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3 pm Feb 08, 2013

On his new movie 'Kadal'

Chat with actor Arvind Swamy on his new movie 'Kadal'.
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  • will you take up direction..? Asked by: gautham bharathi r
  • Arvind Swamy definitely, but a few years down the line for sure...watch out for that avatar!
  • About Your Family ? Asked by: Arun
  • Arvind Swamy Family is so precious and most important...we have a lovely home filled with lot of love, support and happiness.
  • What's the worst part about being an actor? Asked by: Ranjitbees
  • Arvind Swamy The waiting between shots..
  • Santosh sivan and Rajeev Menon.. How was it working with the top notch technicians..? Asked by: gautham bharathi r
  • Arvind Swamy Both are such fabulous DOPs...one can learn a lot by just being around them.
  • What has been your favorite role so far? To Me its Roja,kadal Asked by: Ranjitbees
  • Arvind Swamy Kadal as it is the most recent..., Roja, Bombay, Devaragam were also very important to me as an actor
  • As an actor, do u think that cultural terrorism is on the rise in this country. Very recent examples are the Vishwaroopam issue and now some groups protesting against Kadal. Whats ur take on "Movie is just a movie" Asked by: Adarsh
  • Arvind Swamy obviously we have a few people who dont think that way. Vishwaroopam and Kadal both spread the message of good over evil..this is the crux...that cant be wrong. However, we are in a democracy and people have a right to object and protest...the law is there to deal with this. Just glad that both hese movies are out for people to see.
  • Best moment in your life so far? Asked by: sri
  • Arvind Swamy So many..I am someone who is thankful for what I have and celebrate life itself.
  • Why were you away from the films for so many times? In my opinion you are the only sober and charming actor. Which are your forthcoming attractions ? Asked by: Prithviraj Chavan Pune
  • Arvind Swamy Thank you...my other interests in life kept me away from films like business and family. I had an injury to my spine a few years ago and that contributed to the delay.
  • Your favorite 2012 Hindi Film ? Asked by: Tushar
  • Arvind Swamy I dont watch many hindi films but I liked Gangs of Wasseypur, 3idiots(dont know which year), Barfi was a good effort, so was Kahani...cant recollect the others.
  • Remaking old movies became fashion now. If u have an option to select a movie for remake which one u would like to do and which role u will select in that movie? Asked by: Vinodhini
  • Arvind Swamy I would like to play the role of any of the powerful kings or mythological characters of the black and white era...dont want to be a part of any remake though.
  • How did you lose so much of weight? Asked by: Deepak
  • Arvind Swamy I had put on so much weight because of my spinal injury and medication...once i became ok, i got back into a good workout program with my trainer Timothy, who was a state athlete. Mani Rathnam kept motivating me everyday. I lost nearly 15 kilos in 2 months through a healthy diet and a hard workout regimen. Do ot starve yourself or push your work outs to cause injury. Consult a dietician or an expert and they will guide you.
  • you dubbed for disneys Lion King in Tamil,how did you take it up..? Asked by: gautham bharathi r
  • Arvind Swamy It was fascinating as to how people gave voice to animation. I was curious and wanted to learn and experience. I came out more knowledgeable and that is what such experiences do...they are an opportunity to learn.
  • sir, What is the unique quality in Maniratnam sir? Why are his movies so special? Asked by: Srikar
  • Arvind Swamy He is a tremendous film maker..never shy to try new things..not scared of a failure...always learning and extremely focussed...wants to take the audience with him as he continuously evolves.
  • What skills is essential in running your own business? Asked by: Manikandan Velyial
  • Arvind Swamy focus, focus, focus..any activity, service etc that you wish to embark on, always see if it serves the primary product or service...this is important when you start your business...it needs to be focussed. People skills..get people better than you to run the business, not just those who say yes to you. Invest in Marketing and Sales...noone knows that you have a great product if it stays in your closet.
  • Apart from Mani Rathnam, which other director you are looking forward to work with..? Asked by: gautham bharathi r
  • Arvind Swamy There are so many people who are so talented. I like Bala's movies in Tamil. Like Selvaraghavan, venkatprabhu, cheran etc...I also liked Subramania puram, pizza, NKPK, myna etc..love to work with any of theses film's directors
  • Hi Arvind ! Don't you think that you are posing tough challenge to present young heroes in Tamil Film Industry...with your new avatar.( amazingly young look Pl keep up ).? By the way , what's the secret of your ' still young' look? Asked by: Sesu Raju I
  • Arvind Swamy Ha, ha, ha...I am not posing any challenge to anyone...they are all so much younger, better looking and talented. Honestly and I mean this, I have never bothered about my looks...I dont even wear make up in films unless it is for an effect like injury, tan etc.
  • Your association with A.R. Rahman has always resulted in bombastic success. From Roja to Kadal. What do you have to say about Rahman sir? Asked by: Vikas Rawat
  • Arvind Swamy Firstly, I am a big fan. The genius of Rahman is there for everyone to see and love. So glad that the world has woken up to ARR. So proud of him.
  • sir we missed you so much during these years what was so fascinating about Kadal that you took it up.? Asked by: gautham bharathi r
  • Arvind Swamy Thank you. Mani Rathnam, my character and the complexities of it, the challenge of portraying it right..were probably the primary reasons.
  • How do u feel after seeing response from audience about ur comeback in KADAL? Asked by: Vinodhini
  • Arvind Swamy Like I said, I am so thankful to the audience for their appreciation. It is extremely satisfying for an actor to receive such a response for one's work
  • I am some one who is currently a part of consulting firm and my strong interest to be a part of the movie industry? For someone who is part of both worlds (business and film), how does it feel? Asked by: Viswanathan C
  • Arvind Swamy It feels good. there are so many facets to a human being...dont believe that we should restrict ourselves to be unidimensional...go for it.
