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4.30 pm Jan 04, 2013

Politics of hate: What MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi's hate speech reflects of Indian Politics

Chat with CNN-IBN's principal correspondent Preeti Singh on what MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi's hate speech reflects of Indian Politics.
19 questions answered
  • MIM is a relegious party,who wins elcections playing with relegious sentiments of people.Inspite of representing muslims they havent done thing for there upliftment.Hyd old city didnt had proper roads, drinking water untill Chandrababu Naiud came to power in 96 and developed Hyd includine old city.Its high time parties like MIM should be banned.whats u r take on this??? Asked by: Kiran_KK
  • Preeti Singh Kiran, The fact that MIM does have 7 MLAs & 1 MP and has been a political force to reckon with in parts of Hyderabad indiactes the party does have a standing. The point here, according to me, should be fear of law.
  • Whats the difference between Pravin Togadia and Akbaruddin Owaisi? Asked by: Jack
  • Preeti Singh Prima facie, they seem to have more similarities!
  • Owaisi should be with Hafeez saeed by looking at his speech? How do you see the owaisi brothers religious hatred? why now they are increasing their hatred? Asked by: prithviraj
  • Preeti Singh At the end of it, it's all about votebank politics. The ruling governments (TDP & Cong) are equally responsible for letting this happen through the years.
  • Is it not time for Hindus to unite behind BJP as it seems to be the only party with Pro hindu credentials? Asked by: Ankit
  • Preeti Singh Politics of Hate is not the recipe for a secular democracy!
  • The so called 'Minority Community' in this issue can get away with any tirade as long as they can pull in Votes ? Asked by: Jai
  • Preeti Singh Both Akbaruddin Owaisi & Praveen Togadia have cases registered against them for their hate speeches in Hyd. It is not about a particular community. It is about any individual attacking the country's secularism. One cannot be selective about this.
  • Don;t you feel MIM is the most communal party existing in our country and should not the Congress instead of BJP should be tagged as communal by being in alliance with them? Asked by: Ankit
  • Preeti Singh Ankit, the Congress is guilty of turning a blind eye all these years. But each party has played vote bank politics.. & that really is the biggest threat to our democracy. Doesnt matter if it's the BJP/Cong/MIM.
  • When varun gandhi made a similar speech, MSM was making a big issue out of it. His speech was telecast multiple times. When owaisi does the same, MSM is silent and it started talking about this issue only after pressurized by social media & it does not show his speech too. Why these double standards? Asked by: Bala
  • Preeti Singh Showing the speech is never an option. It only gives it a bigger audience & defeats the very purpose of picking the story.
  • What are the advantages for a majority in a secular democracy? As a Hindu, do elaborate why I must follow your recipe for secular democracy. Asked by: NotAnAnarchist
  • Preeti Singh You must follow it if you believe in the power of democracy. OUr variety is our strength. I think the idea is to have equal opportunities.. not advantages over one another.
  • Owaisi made hate speeches before as well ,Why was the media silent then???? Asked by: Kiran_KK
  • Preeti Singh Apologies if that's how it seems. This was one of the most brazen speeches I have heard. Cases were registered as soon as we reported on the story. Be it Praveen Togadia, Varun Gandhi or Akbaruddin Owaisi, each one has been reported on.
  • When I compare media behavior during varun's speech and now owaisi's speech, I could clearly see that media was underplaying owaisi's speech just because he belongs to minority community. Any comments?? Asked by: XYZ
  • Preeti Singh Dear XYZ(?),just answered this in the prev qn. There is absolutely no reason to brush anythng under the carpet. My reports on the story are your proof.
  • I would like to ask why is Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy is not responding to the Hate speech of Owaisi is that because he'll not get the support of MIM in the next election ? but he did not know that he is loosing a lot of other people votes..No congress MLA or MP of AP has raised voice against him Asked by: Srinvas Khatri
  • Preeti Singh We did question him on the govt's delay in acting tough. He does not admit there has been any delay. One cant help but wonder about political compulsions since MIM had been a key ally for more than a decade.
  • Owaisi's speeches are not shown by the media unlike Varun gandhi. media should be unbiased... if u can show Mr. gandhi's video then Eltronic media must show what Owaisi said Asked by: indian
  • Preeti Singh Guess, atleast we respect Sec 153 (a) IPC!
  • When a Hindutva activist make a wrong speech, media shows it in headlines immediately and goes hammer and tongs. When similar speech is made by others, media does report it, but does not give the same frontpage coverage. It makes many people feel media is biased. Can you honestly say media is unbiased? Asked by: Sankar
  • Preeti Singh We cannot & must not be selective. CNN-IBN reported on both the instances you are referring to. Yes, in the Owaisi case, I think the regional media in AP could have done more.
  • Don't you think that in the name of secularism and to have strong democracy, we r supreesing the voice/feelings of the majority Hindus in our own country? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Preeti Singh Shyam, my understanding of democracy is that of a 'give & take'. Be it respect or opportunities. And just for clarity, what are these "feelings/voices" you talk of?
  • Do you think BJP would now have a chance to play the religion card in AP and get into a good position? Asked by: Karthik
  • Preeti Singh It's definitely a political opportunity for the BJP. The Bhagyalakshmi temple was also another issue. And that is one of the concerns. The venom only spreads. Law must contain it asap.
  • After Gujrat elections every AP senior congress member appeared on TV debates ,On a state issues like this none of them are ready to comment.Do they fear for MIM??? Asked by: Kiran_KK
  • Preeti Singh A senior state Congress leader told me "There is not much to defend."
  • why this I-govt act/reacts slowly.. towards when its come to another C'nity.. do u think this govt will act while looking his vote bank..?? !! Asked by: C-garu
  • Preeti Singh Congress & MIM have been allies for 14 long years. Hyderabad is MIM's stronghold. No legal action taken. I think the ruling congress succumbed to political compulsions.
  • If you are from a minority group, you can talk or do anything. Still you would be called a secular. There are so many parties having either caste or religion in their name. Still they are not called communal? What's ur take on this Asked by: siva
  • Preeti Singh Thanks for your question Siva. There is a line between our Freedom of expression & getting Communal. Having party names with caste/religion is not the problem. Acc to me having cadre & legislators who use that to incite enemity between 2 communities is the trouble. But nevertheless, maybe your point is a suggestion for the Election Commission.
  • Media had repeatedly shown video clippings of varun's speech earlier. Why the media did not respect Sec 153 (a) IPC, as it is doing currently in case of owaisi? Asked by: BalaS
  • Preeti Singh Yours is the last qn bala, so On a lighter note, this one was a 1 hour long speech!!

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