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3.30 pm Feb 28, 2013

The bigger implications of Budget 2013 for the Indian economy

Chat with CNBC-TV18 banking editor Latha Venkatesh on the bigger implications of Budget 2013 for the Indian economy.
17 questions answered
  • Is the budget good for a citizen whose Annual income is about Rs 5 lakhs p.a and supporting a family of 5??? Asked by: ranjit
  • Latha Venkatesh Well only slightly good. You may pay Rs 2000 less by way of tax. The big positive question mark is can it curb inflation. I am not so sure.
  • What will be the implications for the Indian economy? Asked by: Gunjan
  • Latha Venkatesh Nothing much. Certainly growth wont pick up. But chances are inflation may be somewhat under control since the govt has promised not to keep its deficit high.
  • Is the Budget investment focussed"? Asked by: Priya
  • Latha Venkatesh No . it is making some minor noises by giving a small tax sop to those who invest over Rs 100 cr. But that's not good enough. See investments are stalled because of land policy, courts, environment policy etc. Govt cant do much in a budget
  • Is it a populist Budget? Asked by: ak
  • Latha Venkatesh Slightly. Yes. Assuring cheap food when the govt is poor and knows that the PDS system leaks like hell, is clearly a populist measure. With an eye on the election. Also all this rubbish about an all-women bank is such garbage.
  • What will be the impact on foreign investors? Asked by: Somil
  • Latha Venkatesh Foreign investors may be hurt a bit. There is a big tax on royalty; they are also taxing people who tried to escape the dividend tax via a buyback. Finally those who invest through Mauritius have reason to fear more taxes.
  • Was this a huge opportunity missed? Asked by: fatima
  • Latha Venkatesh Thre was no opportunity. The previous FM has been such a spendthrift that this FM had no scope to do anything brave or growth orinted.
  • Market reacted very negatively today. is it so bad for Stock market Asked by: Sachin Gupta
  • Latha Venkatesh It is bad for MNC companies. FII ivnestros have got a scare. Yes, to tht extent it is bad for stock mkts.
  • How much do you think we can generate out of the surcharge on the super rich and the duty on imported cars.. Asked by: K.S. Susindar
  • Latha Venkatesh It cant be much but I dont have a number
  • How do you rate the Budget? Asked by: Himanshu
  • Latha Venkatesh Mediocre.
  • Is the budget more MFI friendly than farmer friendly...? Asked by: K.S. Susindar
  • Latha Venkatesh Budgets dont really do anything to farmers. Only hard nosed implementation of irrigation projects and timely credit can help farmers. Budgets cant ensure all this.
  • Madam, your analysis vis a vis inflation is absolutely right. PC may resort to out of budget hikes in petro product. Isnt this inflation a result of excessive 6 pay commission hike copycatted by psus, state govts and all parasitical sectors. Asked by: kp vidyashankar
  • Latha Venkatesh Basically govts must never spend more than they earn because they fill the gap largely with printed money which is inflationary/. The 6th pay commission was only a small step in this process.
  • Why is the outlay for Nuclear power not hiked. Asked by: kp vidyashankar
  • Latha Venkatesh No money.
  • Why are PSU bank stocks falling? Asked by: Sunil
  • Latha Venkatesh Everything is falling Sir. This is a buy on rumor sell on news trend. Tghe mkt moving event is over. There is some bad news likely for FIIs, mkt is selling off.
  • Is the Union Budget 2013-14 good for India? Asked by: laxman
  • Latha Venkatesh Not entirely Sir. The FM could have done better
  • Has coalition compulsions limited reforms? Asked by: Sunil
  • Latha Venkatesh I wont say so. The congress itself is a coalition of itnerest groups and these groups too limit reforms.
  • FM opened the speech with CAD being a big worry...to what extent this budget can handle this... Asked by: K.S. Susindar
  • Latha Venkatesh Not very much. But not his fault entirely. We must learn to pay the right, unsubsdised price for diesel and LPG and kerosene and petrol. Then we will use it wisely. Our imports of crude will come down and so will our CAD. But the moment he raises diesel prices everyone is up in arms. While on the mater. HE SHOULD AHVE TAXED DIESEL CARS..THAT WAS NEEDED.
  • Is the clarity on FII and FDI something that bothered a larger audience... Asked by: K.S. Susindar
  • Latha Venkatesh Actually this change in rules on FII and FDI could be very very impt. Our tax guys have yet to get back to us on this.

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Banking Editor, CNBC-TV18