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2 pm Feb 21, 2013

On his book 'Me and She2: A story of romance, remorse and reincarnation'

Manav is a 25 year old flamboyant guy who works with a BPO. He is selfish and finds himself full of overconfidence. He has a girlfriend but, like most of the young guys, he thinks of being the next Casanova. He has no goals, no dreams and no confines but, all of a sudden, everything changes when a girl named Nikita enters his life through a weird bet - a bet with his friend Rajesh that changes three lives completely. Fun-filled romance and flirting becomes a matter of life and death. A hurricane of emotions and feelings destroys everything and leaves Manav wondering about the meaning of love, living and liabilities.
30 questions answered
  • Have you worked with any BPO as well to have an experience as a part of your research before you started writing this novel? Asked by: Meenu
  • Chandan Sharma Yes, I have. I have worked with Genpact and Iyogi technical services. So, I am completely aware of the culture. It is good generally.
  • Do you think the corporate work culture is causing a negative impact on the youth? Asked by: Nitten
  • Chandan Sharma Well, This is something more connected with thinking.If you have stong thinking then no culture can make bad impact on you. In one word, I would say 'No'.
  • Why did you choose the genre as Romance for your first novel? Asked by: Rohit
  • Chandan Sharma Well, romance is something which is there in everyone's life. People connect to it well...so do I. I chose this as my first novel ...so that I can relive some of my life's moments.
  • What does love means to you? And are you a romantic person? Asked by: Manu
  • Chandan Sharma Love is a way of living to me. If there is no love then there is no life. No matter how stong a person is ...he needs love to live. For second question ...honestly I am not the right person to answer that...may be people close to me can answer that well.
  • When have you started writing this story? Asked by: Rohit
  • Chandan Sharma In December 2011. I completed this story in april 2012.
  • Do you think the next book would be a sequel (more in the Bollywood term) or something else? Asked by: Sneha
  • Chandan Sharma NO, honestly, I am already writing a novel which is a sci-fi.
  • Is this book inspired from Chetan Bhagat's "One Night @ Call Centre" as well as "Revolution 2020"? Asked by: Raunak
  • Chandan Sharma I really like Chetan Bhagat, as a writer. However, my novel does not have anything in common to his. I dont think that Chetan has worked in BPO ever or a call center. I have...so, it is my real experience
  • Why did you choose to name the book 'Me and She2'? Asked by: Pawan
  • Chandan Sharma Actually, It is me and she square (as in 10 to the power 2). But it is not easy to write square in numeric. So, people write it as me and she 2.
  • What is your writing schedule like and do you write everyday? Asked by: Anu
  • Chandan Sharma Honestly, there can not be a writing schedule. I try, but thats not possible. Writing is more like spontaneous process
  • Can you share some tips on how to write a good book review? Asked by: Kamya
  • Chandan Sharma Well, only I can say that there should be few important things in review like. story should not be disclosed. characters should be intoduced which help people to relate with the story. Include strong points and weak points of novel. When you conclude and give a story a rating then you should be alert,because many will count on your review.
  • Are you married or do you have a girlfriend? And do you appreciate this culture of having love affairs which are very popular in new generation these days? Asked by: Amrita
  • Chandan Sharma I am not married...yet. And love affairs- no body can have it (if thats true) it happens. And about todays generation having love affairs. I will only say that most of them do not understand the meaning. It is more like a friendship without confines instead of love.
  • There are some naughty, funny messy moments in your novel so were they part of your own life? Asked by: Manu
  • Chandan Sharma Some were. Every person has funny moments in his life. I shared it.
  • What is the name or theme of the other second story and when are you going to publish your second book? Asked by: Amrita
  • Chandan Sharma The other novel is FACELESS ENIGMA- life beyond faces. It is a sci-fi novel. A little different then most of the novels and stories. I can not tell you much about it but you will like reading it when it comes to the market.
  • You were working in an IT company in a well-paid position. What encouraged you to leave the job and choose writing as a profession? Asked by: Manu
