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630 PM Sep 03, 2013

Has Congress managed to change agenda after passage of social security bills?

The Congress led UPA has managed to clear its ambitious social security bills like Food Security Biill and the Land Acquisition Bill. The opposition was left with no other option, but to go with the government. Has it changed the agenda for the next Lok Sabha Polls.
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  • why did congress wait for 4.5 years to bring Food sec bill and Land bill?had they bought this in 2010-11 they would have benefited to some extent..your thoughts? Asked by: KS Prasad
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Congress has done this clearly with an eye on the next general elections. Congress believes its votes are with the rural parts of the country, Its trying to position itself as a party whose heart bleeds for the poor. Nothing else other than being a cold and calculated political move
  • Dear Bhupenji! Under the garb of questioning ‘populism’ the bills were opposed even by the mainstream print and electronic media and that in many ways show the nature and character of the talking classes vis-à-vis the hungry masses? Don’t you think that in spite of the opposition from several quarters, the passage of the bills brings back the ‘marginal’ in the dominant discourse of impending elections? Asked by: Manoj K Jha
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I do agree that someone has to look after the poor. But u cant be looking after the poor while considering the rich or the enterprenurial class as some kind of villains. Thats the essential balance where I feel the UPA govt has messed up
  • the question is, would people beleive the dodgy games of congress. in 1971 they bought garibi hatao. has the garibi gone?. the only reason india is poor is because the corruption of congress. in the last 4 years they have siphoned off 500,000 crore(@100billion USD). how can people, and IBN forget that? Asked by: anand
  • Bhupendra Chaubey U could call it dodgy games, i could call it smart politics. Congress is trying every trick in the book to get hold of every vote that matters
  • Is there any alternative to Congress? BJP strength in 65% states is almost nil? With 15-160 seats how they will run govt.? Bajpai era was diffrent than today's India? Your honest opinion on alternate to congress? Asked by: Deepak Desai
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I think the bjp can position itself as an alternate to the congress in an effective manner. But it will also not be a pan indian party. Thats the hard reality
  • what you think is it good to burden one on the cost of govt failure. middle class will be impacted huge due to these so called populist measure from govt. Why so? indian growth story is gone? Any idea when will we get rid of this govt ? :( Asked by: anil
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Even as we speak, I can see the congress making attempts to gather the rural vote. So land bill, food bill will all be passed. Govt will for sure stave off a fuel price hike as long as it can. At least till the elections
  • I don't think so entirely may be recovered trust deficit by 5% and that also only in rural india. urban india will be the major factor this time as it id in 2009. But all will depend if bjp declare modi as candidate for top post.Whats you take bhupendra? Asked by: anil
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I think it will be difficult for BJP to project Mr Modi as PM candidate, despite the groundswell of support that exists for Modi within bjp workers. Modi is a huge hit with urban India, but that too largely in North and parts of east and west india