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12 noon Apr 04, 2012

How corporates tap into social media

In a competitive business climate, corporations need to make use of every tool available to gain an edge. They have found the advent of social networking platforms very useful. From IPL to news networks to corporate giants, social media is an important tool for everybody. Has social media made branding efforts easier, or more difficult? In what ways has it changed how brands are developed? Join Zafar Rais in a webchat at 12 noon on social media's impact in today's world. Post your question now!
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  • Hi Zafar, I am a Doctor. How can creating a FB Page or a Twitter account benefit me? Asked by: Sushil Nagrajan
  • Zafar Rais You can create outreach with your patients as well as awareness about your clinic. Approach it through a thought leadership strategy, working on trust as the core of your presence.
  • How about development sector, how can we market ourselves on social media, so that the leads actually result in donations? Asked by: Chetna
  • Zafar Rais The main purpose of the development sector is to create awareness of their programs. Create awareness, add elements of buzz to it that connects with the audiences. If your cause is strong enough, donations shall come in naturally.
  • Hi, Zafar What exactly is Social Media ? In my opinion it is more of a kind of advertisement by force in most of the cases Asked by: Bhatia
  • Zafar Rais Social media uses social networking sites to converse with users. It is not a forced medium because a user has the right to accept or decline an interaction with the brand, unlike other mediums.
  • What be your 2 tips to effectively tap Social Media for employees and 2 tips for engaging with external customers? Asked by: Padma
  • Zafar Rais Tips remain the same: 1. Understand what they want through constant research 2. Create relevant content, daily
  • Hi Zafar Rais, How Small scale companies can benefit from Social media Branding? Any suggestions on how to use it in growth strategy of SSI? Asked by: Vir J
  • Zafar Rais Be on the right platforms and create conversations with people that showcases you as thought leaders. Discussions on linkedin, Presentations on Slideshare and discussing your thoughts on a blog are ways to emphasize your knowledge about a particular space.
  • Do you see social media as an extension of conventional social marketing? What kind of opportunities it offers in areas of public health, nutrition and other social inclusion programs? Asked by: Vijay Sharma
  • Zafar Rais Social Media can definitely be used within the social space. Infact, there are many successful case studies that showcase how social media has impacted various causes.
  • HI Zafar, what are you view on Google+, should we take it seriously?? or we need to wait and watch.. any suggestion on how can we develop a strategy for GOOGLE+ page Asked by: SGK
  • Zafar Rais Wait a while. I personally do not recommend it to my clients as I feel it hasn't taken off yet. Creating a presence where consumers aren't active on serves no purpose.
  • With Work deadlines galore, how does a company get its employees to use an Internal social/professional media platform? Best Branding Options? Asked by: Tanu
  • Zafar Rais People find time from their busy schedules to Like a photo or RT a tweet because the content appeals to them. Similarly, find out what will engage your employees and provide content accordingly. Monthly contests, motivational quotes, updates on the top management are some things that will definitely help excite your employees. Plug this in with an offline-sync of posters, offline events, mailers, etc.
  • What is the percentage of the customer who are tuned into social media ? what type of products have a specific advantage in Building brand at present size of population into Social media.? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Zafar Rais Around 45 million Indians are members of social networking sites. Any product or service can be leveraged via social media, as long as the appropriate medium is used for it.
  • What is the most efficient way of branding a new brand, when that sector is predominated by Large & heavy weight Brands? Asked by: Atanu Ghosh
  • Zafar Rais Study your competition, gain insights on the consumers you want to tap & create a social media campaign that is bolder than any of them can every dare to create!
  • What is the most common objective of corporates keen on implementing social media for employees? Is it to look 'insync' or are their objectives distilled and clear. Asked by: Padma
  • Zafar Rais Corporate keen on implementing social media for employees work towards helping them connect with one another, give an inside view of what their bosses at C-level positions are upto as well as build motivational programmes. While there is tonnes of scope within this space, corporates have definitely taken an informed step towards it.
  • Sir, I am about to complete my MBA from Finance & Marketing by june this year…so are there any chances of me getting through…if you could please provide me with an email id of an HR of your organization then that would work wonders for me….mine is singh06oct@gmail.com Asked by: MAN MOHAN
  • Zafar Rais contact at mindshiftinteractive dot com
  • Since Clients are rather ignorant about the benefits of Social Media and how they can benefit from this H2H: Human 2 Human medium, it can get very difficult to make them see this. What are your thoughts on this? Asked by: Salil
  • Zafar Rais If a client is ignorant about the medium, it is up to the Marketer to educate them before trying to push a strategy with high spends. Show them case studies or live examples of how brands have leveraged the medium.
  • We now a days see twitter trends being started by various brands. It's spoiling the fun on twitter and this is just the beginning as more and more companies switch to twitter for promotion. Will contest trends spoil the fun of Twitter? Asked by: Raj
  • Zafar Rais Twitter trends are a result of consumers engaging with the brand so it is quite evident that consumers are enjoying it. A consumer always has the option of unfollowing or muting something that he/she doesn't wish to view.
  • Will we see some earth shattering creative work soon on social media platforms? Because, right now creativitty on these platforms looks in its nascent stage especially in India. Do you agree? Asked by: hemant m
