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5 pm Dec 21, 2012

Narendra Modi scores a hat-trick: The national perspective

What does Narendra Modi's hat-trick mean for national politics? Talk to one of the country's top political journalists to find out.
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  • Are not ruling the state and country 2 very different things as he will be managing a coalition,power tussles and complexities of the nation like poverty, economic policies some of which he is immune as of now Asked by: Hitesh
  • Bhupendra Chaubey No doubt Hitesh, that managing a state and managing a country are two very different things. I do believe that Modi is now keen to slightly fine tune his tough talk approach. You can be a no nonsense guy, but it doesn't mean, you have to be autocratic and dictatorial. If Modi can alter his persona a touch, he can go a long way.
  • How will Modi and supporters react if Arun Jaitly is made the candidate ? Asked by: Soumya
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Saumya, you raise a very interesting scenario. The only way this can happen is if Modi himself appointments Jaitly for the top job. Don't think Modi is an Advani, who proposed Vajpayee's name for PM.
  • Why media is forcing modi on us - this country as PM ? if media want to do something good , then it should ask parties to be transparent and curb crouption within , why media gets carried away with courpt and not give fair chance to some one like AAP(Arvind K ) Asked by: Saten
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Dear Saten, don't think in today's times anyone can force any leader on anyone. Arvind Kejriwal's politics at the moment is in infancy. If he continues like this, he may end up being a force to reckon with 10 yrs hence. In the interim, we will have to decide whether we want a combination of regional parties or do we want a national party with a strong mandate.
  • Dont you think narendra modi cannot win allies and the BJP will get isolated further at the national level. This will help the congress as Mulayam and mayawati will easily play the secular card Asked by: sree
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Sree, there was a time when LK Advani was also considered to be too much of a hawk. However in 2009, parties were willing to be in alliance with him. What's happened is that with economic slowdown, loss of jobs and reduction of income, urban middle classes are getting frustrated. Modi is promising urban young India some kind of a social revolution, which is where an exit of a JD(U) could easily be covered by entry of AIADMK. Don't think Akali Dal or Shiv Sena will go anywhere. Ultimately, if Modi can take BJP to 180 or 190, then I think even the TDP, BJD and perhaps even the NCP may not be afraid of swinging over. Mayawati will always side with the winner.
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Eshwar, BJP hopes that by bringing Modi in at the centre, they will be able to deal with factionalism that they have been hit by over the last decade. I think BJP leaders on their own realise that as well. I am of the opinion that since 1980, the reason why BJP constantly grew till 2004, was because of charisma+double talk mastery of Vajpayee, and politically powerful persona of Advani. Today the BJP neither has a charismatic leader nor does it have someone who exudes political power. Modi fits in this model well. So if he can manage RSS and BJP high command, he could be a handful.
  • Modi has not been able to create innovative policies for the state and he is working on patronage of big industrial groups like Reliance and natural resources of state. In case he wants to be a national leader he will have to come up with innovative policies for education, poverty etc for nation Asked by: Manav
  • Bhupendra Chaubey From what I gather, it seems that Modi has initiated steps in the past 5 yrs, which may start showing yields within the next 5 yrs as far as basic infrastructure fundamentals are concerned. At the moment, he has gone for a strategy of small moves, but big noise. Now if he can improve the status of real poor in the state, he will become invincible.
  • Normally we see Mr Modi through two prisms, riots and development record while not much attention is given to the kind of language he uses. Mian Musharraf, James Michael Lyngdog,500 million girlfriend and so on. Once or twice anybody can slip but he almost feels comfortable in this level of discourse.Will/can country accept a person like this? Asked by: Kamal Agg
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I think yesterday, in his victory speech, he has dropped enough indications, that he can adopt a horses for courses policy. The reason why he uses the kind of language he does use, is because so far he is a leader from Gujarat. Now if he has to be a national leader, in times of coalition politics, well, he does have to be more conciliatory. I think, in his speech yesterday, he did do that. He seeked forgiveness from all 6 crore Gujaratis, which is his way of apologising for 2002 as well. I think he is asking for a chance, because of the state of affairs within BJP, he may well end up being the best bet for the party.
