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Today | 13:00 hours, IST Mar 08, 2010

Women's Reservation Bill

It will be a historic Monday of sorts. The Rajya Sabha is set to pass the Women's Reservation Bill. What does this entail for women in political India? Will participation go up? Does this ensure good governance and legitimate representation? Chat with Dr Mohini Giri.
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  • Hi, I am woman, and I think it is morally wrong to have a woman's quota. This is unequal and preferential and actually horribly regressive. This is not progress of women. This is just pure politics! What is correct about this? So women can stand from general quota and also from women's quota! how will it help the women of India? Now to fulfill this quota, corrupt politicians (Almost all of them) will have their wives and sisters, girlfriends get elected from the quota with full constitutional justification. What a parliamentary joke we are making of our constitution! We are not uplifting women. We are telling them, there is a quota you can use, if you make the powers that be happy. Another legitimate channel for corruption! Asked by: paawun
  • Dr Mohini Giri Women are capable to take inependent decisions. In a coountry as alrge and as diverse as ours, reaching out to large numbers and making sure their voice is heard is a mammoth task. This will bring about greater represenattion for sure.
  • Just trying to get my head round this seemingly daft idea. Surely it makes sense to have intelligent, forward thinking politicians make decisions irrespective of their sex. To me it just reinforces the idea that women are weak and need to be catered for. Your thoughts? Asked by: Megha
  • Dr Mohini Giri Modern India now has a woman Spekaer, woman leader of teh ruling partty, opposition. Rural India still needs to do a lot of effort to get that going. Although woman representation has gone up at athe Panchayat level, we still need more. And this is just the step in teh right direction.
  • With 33 crore registered women voters in India, a party can ill-afford to be "anti-women". In view of this, what do you make of the protests by SP, RJD and BSP? Asked by: Surabhi
  • Dr Mohini Giri It is a historical momnet in the making. And this will give Parliament the much-needed represntation. I have been part of this for a long time. and am now happy to see that it come to success.
  • Madam, I really welcome the decision of the govt.. but the quetion that alarms is has reservations solved the problem of weaker section in last 60+ years.. Also the reservation is parliament or public services is a very small portion of opporunity.. Dont you think govt should look out for innovative approaches to strengthen women in masses along with public service and politics participation? Asked by: Shridhar
  • Dr Mohini Giri Of course it has now solved the problem . thanks to reservation, you now have women coming out and wanting to take a plunge. there is at least represnetation that is happening. women are capable of takign decisions on their own, and executing those. It is the time to seize the momnet
  • When do you think, woman from ordinary background will participate in Politics? Asked by: Manoj
  • Dr Mohini Giri The time is now . this is the time to participate. women in the remotest corner can participate. can put in her own ideas and issues. this is the right time to do this. if not now then when will women ever do.

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Dr Mohini Giri
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