  • Zafar Rais According to me, I already see some earth shattering work being done in the Social Media space but I do agree that we haven't evolved completely yet. Once Marketers on the client side learn to trust the medium, we will automatically start seeing more innovations come out from social media.
  • Is this the right time to start a Social Media firm and be an entrepreneur? Asked by: Raj
  • Zafar Rais If your intentions are right and you're focused towards why you want to build something, the timing is always right.
  • For a rather serious industry, say a Steel Industry or Cement industry who's target audience wouldn't neccesarily be on Social media. Is it advisable to still have a presence on the various SM platforms? How would it benefit ? Asked by: Janine D'souza
  • Zafar Rais Any brand can be on social media provided it has a set objective for it. For industries such as Steel or Cement, creating a presence in order to tap young architects or designers in order to create a top-of-mind recall is what I'd recommend.
  • On social media while many of the startup and big brands are trying to connect with users sharing content which is not that engaging, what has been done to buy a piece of consumers mind ? Are they really connecting with consumers life ? Asked by: Darpan Jain
  • Zafar Rais The low engagement itself shows that consumers cannot connect with the content going out there currently. Research is the key to buy a piece of the consumers mind which brands must invest in. Constant tracking of sentiments, organizing focus groups, etc are the way to go if a brand is serious about creating the right kind of conversations.
  • Hi Zafar, when you are into service industry what is the exact way for social media marketing. Its easy to market your product online with images etc but when it comes to services then what is the most effective way ? Asked by: Gazal Verma
  • Zafar Rais For Service Industry folks, it is important to create a social media presence which is lead by Thought leadership. Being present on B2B platforms such as linkedin to participate actively in discussions and polls, creating a blog and maintaining a theme to it, uploading interesting presentations on slideshare shall work best for you.
  • Are there any industries that will not benefit from Social Media spends? Asked by: Gautam
  • Zafar Rais All industries can benefit from Social Media, irrelevant of being a B2C or B2B. Customize your strategy as per the platform your end consumer is on and converse with them diligently.
  • Hi Zaf: I would like to know how to measure the impact of social media marketing for a brand? Is there metric available that can be used to measure ROI? Asked by: Anurag
  • Zafar Rais The Impact of social media differs for each brand. It is important for you to identify realistic objectives right from the start and work towards achieving them. If your brand is successfully creating the right kind of buzz, is innovating constantly and is soaring higher than your competition, that should be your ROI!
  • Why do we need to ape the west aren't we having our own desi techniques of marketing ? Asked by: Bhatia
  • Zafar Rais Who says we should? Social Media in the West has definitely evolved more than we have hence it is important to keep a watch and learn from what they're doing right or wrong but innovating is something we are very capable of in India and must continue to do.
  • What is one key advantage of Social Media when compared to other conventional means of offline advertising? Asked by: Karan Gandhi
  • Zafar Rais The personal connect you keep making with each of your consumers on social media is something no other medium offers you.
  • Hello Zafar! Is there a foolproof way to calculate ROI on social media spends? Asked by: hemant m
  • Zafar Rais The ROI of social media differs from brand to brand, but it can definitely be measured in terms of outreach, leads, footfalls or whatever you set out to measure. Create realistic objectives for ROI measurement right from the start and devise strategies accordingly to achieve them.
  • Which is the most active sector on social media.. Automobile, Finance or FMCG? Asked by: Priya Mishra
  • Zafar Rais The FMCG sector, being early adopters, is definitely more active than others currently. This holds true for using social media for marketing, recruitment, communications and reputation management. Automobile & Hospitality are other sectors investing heavily in managing reputation and creating interesting conversations.
  • irrespective of the number of media used the Brand gets recognition due to the products inherent QUALITY. When every one is in social media will not the competitive edge be lost soon ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Zafar Rais As competition rises, brands will increasingly need to get more innovative with their strategies, as well as work towards understanding consumer sentiments and deliver accordingly. Another trick to stay on top of the competition is to keep a close watch on competition through adequate metrics plugged in right from the start.
  • Zafar is the cost of brand building in social media relatively economical compared to other media ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Zafar Rais This depends on the scale one decides upon for Social Media. Your objectives are directly proportionate to the budgets you need to allocate. As of now, brands tend to spend 30-40% of their marketing budgets on digital.
  • Is Social media, the future for Advertising? Asked by: Karan Kapur
  • Zafar Rais YES! Consumers are increasingly dependent on social networks in order to interact with their friends, get constant updates on the best deals available as well as to garner reviews on a product or service they wish to opt in for. There is no other medium as powerful as Social Media that suffices all of this.
  • What are the budgets that corporates allocate towards social media, annually? I'm guessing it varies industry wise, but do share thoughts. Asked by: Priya Mishra
  • Zafar Rais If you were to benchmark it, budgets allocated to digital from the overall marketing spends currently are about 30-40%. Take about 20% of that as spends for Social Media exclusively, which we definitely see increasing in 2012.
  • Social media is one more avenue for Brand building. Is there anything this media offers which other avenues have not offered ? Asked by: sundar1950in
  • Zafar Rais Social Media goes way beyond just brand building. It has evolved as a medium that supports areas of human resource, customer care, sales increments as well as towards optimizing your search results.

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