  • Sir After winning 115 seat after 12 year of power isnt we getting overreacted on the MAGICAL "117" number which media describe..I think we should Acknowledge ..this is an EMPHATIC WIN for MR MODI Asked by: shivang
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Yes, of course we should acknowledge. I frankly don't agree with this discourse that because he got 115 and not 145 or more, therefore his victory is any lesser. A win is a win, by howsoever small a margin. Plus to record three thumping wins, consecutively is no mean achievement.
  • Modi's achievement in Gujarat is absolutely spectacular. There is no doubt that he is one of the serious contenders for National Role. However, What is stopping the likes of Shivraj Chauhan of MP and Raman Singh of Chattisgarh from aspiring for the top role. why is the media not giving them as much coverage. Is it because they are savvy than NaMo Asked by: Narayan
  • Bhupendra Chaubey India today is a very aspirational society. Just like the Congress, which often harps on the past, uses agrarian India to make its points, unfortunately, Shivraj and Raman singh are also catering only to rural parts.
  • Though Modi is liked by many of us in this country as a developement oriented leader, will his Charisma work throughout the country. Does he have enough time for preparation even if elections are on Schedule. Or is it too late to bring him in for the 2014 POlls Asked by: Narayan
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I think the time is right. People do not like bickering political parties. BJP at the centre is a house vertically split. BJP will do well to make Modi its chief face asap, and then weave a campaign around him. They have nothing to lose, because otherwise it may end up being a repeat of 2009 for them.
  • Do you think that modi has really done an extraordinary job in developing gujrat..many reports suggest that gujrat always had better growth rate comapred to other stats...Don't you think that some like Nithish kumar should be praised more than modi for putting a state like bihar on growth path?? Asked by: Dinesh Yadav
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Dear Dinesh, yes you are right that Gujarat has always had a good industrial record. But what Modi has done is that he has created a sense of aspiration to the Gujaratis. By openly referring to a neo middle class, he has created a new voting class for himself. That's what he is benefiting from.
  • Is not Gujarat has become like UP of BJP in 90s when it wanted to gain mileage of Ram Temple so by Gujarat BJP will only be limiting itself and seeing the country in nutshell and for growth of the country it needs many leaders Asked by: Arvind
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Arvind, you raise a valid question. BJP did benefit from ram temple movement but only for a brief while. Gujarat has now seen BJP governments for 2 decades. Gujarat is a state which has been modified, BJP hopes other states, certainly the urban classes can be modified too. There is no doubting the fact that Modi does have a strong chance there.
  • On a different note. Do you think, BJP will announce a candidate before 2014 elections or will they go in Collective Leadership mode. Asked by: Narayan
  • Bhupendra Chaubey I think it will be a mistake if they won't. If it has to be Modi, BJP then should state it clearly and work towards it. Making Modi PM candidate will alter the NDA as well, some old allies may quit, but new ones may come on board too.
  • Why are we creating a hysteria of Modi being the PM of the country when there is absoulte zero probaility of Congress relinqushing the centre for unforseen future. Congress has everything- Power, Money, Leaders and unbridled electoral mandate in their favour Asked by: Ricky
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Rick, Congress today is facing multiple challenges. It may have power, money etc, but its been hit by a massive perceptional crisis. The fact that it was always a party driven by its central high command, isn't really working anymore as recent elections in UP and Gujarat and even Himachal, where Veerabhadra frankly swung it for them.
  • Why is Gujarat's model not followed in other BJP states to see if it is just a phenomenon as GDP growth is for a time period and does not measure equity and what is needed is long term vision as he is winning because there are not able leaders in the state to compete with him Asked by: Ravi
  • Bhupendra Chaubey Sometimes people get carried away by what's happening in Gujarat. Gujarat has a different social fabric and entrepreneurial history than say MP or Rajasthan or UP. Other states have a different nature of problems. Modi model works perfectly in Gujarat, but may or may not work in other states.
  • Narendra Modi has an X Factor which drives Voter or u can called the croud puller ...what is that X factor ???? Asked by: shivang
  • Bhupendra Chaubey That x factor is his decisive and charismatic style. BJP today misses someone who is authoritative. Modi is authoritative, decisive, clear. That's what sets him apart.