  • How do u feel after the response from the audience about ur comeback in kadal? Asked by: Vinodhini
  • Arvind Swamy I am so thankful to the warmth and appreciation showed by the audience, members of the film fraternity and the general public. It is priceless!
  • We would love to see in other tamil movies. Do you have any other offers in ur hand ri8 now?If so,what are all they? Asked by: kumar
  • Arvind Swamy Thank you. I am working on a few scripts. Will def finalise and let you all know in a few months.
  • People still recall u in Roja &Bombay...many reasons not to let that talent take a backseat...keep acting Asked by: Naaz
  • Arvind Swamy Thank you very much. Will def try.
  • Your take on your character in kadal? How difficult was the homework? The dialect is not too easy Asked by: Stacy
  • Arvind Swamy We had decided(Mani and I) on having different looks for the different parts of the film. Most of the homework was in the physicality of it. I am an actor who prepares a lot mentally- keep thinking of my role even in my sleep and in most cases even after I have finished the shot or scene!
  • Kadal din't have a very good story line, but still liked the screenplay,acting,dance and the music. How did u like the music? Your acting was superb.. Hats off Would you continue acting hencforth? Asked by: Sunethra
  • Arvind Swamy The music was outstanding. Loved it and so did the rest of the country and Rahman's fans from all over the world. Thank you for liking my work. The last question has been answered in my other responses.
  • Can we hope at seeing you more often in movies again? Asked by: Meherish
  • Arvind Swamy yes, as I said, I could not work in the recent past due to my spinal injury. Ok now and will try and make up for lost time.
  • I'm asking 2. 1. What & when is your next movie? 2. Given an option to choose the heroine for your next movie, who will you pick? Asked by: vrraghy
  • Arvind Swamy 1. I am working together with some directors on a few scripts. I will let everyone know as soon as it is finalized. This will start sometime in July this year. 2. I leave the choice of the heroine to the director. I have absolutely no say in that matter and am willing to work with anyone who in the opinion of the director is good for the role.
  • hi sir y can't act in a lead role? Asked by: kk
  • Arvind Swamy As mentioned, my intention is to only do lead roles which give me and the audience to experience something new.
  • what about your future projects sir? will you accept any other powerful roles in films? Asked by: Raj
  • Arvind Swamy As I am not the kind of actor who can work very often and do multiple projects simultaneously, I would only prefer lead roles in films that can give something new to the audience or to me as an actor. The attempt is as important, if not more important than the result.
  • what is the major change you are feeling now, since you are coming back after a long time. Asked by: kumar
  • Arvind Swamy The biggest change that I see today is that the audience has matured so much and are welcoming a variety of movies in different genres. This is a great time for independent film makers and young directors. The other change is in transparency of collections etc. that help in easily determining budgets for certain films thereby making more films commercially viable. Other changes that I see are technical in nature and not game changers.
  • why was you not coming to telugu industry? your KADALI movie is super. Asked by: sudheer kuvvarapu
  • Arvind Swamy Thank you. so glad that you liked the telugu version of Kadal(Kadali). I dont know how to speak Telugu and therefore, unless there is something extremely compelling as a story or character, it is out of my comfort zone due to the language problem.
  • Why you are oftenly not acting in tamil movie??we love your acting in minsarakanavu.... Asked by: vijay
  • Arvind Swamy Thank you. I am someone who has a variety of interests in my life like my businesses, family and my hobbies. These are equally important to me. Being an actor is only one of the facets of my personality, a very interesting one nevertheless. I did not plan to stay away for so long, but for health reasons(I had injured my spine a few years ago), I had to. Will def try and do more in the next few years to make up for lost time.
  • Few Liked the Movie Kadal, and a few didnt. What do you think the Reason could be ? Asked by: Vijo Varghese
  • Arvind Swamy As I said, the reviews and the reactions have been mixed. Firstly, the storyline is unconventional and complex. It is set in a very strong christian and rural backdrop and therefore sports a strong authentic dialect in the delivery of the dialogues. The feedback in most cases seems to be that people have not been able to fully comprehend the dialogues in that dialect and therefore miss out on the nuances. People also expected a love story Mani Ratnam style, which this certainly is not. Those who went to the theaters without such expectations have responded more positively. People of course have also suggested their views on the story, screenplay etc. The good part is that it seems to touch everyone at some level in order for them to respond so strongly, one way or another.
  • How encouraging is our country to non commercial movies? Asked by: Meherish
  • Arvind Swamy A lot has changed with the audience in recent times. There is definitely a market for the so called 'non commercial' films now. The audience is more accepting to experimental stuff and independent films. The key, of course is to keep it within a budget that is recoverable. There are quite a few wonderful such films in Tamil cinema of late which have even gone on to become commercially successful.
  • Are you happy with the response to the movie? Asked by: fatima
  • Arvind Swamy I am extremely thankful for the response that I have received for my work in the film. The film of course has mixed reviews which was something expected for an unconventional storyline such as this.
  • What made you choose this film? Asked by: vinny
  • Arvind Swamy It is directed by Mani Rathnam, whom I consider one of the greatest directors of our times. Moreover, we have worked together on so many projects in the past that I felt that our understanding will also greatly help me in my comeback to cinema after 13 years. I also loved my character in the film and was confident of bringing some dimensions to it.

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