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4 pm Jan 21, 2014

Is AAP an anarchist party?

The AAP party government in Delhi has hit the streets demanding action against the police. The city state’s administration has come to a halt. The CM Arvind Kejriwal is defiant. He is justifying his government’s dharna. Is AAP an anarchist political party? Has Kejriwal violated the Constitution? Join a live web chat with Dr. Sandeep Shastri at 4 PM.
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  • British had called Mahatma an anarchist; Cong had called Baba Ramdev an anarchist; and Cong had also called Anna Hazare an anarchist Asked by: DEVENDER
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri You are right Devender. The context here is very different. People are I think stretching their understanding og the term to new levels!!
  • Is not it unconstitutional to do such things? What s your take? Asked by: Leena, Bangalore
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri It looks odd to see a Chief Minister (who represents authority)to protest in the manner he is. His supporters would claim that they are protesting against the real oppressor
  • These type of protests happened in past so many times.BHARAT BAND of BJP or mamta benerji etc. They are doing the same thing just because they are getting media attention and support from mass does not mean they are anarchist. I am sure there are some democrating ways Please suggest a way that was not tried in last 15 years and that can ensure accountability of police immediately? Asked by: Ashish
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Ashish, ones one is in power, one needs to be a little careful in terms of the strategies and methods one uses. The AAP was born in the crucible of protest and in an anti-establishment mood. In government, they seem to be using the same tactic against the Centre
  • Is he trying to find a way out of the Govt so that he is not answerable for the promises he made to people before the election? Water, Electricity or Janta Durbar everything he did was only hype and nothing material. And now he is trying to save his minister who did things which are unlawful. Asked by: Amit Dhingra
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Amit, a lot of observers would believe that there are different standards that the AAP leadership is using to judge its own people and those from the opposite side of the political spectrum.
  • Hi Sandeepji.. What is the AAP effect in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.. Will Power & Water prices influences the election throughout India Asked by: Srikanth
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Srikanth, as it appears now, the AAP presence in these two states is not very visible. Must concede that it could still be early days
  • Is not arvind correct , delhi police not in control of delhi cm , so , why delhi should have a law minister ? Asked by: rajshekhar
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Rajshekar, it is important to stress the fact that Delhi CM in terms of power is one of the weakest CMs and the Delhi govt is among the weakest in terms of State governments. The AAP claims that one of its promises in the manifesto was to remedy this situation and they are defending their agitation from this perspective
  • If he would have guts then he should say to home ministry that he is making his own force for delhi state.what was the deal.he can ask UPSC to conduct exams and close.but always sitting on dharna shows that he is no more concerned for governance but only acting like a anarchist. Asked by: rajeev sirohi
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Rajeev what you have raised are different issues. Getting your own police force for Delhi cannot be achieved by merely asking UPSC to conduct separate examinations. The issue is clearly more complex. Yes it is odd to see someone in power using the tactic of a dharna to protest demanding an authority that you think is rightfully yours.
  • Is there any other way... which is constitutional and which works ..left for common man? Or common man is ...to give bribe, to get raped, to get burnt, to harassed for doing nothing wrong....? Asked by: Anoorva sinha
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Anoorva, the support for AAP, has been linked to its strong anti-establishment, anti-corruption and pro-change plank. The dilemma is that in order to implement this agenda, is it ok to use controversial techniques. Does a justifiable end permit the use of a `not so` acceptable means
  • AK earlier did dharna>said have to get into politics: dharna wont do>>> gets in to politics >> does dharna again>> does he not need a psychiatrist consultation and what in your view sir will be the future of the country if he shows off to be the pm >> country will not run only on free water supply: lots other factors are of higher importance Asked by: dr.shashank
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Shashank, many would share your opposition to those in power using tactics of agitation to achieve their aims. The AAP was born in the crucible of protest and agitation. It has garnered support and managed to do so well in Delhi elections on the plank of change and anti-establishment. Now having come to power, can the techniques that they have been used to since their formation, continue to be used in changed political circumstances especially when you are in a position of responsibility is the question
  • No it is not an anarchist party .They are the ray of hope.we common people never get access to decision makers like netas and babus and when AK is making it possible then elites are not liking it at all.Elites get their work done on one phone call ,what about us??Extremely rotten system requires extreme measures and thats what he is doing.U call him by any name but he is the answer to the established parties and dirty politics.God bless him Asked by: Rakesh
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Right Rakesh, but then who will `GUARD THE GUARDIAN`. Your sentiments are shared by many citizens across the country. To challenge the rot in the system, are all and every technique OK ? Or are the sanctity of means as important as the purity of the ends?