  • Chandan Sharma Dream, aim, goal...whatever suits you. I was born with the urge to write (I had to wait till I learnt how to write though). I write poems, stories and other things. I believe that the art of writing is a power. You get this to improve society or to share something important with them (not just entertain). How could I ignore this fact and continue working with IT company.
  • Tell us something about the lead characters. Are they real or imaginary characters? Asked by: Sushmita
  • Chandan Sharma There are only 4 character. Manav, Nikita, Sambhavi and Rajesh. They are imaginary characters but inspired by people around me. Manav has a grey shade in story, Sambhavi is ambitious, Rajesh is funny and Nikita is the ideal Indian girl.
  • The genre of your book is a romance but there are parts in the book where you have raised the issues of child-labor and other social issue very efficiently. What made you to include such things in a romantic-humor fiction? Asked by: Anumita
  • Chandan Sharma Whenever I walk on road or go anywhere. I see these things happening. Being a writer it is my moral reponsibility to make people aware of these things. And I belive that people like you will make the difference.
  • I am an aspiring writer too. It is said that getting your manuscript publish is not a cake walk. Was it hard or easy to get your manuscript published? Asked by: Rohan
  • Chandan Sharma I appreciate that you are trying to persue your dream. Well getting your manuscript is not easy...but not that hard as well. Keep faith on youself and there are people who give chance to aspiring talents.
  • You have written this novel on the background of Delhi. So, does this book have any local flavors? Asked by: Arun
  • Chandan Sharma Yes, there are many incidents and locations. Like our lovely METRO train. some places like CP, many places of South delhi, west Delhi and Gurgaon.
  • What kind of books you like to read. Do you have any favorite novel? Asked by: Aurobindo
  • Chandan Sharma I like to read everything which has been written well. I like many creation of Khushwant singh, Salman rushdie and Premchand. My favourite is The White tiger by Aravind Adiga
  • Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Asked by: Rajani
  • Chandan Sharma Yes, There is message. I believe that anything without a message is of no good.
  • How did you come up with the title? Asked by: Raj
  • Chandan Sharma Actually the title was 'The Enemy of God'. Later I thought this conventional title does not go with the story. This is not a triangular love story but 2 girls and a boy makes it ME AND SHE Square.
  • What books have most influenced your life most? Asked by: Rajani
  • Chandan Sharma GABAN, GODAN ...book written by Shri Premchand. I read biography of Bhagat singh and every time I read it. I get something new.
  • Were your friends and family supportive towards your step of writing professionally, leaving a well paid MNC Job? Asked by: Raj
  • Chandan Sharma Well, not completely but there was a strong silent support of my Father ( I love him) Mother (best one in the world) Sister and brother (most charming and I love them the most). I have to say that most of my friends encouraged me and without thier support writing this book was not possible.
  • Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Asked by: Poornima
  • Chandan Sharma I have 'never give up' attitude. And you will experience it in my novel. Live life on your own principles...not easy but not impossible either.
  • Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? Asked by: Poornima
  • Chandan Sharma Class 4 onwards and it is still progressing. I use to make funny poems with my friend (Kartikey Mishra). I think that was the time it started.
  • Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? And do you have any advice for other writers? Asked by: Poornima
  • Chandan Sharma I understood the meaning of life better. While I was writing the book I came across many things which were new to me. I understood that no body can live without love. To other writers...they already know what to do. I am not a very big writer to suggest them anything...just that should write after thinking because ONLY HUMAN WHICH CAN HURT OR INSPIRE YOU EVEN AFTER HIS DEATH IS A WRITER ( by his creations)
  • Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? Asked by: Rusha
  • Chandan Sharma Writing a girl's emotion is tuff. They are delicate and simply complex. I took help from my friends for that.
  • Do you wish to dedicate this novel to anyone specific? Asked by: Avantika
  • Chandan Sharma My family and Poonam
  • How do you react to a bad review of one of your books? Asked by: Rusha
  • Chandan Sharma In a positive manner. i will note down my weaknesses and will try to sort out in next one.
  • What is the most demeaning thing said about you as a writer? Asked by: Raunak
  • Chandan Sharma Nothing yet.

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