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4 pm Jan 29, 2013

Delhi gangrape case: the law must be allowed to run its course

VK Anand, lawyer of Ram Singh, main accused in the Delhi braveheart's gangrape case, defends the right of any accused to a fair trial under the provisions of Indian law.
19 questions answered
  • Anand Ji, not just the Delhi gangrape case, we could see there are far too many loopholes in the Indian law which are outdated by far and not with changing times. For eg., cases involving hit and run, rash driving, etc. In the past, celebrities and others have killed many people in those cases but the punishment was minimal. Then anti-dowry laws, cruelty at home, etc., are pro-women while we have seen that women can also be wrong. Then, hurting the sentiments of some people (yes there should be exceptions also). Then there is selective prosecution. The list is big! Please give your views on these and do we see some hope here? Asked by: Gaurav
  • VK Anand i really appreaciate the concern of public at large, there is a need for complete change in the system of functioning of the law and order enforcement agencies starting from police to to the judges who deliver the judgement, everyone needs to be made accountable.
  • Anand Ji, a different question here. If the advocate after listening to the accused come to know that he/she is wrong, should the advocate continue to provide legal assistance to the accused? If yes, please give the grounds! Asked by: Gaurav
  • VK Anand as per the law if a lawyer has taken a brief from the accused then he is bound to give legal assistance to the accused, irrespective of the fact the the accused has done anything wrong or not.
  • Sir, will your stand be the same if she happens to be your sister or daughter, would you have defended the perpetrator?? Asked by: Randhir Thakur
  • VK Anand law does not runs on mere 'if' or 'but', every accused has a right to be defended and given a fair trial.
  • VK Anand read my answer to to Mr. Randhir
  • why is it the age which matters. why not his brain. If he can rape a girl then he should be ready for the punishment also. How does it matter?. If so then tomorrow any one can have this in future. Asked by: vimal
  • VK Anand this question raises a serious problem faced by our judicial system in the present times, in my opinion the law must be changed with immediate effect. but unfortunately the courts donot have the power to change law, the can only interpret the law or declare it illegal.
  • Do you think the accused will get a fair trial in the "fast-track" court? Asked by: Imran Khan
  • VK Anand yes, we have a very impartial, fair and competent judge who is presiding this case.
  • Will you appeal against the restrictions placed on the media in reporting this case? Asked by: Prakash Hota
  • VK Anand yes, we would be filling an appeal in high court this week
  • Do you see any chance that the accused may be set free? Asked by: Saurabh
  • VK Anand it is for the prosecution to prove the accused guilty. as a defense counsel for ram singh n mukesh i can say that we have a fair chance of getting them proved not guilty.
  • You say that-as per the law if a lawyer has taken a brief from the accused then he is bound to give legal assistance to the accused, irrespective of the fact the the accused has done anything wrong or not. However, on ethical grounds, is this stand justified. Please reply to this important question! Asked by: Gaurav
  • VK Anand yes it is justified
  • MR Anand hold your heart and tell us that you are not fighting the case to ensure you get the due publicity to increase your practice? I am sure you are convinced that Ram Singh is a barbaric man aand from your heat you also would not like to defend him or are you fighting the case to ensure that he gets the max sentence that he truely deserves? Asked by: Anonymous
  • VK Anand i am only performing my proffessional duties.
  • On what ground are you pleading not guilty for accused? are you telling none of the ipc registered against them are valid? Asked by: Raju Govind
  • VK Anand the matter is in court and as per court orders i cannot divulge details on this issue.
  • How long do you expect the trial to take? When will the judge announce a verdict? Asked by: Abhaya Kumar
  • VK Anand at this speed i expect a verdict very soon.
  • I support your contention that every accused has a right to defend himself. however, what has Ram Singh to defend himself against where there is no way anyone can condone his barbaric act with the other accused ? Asked by: Anonymous
  • VK Anand let the law take its course. please dont act like judges. its the prosecution who has to prove them guity
  • Will your soul be satisfied incase the court rules Ram Singh as Not Guilty?? Asked by: sahir
  • VK Anand i would be satisfied as a proffesional
  • Does a verdict "very soon" mean in the next days, week or month? Thank you. Asked by: Abhaya Kumar
  • VK Anand it would certainly take more than a month as scrutiny of evidence and witnesses would take time.
  • Will the male friend of the victim have face these men in court? Is he a witness? Asked by: Pratap
  • VK Anand yes he is a witness and he would me and other defense lawyers for cross examination.
  • Anand Ji, do you personally believe that as compared to Magistrate courts, other courts like-district, high courts, etc. are fairer? Hope you reply! Asked by: Gaurav
  • VK Anand every court is fair....
  • Sir, I don't have a question. I have just a request. Kindly don't file inappropriate applications before high court/Supreme court to drag the case. Asked by: Ramachandran
  • On what grounds you will defending Ram Singh, do you have any good points which proves that he is not guilty? Asked by: Ambili S
  • VK Anand there are sufficient grounds on which he can be proved not guilty.

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