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3 pm Apr 18, 2013

After the JD(U), Shiv Sena opposes Modi's PM bid

After Nitish Kumar's clear assertion that the JD(U) would not be comfortable with the BJP projecting Narendra Modi as the NDA's candidate for the position of Prime Minister, Shiv Sena has also echoed similar sentiments. Talk to the Shiv Sena spokesperson for a clearer perspective on his party's decision and the logic behind such a decision.
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  • After sad demise of Bal Thakarey - Is there any spine left in Sena to take on NCP -Congress. Only option is to get merged with MNS who is showing some spine and purpose. Your take on this ! Asked by: Parth
  • Rahul Narvekar SS has proved its strength from floor of the house in Maharashtra, assembly & in state of Maharashtra and will continue to work with same vigour.
  • Rahul, your party's endorsement of Nitish's demand has put a full stop to the PM aspirations for Narendra Modi, your thoughts. Asked by: Prabhu
  • Rahul Narvekar SS has not endorse any demand of any other party.
  • U saying Modi is pseudo secular & JDu saying Modi is communal.Btw Is there any understanding between SS & JD(u) to oppose Modi ? Few days before SS was nt averse to Modi.What has happened in last few days ? Asked by: Soumya
  • Rahul Narvekar There is no formal dialogue for PM candidate yet, so no question of understanding to oppose.
  • Is there a possibility of grand alliance MNS, SS and BJP? Modi can bring that about? Asked by: Nathan
  • Rahul Narvekar The leaders of the parties will decide that.
  • Rahul,Do think you are under pressure from internal politics of BJP?As earlier mentioned by Balasaheb Thackrey about Sushma Swaraj being PM Candidate. Asked by: Raj
  • Rahul Narvekar NDA work in a democratic fashion. There is no question of pressure.
  • Is Shiv Sena prepared to go into the polls alone if thier arrises any cirsis between Shiv Sena and BHAJPA.. Asked by: Lalit Ghutke
  • Rahul Narvekar There is no such requirement right now, NDA stands united.
  • Whom Shiv Sena will put forward as thier PM cnadidate nominee if not Modi.. Asked by: Nilesh Javalkar
  • Rahul Narvekar BJP being the largest part will propose the name & then we will decide.
  • Will Shiv Sena support any non BJP PM cnadidate.. Asked by: Jeet Wlaenkar
  • Rahul Narvekar Let the name be proposed, we will think over it.
  • SS did not get space in Gujarat because of MODI .Hence the dislike ?? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Rahul Narvekar There is no dislike.
  • why SS not accept modi as PM however modi will benefit to SS in Maharashtra ? Asked by: Hitesh
  • Rahul Narvekar SS is not opposed to Modi as PM candidate. The decision will be taken after meeting with NDA allies.
  • IS SS-MNS coming together is completely rulled out.or still thier is slightest of hope..becaue SS-MNS coming together will benift maharastra.. Asked by: Ranjeet Bahekar
  • Rahul Narvekar The leadership has to decide.
  • SS dont believe that MODI is secular? Asked by: Hitesh
  • Rahul Narvekar Shiv sena believes every Indian is secular. however we are against people who are pseudo-secular.
  • do you think this is justified, every one attacking modi for media glare..? Asked by: sree krishna
  • Rahul Narvekar No one is attacking Modi. Allies are expressing their views as PM candidate will be from Nda not any single party.
  • Willl shiv sena expand its base and contest 2014 election from other states also apart from Mahrastra.. Asked by: Sahin Waghle
  • Rahul Narvekar SS has already put up candidates in other states & will continue to do so in forthcoming polls.
  • By opposing Modi are the allies trying to push BJP to name a weaker candidate and later squeeze BJP to submission like the allies have done to Congress. If BJP projects Modi will SS walk out ??? Asked by: jay pillai
  • Rahul Narvekar There is no question of waling out. SS is open to discussion within the NDA for any name that may be proposed & decision will be taken after a discussion with NDA allies.

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Rahul Narvekar
Spokesperson, Shiv Sena