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4.30 pm, Oct 19 Oct 19, 2012

Rising number of rapes: who is responsible?

Gang-rapes and other crimes against women have become routine occurrences in India. Is the country's social fabric unable to cope with the changing economic scenario? Or is the lack of political will to blame? Or can it be attributed to a lax police and judicial system that very often subscribe to patriarchal-feudal notions? Talk to the former chairperson of National Commission for Women to find out.
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  • Mam, thanks for the insights and have a great weekend ahead. Asked by: Pritesh Kejriwal
  • Dr Mohini Giri thank you so much.
  • The problem is that women in India have always been deemed as weak which is a major cause in they not been able to stand up to ruffians, cause if they do they are made to stand in the accused corner. Asked by: Pritesh Kejriwal
  • Dr Mohini Giri hence i had already said that the empowerment and the capacity building of women is necessary.
  • Left right or centre everybody has the tendency to overlook petty crimes such as eveteasing and when such crimes go unchecked they lead to a bigger issues such as rape? Asked by: Pritesh Kejriwal
  • Dr Mohini Giri no crime is excusable however small. there has been a story in India that how a small boy started stealing brinjals and how he became the biggest dacoit in the world.
  • I think ban liquor in the state first and also ban the statement of Khap and other guys those are not good motive and also take a action like movie "Gangajal" and treat girls same as boys. Basically in Gujarat we have very good low and order situation and also give training to girls in school .what do u say? Asked by: Atir
  • Dr Mohini Giri Its a myth to think that liquor has been banned any where, instead we have to instill the thought in the youth since their birth that alcohol is poiseness . Needless to say alcohol is a great cause of violence.
  • Do you agree that laws however stringent will only be effective if implementation is proper? Asked by: Pritesh Kejriwal
  • Dr Mohini Giri yes, implementation is a must.
  • A part from suggested possible causes of rapes and gang rapes, I guess education is the key to solve this issue faster as we know the condition of handicapped judical system, chaotic politics and puppet police..!!! your view? Asked by: Pratik
  • Dr Mohini Giri In addition to those we have to build capacities of women and empower women more.
  • Mam,Don't you think such henious crime is more of mental illness? Asked by: Pritesh Kejriwal
  • Dr Mohini Giri Apart from the other causes that we have already spoken about, it is a sick mans mind.
  • Who according to you is to be blamed madam? Is it the male ego, Confused Social state of affairs(We Indians are half western and half traditional) or the law and order? Asked by: Sarin Kumar
  • Dr Mohini Giri All of them together are to be blamed, but most of all patriarchal setup.
  • Do foreign films depict rapes so often? Bollywood & other Indian films does. Asked by: Anil
  • Dr Mohini Giri there has to be a certain kind of censorship for young minds whether it is bollywood or hollywood with easy access to a global network, global communication, both of them are great mediums to effect the minds of the young.
  • I think it is not fair to blame the Law and Order system for the growing rapes. One must understand that Law and Judicary come into action only after the crime has been committed. My take on 1. Skewed Sex Ratio and 2. There is too much unspent energy in today's youth leading to unwanted situation. There has to be a social change to reduce this crime aided with political will. Maybe a bill which give incentives to parents of girl child with free education to the girl could help, even though it might take some time. In the meantime, focus on social activities like sports at grass root level to divert and channel the exuberent youth could also help. Asked by: Karthik
  • Dr Mohini Giri Without law society cannot exist. the question is, is the law effective? and if so it should not be delayed justice. you are right that law and judiciary come into action after crime, however since people have no fear of the law there is no deterrent and the perpetrator of this crime has no fear of any punishment. Unspent energy from the beginning has to be channelized in productive ways by multiple hobbies which are sustained and will also result later in productive ageing. Children today specially in affluent families have too much and the children who do not try to get it by any means. the disparity has to removed, education and upbringing is a very important factor.
  • Dr. Giri, don't you think that the present century old laws dealing with rape cases require drastic changes to book the culprit without further maligning the victim? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker
  • Dr Mohini Giri of course what is the victims fault? the victim is an instrument of the degraded value system in the society, stupid traditional practices and patriarchy.
  • I have observed rapes are less common in more open societies like west.Dont you think India should allow more freedoms like lesbian rights and gay rights Asked by: chinmay
  • Dr Mohini Giri Since time immemorial lesbians and gays have existed in society in every country. Who are we to recognize their rights, they are born like any one and have birth rights from the day they come into this world.
  • Why dont you struggle for death sentence for rapists.This will deter future rapes in India Asked by: chinmay
  • Dr Mohini Giri 30 years ago I advocated death sentence, however today I am a firm believer that death sentence is no punishment at all, as it ends ones life and he goes without punishment. strict punishment abstinence from sex in future and total condemnation by society and law are the punishments. I could even agree with bobbitization.
  • Maam women should dress sensibly and thugs avoid preying looks of men.Do you agree Asked by: chinmay
  • Dr Mohini Giri It is not the dress or the looks of women that can change behavioral pattern of men, rape, violence, etc are born in the minds and not through dress code.
  • Lowering of moral standards and encouragement to that by public leaders is a major area which needs condemnation by the society if matters are to get better ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Mohini Giri of course strict punishment and condemning such violence immediately are important factors along with speedy justice.
  • The break up of joint family sustem and nuclear families is one of the reason where the protective cover goes missing and leads to such incidences .?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Mohini Giri That apart its essential that we instill values at a young age and inculcate "respect women, respect age, respect strong bonds of family relations". In my experience violence and rape occurs often by known people.
  • The combo of Socio-economic factors and the laxity of the Law & Order agency is the reason for increasing Crime rates including Rape. The blame cannot fall on male gender alone. we have women leaders who need to do much more on this to prevent such incidences ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Dr Mohini Giri Of course Women leaders have to do, but the mindset of the society needs a total change in that men and women are included. No one woman or man or law can help till the society changes.

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