by: Sridhar
  • Dr Mohini Giri yes it will be a deterrent.
  • do you expect change in law to prosecure rapists? Asked by: ravi
  • Dr Mohini Giri yes there have to be changes.

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