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5 pm Nov 29, 2012

Have Ram Jethmalani's comments against Nitin Gadkari inflicted irreparable damage on BJP?

Have Ram Jethmalani's comments against Nitin Gadkari inflicted irreparable damage on BJP? Talk to one of the country's top political journalists to find out.
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  • What is ur take on the Gujarat Congress' ad goof-ups? Asked by: Vedasri
  • Bhupendra Chaubey A party which is just not sure of itself hence committing all these blunders
  • Will this cash transfer really be a game changer for the congress? I ask u this because the Congress is in a bad shape in the states that it's ruling -AP, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Rajasthan etc.. Asked by: Veena, Auckland
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Congress hopes that their campaign, " your money, in your hand" will offset all the negative sentiment which has griped them
  • If I remember correctly this is the second time Jethmalani has been suspended from BJP. In fact he had ealier contested against Vajpayee. The question is, Jethmalani is taken seriously as a lawyer, but can he be given same seriousness as a BJP politician (even though he is saying what most in public want to hear)? Asked by: Dharmagya
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Its the questions he has been raising
  • Why BJP is in crisis and Why everyone is digging hell for others? They show unity in media but dont want to see each other, is it true? Asked by: Brijesh Sharma
  • Bhupendra Chaubey BJP is in crisis of its own making. They should have sorted out the leadership crisis by now. Instead what we see is a party totally divided, itching to take each other on
  • When in one hand we see Ram Jethmalani,Yeddyruppa,yashwant are quarreling,in the other hand,Cong is giving AADHAR,Food security etc. Is it UPA 3 in 2014? Asked by: vivek
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Yup,congress is certainly outshining the bjp as far as real politicking is concerned
  • where does the national herald issue stand as of now? Asked by: godavari naidu
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Congress has gone silent on this. But I suspect this will be the next big flash point between congress and BJP
  • Ram matters not a jot on the ground level, except to serve as a talkathon fest in media. What matters is BSY breaking off in Karnataka. Right? Asked by: Vishwas
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Yes, its true, Ram J doesnt have a mass base. But if he keeps levelling these allegations against Gadkari, it will lead to problems
  • Would have been a great move if Gadkari himself stepped down and fought the charges own his own. Your views. Asked by: Sneha
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Just the fact that its not as if Mr Gadkari is the tallest mass leader of the party, I think he could well have handed the baton back to advani for sometime, get a time bound probe done and then stake his claim against for presidency. The manner in which this has played out has certainly compromised the BJP's standing
  • Isn't it would be goo then for the BJP to announce Pm cnadidate and make him/her party president? To end this war of leadership Asked by: Anvesh Agrawal
  • Bhupendra Chaubey BJP's own internal bickering and leadership battle is something which has now been going on for well over a decade. The reason why RSS still controls the shots in party is because BJP itself is comfortable with that idea. If the party takes a decision, fear is it will end up creating a vertical split within the party
  • hello sir...how has the performance of the UP govt been so far? If elections happen now, who is likely to get more seats - SP or Maya? Asked by: senthil, chittor
  • Bhupendra Chaubey If today, an assembly election were to be held, then SP would lose to BSP. Its law and order and collapse of general administration in the state which bothers SP
  • Is Ran Jethmalani credible enough to dent BJP's image? Asked by: Manish
  • Bhupendra Chaubey His word still carries might, even his credibility may be in doubt slightly
  • Has the BJP failed the drive home the advantage that it had due to the multiple problems like corruption? Asked by: Naina
  • Bhupendra Chaubey BJP is today a case of one step forward and two steps backward. All the corruption tales about Congress are now looking like stories similar to that of Gadkari or a Yediyurappa. In todays time, politics is as much a perceptional battle as it is electoral
  • does this internal bickering of bjp makes cong stronger ahead of 2014? Asked by: avishek
  • Bhupendra Chaubey It does even out the contest between cong and BJP. Its one party's corruption vs the other's turf war. What should the voter do? Its like stuck between the devil and deep blue sea
  • Why is BJP acting dumb in Gadkari and Jethmalani's case? Asked by: smriti
  • Bhupendra Chaubey i think whats happening is that Ram J's comments and RSS response has ended up creating an RSS vs BJP battle. Many senior BJP leaders confess that RSS now is becoming a bit of a handicap for them. Their argument is that its the BJP not RSS which has to fight elections. Why does the RSS then end up taking decisions on behalf of BJP?
  • Why would Ram Jethmalani's comments damage BJP? Ram Jethmalani has been making almost weekly comments against Nehru dynasty. Has he damaged the Congress? Asked by: Puneet Goel
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Ram Jethmalani has been traditionally opposed to the gandhis. But he has also been close to RSS. While he did take on Atal Bihary Vajpayee in an election from Lucknow, this time around its different. He is raising questions of moral and legal impropriety against bjp president, which is creating huge perceptional crisis of credibility
  • do we need to take Ram seriously? Asked by: Ashwini
  • Bhupendra Chaubey If not Ram, then issues being raised by him for sure. Ultimately he has flagged off concerns which need to be addressed by the party
  • Is ram jethmalani looking for BJP leader post? Asked by: kabilan1987
  • Bhupendra Chaubey He wants prominence within the party, which is not being given to him. Large section of the party was unhappy with decision to give him rajya sabha nomination