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4 pm Jan 25, 2013

Does the long jail term for Headley mean that he won't be extradited to India?

Does the long jail term for Headley mean that he won't be extradited to India? Talk to CNN-IBN Senior Editor Suhasini Haidar to find out.
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  • Even if he is sent back to india. Will the govt. of india take proper action to put him in Jail. Does this effect the Indo -Pak tie ups? Asked by: Rahul
  • Suhasini Haidar Hi Rahul, Headley can only be extradited if he breaks his own plea bargain agreement with the US govt, so unlikely. In India he would face the death penalty. And yes, Pakistan's actions in the 26-11 trial are the most closely linked to India-Pak ties right now
  • Do we need to really work with US, since they have withheld info as well as not let our agencies question DH? Asked by: EMathew
  • Suhasini Haidar Well- its all about Indian interests and what India gets in exchange for the cooperation. After all- convicting Headley, a US national for a terror act in India was unprecendented. And headley testimony plus US pressure helped reel in Abu Jundal- even so India must not give up asking the US for more access to Headley.
  • DH was being watched by the US agencies for sometime and am sure that had info on his activities in India? Why was these not conveyed to the Indian authorities and why is it that we are not asking him questions to collaborate Mumbai killings? Asked by: EMathew
  • Suhasini Haidar This question will continue to haunt Indian officials- as the US did pass on two intelligence inputs- one on 26 September on a strike threat, and on nov 26, with sat coordinates of the boat carrying Kasab and the others. While it is correct to ask how the US knew this and whether their info could have averted the Mumbai attacks, we must remember Indian officials failed to take the threats seriously enough.
  • Hi Suhasini, Conviction has to take place in India because of 145 people were brutally massacred in Mumbai, Looks like 35 year imprisonment for killing 6 American on Indian soil. Weak foreign policies or lame duck India’s diplomatic policies helped America not to extradite Headley to India? Asked by: Jagannath Pujar
  • Suhasini Haidar Well also US policies are quite clear, and they didn't reveal the plea bargain until it was done. Even during the NIA interrogation of Headley, they weren't. Allowed to quiz him on his activities prior to the. Mumbai plot. So India has had its hands tied from the beginning.
  • Shudnt the govt had the chance to interrogate Headly on the info on Pakistan's role in Mumbai 26/11 Asked by: EMathew
  • Suhasini Haidar Headley has given quite a lot of information on Pakistani officials- ISI operatives who trained him, the frogman who show the boats the way, as well as an ISI officer who gave orders to the LeT leadership. Pakistan has dismissed Headley so far, inc his account of Hafiz Saeed's role in the attacks. But it will be hard to ignore the specific details he gives on safe houses, training camp sites, and names.
  • Don't you think, its better that USA has not extradited Headley to India otherwise our government had spent crores of money on him until the trial same as Ajmal Kasab?? Asked by: Nonish
  • Suhasini Haidar Justice is justice...
  • DH would have the knowledge about the workings and who-is-who of LeT at the time of his arrest. That would have helped in identifying key role players and monitoring their activities. By not allowing India into the documents of his hearing and confession, we have lost a golden opportunity marking those players. Asked by: EMathew
  • Suhasini Haidar True, Mathew. Still can hope for more info though..
  • DH by entering into a plea bargain has got off a very light sentence... only 35 years for planning the murder of 145 people. Is the justice system throughout the world becoming weak or insensitive? Asked by: EMathew
  • Suhasini Haidar Well the Justice system in this case was strapped by FBI and investigating officials who offered the plea bargain.... But it is insensitive that they offered it to a terrorist like Headley.
  • Why do you work only on International issues and why only world view why not Indian issues? It would be an honour to see you debate on Indian issues Asked by: Sumit
  • Suhasini Haidar :) it's a preferred beat! But thank you. And thanks to everyone for joining the chat today!

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