  • I don't think AAP has done any wrong .. But I surely want to know professor's thinking ? Asked by: Ajit Parashar
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Ajit, there are multiple challenges that the AAP government has to deal with. How do they prioritize them? What weightage would they give to settling key issues linked to basic needs? Many would say solid performance on key issues would justify their demand for greater power for the state government.
  • is not AK trying to make security breach more vulnerable doing dharna and is he not creating chaos for the aam aadmi>> when he is even inefficient working as a CM then he should not have joined politics>> throwing stones dont do > if he is not comfortable with the congress why is he still in coalition with them ? Asked by: dr.shashank
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Shashank, AAP takes of alternate politics. The events of the last few days and what is happening now in front of Rail Bhavan is a test of the `possibility` that this alternative politics offers. Lets remember that this government is not a coalition government and the Congress hoped to achieve two goals by offering support - prevent any chance of the BJP from coming close to power in the state and two show that the AAP cannot implement its promises. The AAP realizes this and has thus gone offensive against the Congress and is constantly emphasizing that we are ready to demit office any time. However, the question on peoples mind is that could the government have focussed more on delivering on its performance and also held to account their own leaders, especially when their fight is against the arrogance of the establishment and the power hunger of the political elite. When one pitches ones agenda as one of change and anti-corruption, then it becomes even more imperative that those who represent your voice have the moral authority to speak that voice
  • why media is only giving one side of story? Asked by: sameer
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Sameer. I think the media is being pretty fair and presenting the reader/viewer with all perspectives
  • Those who are calling him an anarchist are those who want AAP to fall. Is having deaf ears to corruption and crime, constitutional? Asked by: Zafar
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Zafar, many would agree with you.... but then can any `means` justify a categorically laudable `end`
  • I am unhappy with the language used by somnath barti, i still believe in arvind kejriwal so wat he needs to do to restore his pride he gained not long ago. I think this way of dharna not helping the cause? your point on this Asked by: Ravi Kasthuri
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Ravi, this is the typical challenge of a movement that transforms itself into a political party. How does one ensure that all those on your side in your fight against corruption and misuse of power do not themselves get overcome by that attitude
  • Should the party be dismissed permanently sighting the kind of chaos they have been indulging in? Asked by: Tushar
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri No Tushar, I would not right off the AAP. It is a new experiment in politics and its leadership may need to reflect on the appropriateness of the different steps it has taken in the last few days and how much have the steps it has taken helped it move towards the agenda that brought it to power
  • Arent aap having double-standard by not suspending their minister somnath bharti against whom judicial probe is in place? Asked by: Prashank Rai
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Thats why Prashank in response to an earlier question I used the term `who will guard the guardian`/ It becomes even more imperative that those who wield power in the name of AAP, act in a manner that upholds the principles they claim to stand for
  • should not a state of no confidence arise and should not the center intervene to normalise situations ? Asked by: dr.shashank
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Yes Shashank as citizens we need those who we give power to act in a manner that instils confidence in all of us. Many would also wonder whether the central government too, at the present moment can generate that confidence
  • I was of a view that AAP could have gone for peaceful protest but Delhi Govt. should have followed a protocol to solve this problem. What do you say? Asked by: Zafar
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Zafar one would agree that when in power one needs to act with a greater sense of caution and responsibility
  • Don't you agree that AAP is best suited to be an opposition party. They lack Governing skills, they seem to possess only maneuvering skills. Asked by: Satish Kumar M
  • Dr Sandeep Shastri Satish, this is not just true for AAP but for many of those who have spent time agitating against the system and protesting against the establishment. One tends to rely on those tactics even when entrusted with power