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1 pm Feb 12, 2013

One Billion Rising: Can a mass movement put an end to violence against women?

Can movement by a billion people put an end to violence against women? Will their voices reach the policy drafters, lawkeepers and decision makers?
16 questions answered
  • Will the voices reach the policy drafters, lawkeepers and decision makers? Asked by: Sneha
  • Dr Kiran Bedi yes it will certainly
  • How to say: Delhi is secure for working woman even in night Asked by: Anup Kumar
  • Dr Kiran Bedi by defying it we can compel the change. move in groups with mobiles having the security applications too...
  • Indian culture had been significantly held women in high esteem. What factors have eroded for the shift? Asked by: EMathew
  • Dr Kiran Bedi when men went to war and women got into protective/pardah....since then i believe the challenge to protect women...and then keep them back as property
  • Can a mass movement put an end to violence against women? Asked by: Anu
  • Dr Kiran Bedi it can...when we all are seen to be an effective vote bank for a cause
  • Even though strict laws ensure that female infanticide are curbed, the hypocrisy of male continuing the legacy should be scrapped. Unless we change the mindset, will there be a change? Asked by: EMathew
  • Dr Kiran Bedi equally the woman empowered to say NO to violence on her motherhood.not only the man or men...also the women
  • Are you against pub culture? Asked by: deepak krishnamurthy
  • Dr Kiran Bedi to an extent
  • Can more mainstream commercial entertainment, TV and films, with portrayal of women in more proactive independent roles, rather than just the housewife help? If so, how and to what extent? Asked by: Vivek Dalmia
  • Dr Kiran Bedi it will. courage is always inspirational
  • is it not dat some where d judicial system has failed us by not giving justice on time Asked by: sanjay
  • Dr Kiran Bedi judicial delays are a major contributor to fall in respect for law and fear of law. judiciary must open up to research and accountability and performance and use of technology. it can do substantial inhouse corrections and be innovative too.
  • Don't we need more deep rooted solutions. With politicians, khap panchayats making all kinds of haywire statements, doesn't it indicate of a malice that is much more deep rooted than what appears? What is the solution according to you? Also, how much does female foetecide form part of this problem? Asked by: Vivek Dalmia
  • Dr Kiran Bedi i believe in comprehensive solutions..and all concerned to deliver with strong coordinating hubs...its the 6 P concept..people, police, prosecution, politician, prisons, and finally Press. all must work on improving civil and crime free behavior. called 6 P plan...u can have subplan of each P....and co-ordinators be CMs and CS and DGPs and Principals VCs ++++++++
  • It has been identified that forensic science vastly contributes in investigation, what is the state of affairs in the area? Is there anything being done to improve it? Asked by: Prasad
  • Dr Kiran Bedi not enough at all....it is resource intensive hence poor
  • on your team, whole nation's youth is beginning to depend, now your team seems disintegrated and you are settling for much less on lokpal as if it is what realisticaly most possible. why? Asked by: anand kumar ram
  • Dr Kiran Bedi it is not less...it is being pragmatic to begin...high powered LOKPAL with 4+ 1 Judiciary and four eminent will be beginning of huge pressure...and anti corruption cases to CBI without interference, plus independent prosecution...worth beginning now..
  • I suggest, the punishment for the crime against women should be given by a woman. Because only a woman can understand another woman's problem. Asked by: deepak krishnamurthy
  • Dr Kiran Bedi no not necessarily
  • Don't you think, we (india) are so lenient/reluctant in punishing offenses even after clear evidences. Asked by: deepak krishnamurthy
  • Dr Kiran Bedi not reluctant but slow.
  • y does d elected govt b so insensitive towards ppl once dey r elected... & say that dey r not answerable 2 street ppl..y dey forget dat street ppl voted dem Asked by: sanjay
  • Dr Kiran Bedi yes because of vote banks...they are secure.
  • As much as the US hate to admit, the gun laws have brought so many innocent deaths. Likewise, the ad and film industry has always depicted women as a commodity. Should there be a curb on the way women are portrayed in films and ads? Asked by: EMathew
  • Dr Kiran Bedi this is the job of the censor board. they need to tighten a few issues.
  • Is it wrong to say a girl (daughter/wife/mother etc) to come early at home? As not just girls but even anything (robbery/bad incident) can happen with boys too if they roam late night without reason/precautions? Asked by: sagar
  • Dr Kiran Bedi be mobile as long as you need to be with due care anyway, man or a woman. precautions and safety is part of life and living.